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Wizards of Waverly Place
has 12,288 votes. Recent average is 4 toes!

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  • Calvin
    The show is not really good. Its a rip off of Harry Potter.

  • Elizabeth, age 15 of Saratoga Springs, NY
    The show is okay and I like how the characters have powers. Though every time I watch it, it's a rerun. I think yougher kids would watch this show more.

  • Jessica
    i love wizards of waverly place cause its funny

  • Selenagword, age 13 of Minerva, OH
    ANYthing that has selena gomez is cool! OH MY SHE is amazing!

  • Aanoosh, age 16 of NY
    it is awesome program and I watch it on weekends I love Alex because she very funny and she always get into a big promable.

  • Hanna, age 9 of OH
    Its funny and cool but there is better shows out there. Agree??

  • Sam, age 16 of Cincinnati, OH
    I'm not a big fan of this show, although I am a big fan of science fiction. Selena Gomez is just a horrible actress.

  • Kylie, age 16 of West Bloomfield
    Hm, it's average.

  • Anna, age 11 of Mt. Laurel, NJ
    As a HUGE Harry Potter Fan I know that Wizards of Waverly Place is a TOTAL take off on Harry Potter. Professor Crumbs has a white beard and his wand is EXACTLY like Dumbledore's and in the Wizard School episodes, the school looks like a castle. HOGWARTS IS A CASTLE!!! Mason's last name is Greyback (familiar anyone?) and MASON IS A WEREWOLF! Just like the Greyback in Harry Potter! I like the show but it totally ripped off Harry Potter.

  • Eva, age 10 of Cincinnati, OH
    Love it!!! Selena Gomez is in it and I am her favorite!!!

  • Kelly, age 12 of Los Angeles, CA

  • Hsrfan, age 12 of Santa Clarita, CA
    It is sad to see what has happened to Disney shows over the years. It used to be cartoons chronicling the shenanigans of a certain mouse, but now it is cheesy sitcoms. This is a change for the worse.

  • Quanyale, age 13 of Detroit, MI
    i love the show it's the best show ever.

  • Mionna, age 8 of Memphis, TN
    I love it

  • Omar, age 10 of Crowely, TX
    i love this show its the best ever

  • Donte
    Selena portrays a good role model for kids and it's funny. I don't like witchcraft useage though.

  • Kyla, age 11 of Charlotte, NC
    I love this show! It's so funny and kind of mysterious because they're all wizards! It's so awesome! 5 Toes!

  • Tina-Kim, age 13 of Converse, TX
    I think that wowp is awesome even though it is ending soon, I love the comedy and stuff

  • Baileigh, age 9 of Aurora, CO
    Wizards of Waverly Place is the best show on Disney! Probably the best show on TV too!

  • Aadriana, age 16 of Trenton, NJ
    Its pretty bad. It is not age appropriate

  • Amy, age 7 of New York, NY
    I love Wizards of Waverly Place! I also love Selena Gomez!

  • Blank of TX
    Wizards of Waverly Place is like the best show EVERR! Especially since Selena Gomez is in it! Btw, Selena Gomez is an amazing singer

  • Aditi, age 7 of Dayton, OH
    I love it because I love the character Alex and its so funny.

  • Yanissa, age 10 of Gretna, LA
    I love alex, justin, and max, but harper and zeke are the wierdest on waverly place. I hope they never end this show!!!

  • Sarah, age 11 of Makanda, IL
    I like Selena Gomez.

  • Erin, age 7
    I like it

  • Jesse, age 11 of Torrance, CA
    i love wizards especially my favorite actress on the show is selena gomez

  • Leilani, age 10 of Chiacago, IL
    I love the show Im SAD because the show is going to end.

  • Maria, age 9 of Knoxville, TN
    i absolutely love wizards of waverly place. I love all the characters. it is so funny. LOVE IT!

  • Alejandra, age 8 of Chicago, IL
    I love it because its asome to watch! I also love selena gomez!

  • Sarah, age 10 of Makanda, IL
    I LOVE Selena Gomez and her singing. But her show is Kind of weird. MY friend told me about the episode when Justin has a friend who's a vampire. But Selena is one of my favorite singers. I love more, Ramona and Beezus

  • Amara, age 9 of Manchester, NH
    Awesome! I have fallen in love with it!

  • Audrey, age 10 of Altoona, PA
    I love this show because there is a lot of magic and Wizards in it Love it

  • Claire, age 8 of Raytown, MO
    It rocks!! Selena is so amazing! Mason is my favorite character because Alex and him are the perfect match!! Justin is a nerd and it just tells about a family with wizard kids!! Sometimes it gets sad but it always gets better!!! And funny!!!

  • Nicole, age 9 of U.S.A
    Love it. I don't know why I just do.

  • Bree
    I love wizards of waverly place I love selena shes my favourite actress

  • Junior, age 11 of Grand Coulee, WA
    She my friend! giving her 5 toes!!!

  • Lillie, age 8 of Fort Worth, TX
    I think that Selena Gomez is a really good actress and singer. KC I LOVE your music, Selena Gomez!!

  • Lexi, age 10 of Tennessee
    i love it

  • Lashondra, age 9 of Baton Rouge, LA
    I watch it everyday!!!

  • Hannah, age 6 of MA
    i love wizards of waver place

  • Rosa, age 9 of New York City, NY
    Awful. It's simply a rip off on J. K. Rowling fantastic series Harry Potter. And poorly done, too! The plots are far too simple at the begining of the series; Alex does something wrong, somebody fixes it. I'd give it no toes, (It doesn't deserve to be on a foot!) but the least is none so I'll give it that.

  • Maya, age 5 of MA
    love it

  • Gracie, age 10 of Loganville, GA
    I love love love it!!!

  • Andrea, age 16 of Baltimore, MD
    I only really watch this show when I'm babysitting younger kids, and I guess I'm a little older than the average person who would watch this, but I think it's a pretty good show. And it's good for kids because there's no swearing and nothing inappropriate in it. So Iíd give it 5 toes, it's a family-friendly and fun show.

  • Kate, age 13 of Springfield, VA
    I dislike it. Alot. Thier plots and special affects just are not good. The entire concept of this just is so annoying.

  • Foxfin, age 8 of London, ON
    like it. Salena is preatty.

  • Jamie, age 11 of GA
    LOVE IT!!! mason the werewolf is CUTE!!!

  • Nelson, age 12 of Norwalk, CT
    I love it. I love selena gomez. I have seen every episode.

  • Karly, age 10 of Delaware, OH
    LOVE IT!!!

  • Devin, age 9 of FL
    Love it totally Entertaning espacially the Mason ones

  • Taylor, age 9 of Atlanta, GA
    love it!!! love the cast!!! I really love Selena Gomez!!!

  • Claire, age 7 of OR
    it is always 100 very 100 funny! and I only like 2 people: Alex and Max Russo!!!

  • Leeanne, age 14 of Evansville, IN
    i thiink its awsome show ilove it.

  • Yasmen, age 11 of Cold Water, MI
    love it rock oh it magic, a year without rain

  • Aisha, age 12 of Coldwater, MI
    love it!

  • Ashlee, age 6 of TX
    i lovet it.

  • Bob of Naples, FL
    AWESOME!!! Since when was there such an awesome Disney Channel show??? UNTIL PHINEAS AND FERB AND THIS, NEVER!!! To bad it's ending though.

  • Cindy, age 10 of Phoenix, AZ
    i love wizards I like wizards wizards are awsome its my thing ofcorse it is I love it because all the magic its very cool

  • Heaven, age 10 of Lansing, IL
    Wizards of Waverly Place, is my second favorite show after Sonny with a Chance!!

  • Betty, age 10 of Dallas, TX
    I Love this show!

  • Wow, age 14 of Madison, WI
    It's okay, one of the only good shows on disney-it keeps a consistent plot throughout the show unlike hannah monatana or something.

  • Marisa, age 16 of Washington, D.C.
    AMAZING! the good part about it is, its not into all the wizard, dark magic, stuff, they just make it look funny! thats why that is the only show on disney chanel I watch.

  • Emily, age 9 of Tampa
    i love this show I REALLY want to be like alex!

  • Katie of New Berlin, WI
    it is so awesome!!! I love her show so much!!! it is so funny!!!

  • Sandra, age 15 of Ca, FL
    I say 5 TOES, its my thing...

  • Marissa, age 10 of El Paso, TX
    i don't like it it does not teach anything its a terrible show I dint understand it selena is pretty and talented but shes just ok I have never heard of her

  • Beatrice, age 13 of Redding, CA
    I love this show! It sort of reminds me of The Addams Family... Selena Gomez is a great actress, and an even better singer. I LOVE Selena Gomez and The Scene.

  • Celeste, age 11 of LA
    i love this show its the best!!!

  • Alexia, age 9 of California
    I love wizards of waverly place. Max is so cute

  • Bob, age 16 of Miami, FL
    So far, this is the best live action Disney show EVER! It has everything, slapstick, intellectual comedy, physical comedy, and everyday issues mixed with supernatural parodies! Awesome! And great actors to!

  • Amaelea, age 11 of New York
    its a cool show, its way cooler then hannah montana, it is actully very simular in many ways. they both have brothers they both have a secret that only there bestfriend knows. its just that wowp is more realistic minus the wizard part. Hannah montanas jokes are nowhere near funny like the fish ones her dad says at least wowp is funny

  • Alan, age 11 of Santa Clara, CA
    I like the show, but after a while it gets boring. I do enjoy the "Wizards Vs. Werewolves" episode since it has karate. And Alex is really nice.

  • Mikah, age 12 of Ancourage, AK
    I love Wizards of Waverly Place! Its soo fun to watch and to see what funny spells they come up with. Its funny with like a splash of action and a dash of drama. My fave Person is Justin Ruso.

  • Avery, age 10 of Tulsa, OK
    Wizards Of Waverly Place is a good show, geared toward a good age group. I think it is an okay series, one of the best on Disney Channel. Selena Gomez isn't a great actress, but she plays her role alright. I give it 3 toes, it's average for Disney.

  • Lauren, age 11 of Portland, OR
    I used to like Wizards of Waverly Place but I have noticed that they promote taunting people who are smart and "nerdy" and making them fail to succeed.

  • Katie, age 12 of Corpus Christi, TX
    Wizard's Of Waverly place Combines all of my most fave things for a tv show:comedy, magic, mythical creatures, and my favorite celebrities! my fave character is Alex.

  • Jasmin, age 10 of Chicago, IL
    i love this TV show because I love Selena Gomez and when she plays Alex it's sooo funny ha ha ha!!!

  • Jonathan, age 13 of Cary, NC
    I really like wizards of waverly place, the special effects and spells are great but I mostly love how the characters mature and progress as a family and how they learn to work together whether they are doing wrong or right.

  • Laura, age 11 of Newburgh, NY
    i love the show becuse it is so cool and funny. I like alex becuse she makes the show funny. and selena is a good role model and singer.

  • Rebecca, age 12 of Surrey, BC
    I love this show, I think it is really funny and Selena Gomez is a great actress and a great singer!

  • Liz, age 14 of Boston, MA
    This is one of the few Disney shows I actually like. It's funny and involves magic and mythical beings (my favorite kind of beings) and all the characters are equal, it's not just the "cool" kids or the "smart" kids, it's everyone.

  • Aeryn-Elayna of South Carlina, GA
    I love wizards of waverly place beacuse it is fun, cool, and ousem.

  • Amaris, age 8 of Mesa
    Love it there magicly awesome!!!

  • Asra, age 10 of Washington, DC
    i love wizards of waverly place because of alex she brings the laughter into the show and in real life selena gomez is the most honest giving and amazing person ever

  • Jeric, age 11 of Arlington, TX
    This is my favorite show! I love magic & technology & monsters, so I like wizards of waverly place! My favorite character is Alex because she does bad stuff and Justin always fixes it. I like Max because he does weird things a lot. I give wizards 5 toes.

  • Dillon, age 14 of Passaic , NJ
    love it

  • Michael, age 5 of Adalate
    because it is cool.

  • Therese of Westlake, OH
    O. M. G.!! I'm in love with this show!!! I loved it ever since it started!! I hope they never stop making it!! Selena Gomez is one of the best actresses on Disney Channel, and im happy she got the role of Alex! (: I really love her, shes soo gorgeouse, and a realy great role model! I hope to meet her some day!!! I Also hope to become an actress, Just like her... after I finish high school! Hopefully I will get a contract with disney!! I would just love that! WoWP is an amazing show and I hope I never get bored of it!!! I love Alex's brother, Justin <3 He's soo cute and aWeMaZiNg!!! Hes also aWeMaZiNg in real life!!! His name is Kevin Henry!! <3 love him!! I love wizards of waverly place!!! I wish I had powers like them, and could make something happen just by saying a ryme or something!!! I LOVE THIS SHOWWW!!!

  • Paige of Bc, BC
    I like it a lot

  • Kimira, age 7 of NJ
    i like wizards of waverly place because the magic effects are so cool! I like the show and alex justin and max and I hope they have great days.

  • Emma, age 8 of MI
    awsome show.

  • Hannah, age 11 of Horseheads
    I really like it, accept that they always lie, I try not to lie, but other than that I love it!!! P. S Justin is kinda cute and Selena Gomez rocks!!!

  • Gagan, age 10 of Fresno, CA
    i love wizards of waverly place. I can't live without it.

  • Zoom Fan, age 11
    The show Wizards of Waverly place is super funny, cool, and awesome! Full of magic, and awesome people! and best of all it stars Selena Gomez!!

  • Harper, age 10 of Tampa, FL
    I love Harper, because, my name's Harper of course, love it! She's awesome and so's the show!

  • Missy, age 15 of Broomall, PA
    Personally this shows not my cup of tea. The humor is really not that funny, and the characters sometimes get on my nerves. But for those who enjoy the show it is entertaining.

  • Carter of Colorado Springs, CO

  • Brigete, age 9 of Apple Valley, CA
    I love it it is so awesome!!

  • Omar, age 15 of Perrysburg, OH
    3 WORDS I LOVE THIS SHOW the best show on disney I can never stop watching it

  • Amanda, age 13 of Toronto
    love ittt cause the showis very interesting and funnny I love the character alex she is like me so many pranks

  • Allie, age 11 of Bayside, NY
    I don't like it. I think Alex's annoying.

  • Haliohs, age 10 of Corith
    I love it its so funny and I especially like justin, alex and maxamillion. That want I call max

  • Attalena, age 11
    Funny, yes, but Silena is lazy, disrespectful, rude, and mean.

  • Sam, age 9 of St.Louis, MO
    I love that show it is my favorite I just like the idea of 3 wizards it is the perfect amount!

  • Heather, age 14 of Jackson, MI
    I like this show a lot. It is very funny, Justin and Max are awesome and hilarious. Alex is pretty rude which gets on my nerves but other than that I love this show.

  • Sarah, age 13 of Chicaga, IL
    Not my thing!!! It's getting really boring. Same plot over and over

  • Jim, age 10 of New York, NY
    The special effects are horrible, the acting is horrible, and Selena Gomez's character is mean, which isn't good to be teaching to littler kids.

  • Karina, age 10 of Houston
    love it because is a really great show to laugh be sorry and every kinds of feelings.

  • Laura, age 9 of Eastport, ME
    I'm 1# fan.

  • Marissa, age 9 of TX
    I don't like it. I'm sorry, but it just is not my thing. All the girls in my class love it but me and my friend. Sorry.

  • Jj, age 12 of IN
    Wizards is a million times better than Hannah Montana. This show is one of my shows I watch, but not on a regular basis. It's an average show. I'd rather watch something else like iCarly, but Wizads of Waverly Place is still great. I give it 3 toes.

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