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The Tail of Emily Windsnap
by Liz Kessler
has 3,764 votes. Recent average is 5 toes!

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  • Naomi, age 10 of Malden, MA
    I love it because Emily is a jolly good semi-mer. She is also my favorite character.

  • Emily
    The book is really good. I did not really like the last book that much though. Emily's Mom and Dad spend way to much time with each other and not that much time with Emily. The book is good. I would give it 3-5 toes.

  • Anjolina, age 10 of North Bergen, NJ
    i love emily windsnap im going to get her second book this year! 5 toes!

  • Ainsley, age 9 of Sterling, CO
    Loved it, because it had a lot of unusual surprises and it's a good book for a kid who has a lot of imagination.

  • Littlesinger, age 8 of London
    It was pretty good.

  • Sydney, age 10 of Honolulu, HI
    This was such a good book. I could not put it down!!

  • Ar, age 11 of Apache Junction, AZ
    I love this book I just read the first one and all ready looking forward to the other ones

  • K Jsdc, age 4 of AK
    Love the book it's full of adventure

  • Catie, age 10 of PA
    I mean the first book is good, but I think the last one is so bad. The book gives you great ideas for games and stories!

  • Myra, age 10 of Semmes, AL
    BEST BOOK EVER!!! I LOVE to read and I wish she wrote more books!

  • V, age 7 of FL
    best ever!

  • Maria, age 12
    I love these books, I stumbled across the series at my local library. And if any of the younger kids don't like it might be because its to difficult for them to read. Even though it's a simple read.

  • Maya, age 8
    I love the books. If you have not read the rest you have GOT to!

  • Marilyn, age 8 of Brooklyn
    i love it. when I was reading it I felt like I was in the book.

  • Hannah, age 9 of Madison, AL
    Love it! At parts its like I need to read more! Sure not a mermaid fan but its awesome.

  • Meredith, age 10 of Madison, MS

  • Camryn, age 11 of Coon Rapids, MN
    I love it because when you read it it's like it's popping out at you. I love it so much! I am addicted.

  • Elizabeth, age 9 of Harrisburg, NC
    I read it, I like it alot, but not LOVE it.

  • Abigail, age 11 of West Chicago, IL
    i always dream to be a mermaid. since iwatch the little mermaid. is my favorite book!!!

  • Elleitra, age 7 of Bloomington
    I think its my second favorite. My first favorite is Philippa Fisher.

  • Meiling, age 12 of Couva, Trinidad
    Liz kessler is the best author ever I have all her books

  • Morgan, age 9 of N.Y.C., NY
    i love mermaid books

  • Rebecca of Cumberland, RI
    When I read this book I loved it. Ever since I was little I've been fascinated by mermaids, and so I immediatly fell in love with this book.

  • Hailey, age 10 of Elida, OH
    This book is amazing my favorite book ever! My best friend emily loves them! She has them all and I cant wait to read her knew one!!! Thank you liz kessler your work is swishy!

  • Lily, age 10 of Wilmington, DE
    I totally LOVE this whole series!!!

  • Ava, age 5 of Sherman Oaks, CA
    love it!!! it might just be the best book I ever read. the perfect book for a girly girl that dreams to be a mermaid.

  • Ayesha, age 12 of Maryland
    i love it because when I read it I was thinking that I wished I was because I would like to have some adventure in my life.

  • Je-Uhn, age 11 of Stuttgart, Germany
    I think this story is great! Because this girl (well, Emily, you know) discovers more mysteries and questions when the curiosity of her mind desire to find about her life and destiny, she even is patient, clever, friendly, curious (well, I mentioned it, already), and grows up more each day (includes turn braver). Even finds a friend Shona (becomes best friend), helps her answers her desired questions, but the last one is for Emily herself to solve, and she did! It has a happy ending!

  • Virginia, age 10 of Birmingham, AL
    LOVE IT!!! It is so sweet. I would say more reasons but that would give the book away!

  • Kianna, age 11 of Birmingham
    i like it because it's about adventure

  • Saredo, age 11 of Boston, MA
    i luv it it is so heart breaking in some parts

  • Erin, age 9 of Philadelphia, PA
    I think this book is so great I've read the whole series. Once you start reading you can't stop!

  • Talia, age 10 of Perrysburg, OH
    I LOVE this book and the series. it is a heart warming book that makes me want to cry in some parts.

  • Valerie, age 14 of Wellington, FL
    I read this book a couple of years ago and I LOVED IT. It's probably not the best book for older people just because all of the characters are shallow. I mean that there is not much character depth. For younger kids, I highly recommend it!

  • Lillie, age 13 of Lithia
    I love this book because I like mermaids!

  • Maria, age 11 of Nashville, TN
    I loved it, it was wounderful story. I think it is one the best stories I have ever read!!!

  • Garhei, age 10 of Brooklyn, NY
    I love this book I would recomend this book to anyone it was so exciting and it was awesome I love it, it is so full of imagination

  • Mickey, age 12 of Crestline, OH
    i thought this book was great I cant put it down like two of my friends have read it and said it was great. if you like merimaids and sea creatures you will love it. its my fav. book

  • Jill, age 12 of Whitinsville, MA
    I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! it tells how even though the girl is a mermaid shes just like everyone else!!! I recommend it to anyone who likes mermaids!!!

  • Zoom of Lake Of Tranquility, YT
    It was little worse then okay, it was a bit clique. The writing wasn't all that good either.

  • Jennifer of Orange County, CA
    Its awesome because it has great adventures and the rest of the books are awesome!!!

  • Joclyn, age 12 of Greene, ME
    I read 1 book and enjoyed it, I am planning on getting the rest.

  • Adaiah, age 14 of Pennsauken, NJ
    I thought it was okay... I didn't really finish the book. I got it because it was about mermaids, I love magical things, but I just wasn't intrested. I guess it was because it didn't have any fighting in it. Or adventure, from how far I got in the book... it just didn't interest me, but it was okay.

  • Liliy, age 12 of St. Paul
    i ilke this book alot its fun magical and exiting

  • Jourdan of San Bernardino, CA
    AWSOME. one of the coolest storys I have read. for you people who watch h20 its like that

  • Patricia, age 8 of Gilbert, AZ
    I thought TheTail of Emily Windsnap was GREAT!!!

  • Layla, age 8 of Elk Grove
    I love mermaids...

  • Paula, age 16 of Oklahoma City, OK
    LIke it? I loved it! I've read all four books. Liz Kessler inspires me so much and I would love to see more Emily Windsnap. A movie would be a pretty exciting thing.

  • Liz
    The Emily Windsnap books are filled with adventure and excitement. I think Liz Kessler does a good job of explaining pre-teen issues. I hope everyone enjoys these as much as I do. Me and my BFF think they are super swishy and fin-tastic books.

  • Uenjy, age 9 of Bethlehem
    Okay! Are you kidding!? She is awesome! They need to make a movie!

  • Mary, age 9 of Mansfield, MA
    The Tail of Emily Windsnap" is a great book and a read aloud. I think that mermaids and mermen are really cool even though they aren't real. I love when she finds out that she is half mermaid, half girl! What I am saying is that this book is a great book that you will read over and over and over again. I recommend this book to girls with high reading levels. It may be a fantasy, but Liz Kessler has really captured the realistic life of a girl's friend/enemy relationship. This is the best book I have read since the Harry Potter series.

  • Tara, age 14 of Saint Louis, MO
    I love it! I hope there is a movie coming out soon!!!

  • Shannon, age 11 of Hebron, MD
    love it!

  • Emily, age 10 of Fairport, NY
    I just got this book from my mom, and it's so cool! Since I first saw the Little Mermaid, (the movie from Disney!), I fell in love with mermaids. Even more awesome is that Emily is just like me! (We even share the same name!) The author, Liz Kessler is really good at telling how preteens feel about life! I'm already on Chapter 3, where Emily meets another mermaid!

  • Sam
    I love the fantasy aspect of it, I really enjoy the characters and their different personalities.

  • Emma
    I love this book! It was swishy!

  • Maddi, age 13 of Ephrata, PA
    I liked this book, the only two things were: Millie and her "psychic" powers, and when Emily disobeyed or tricked someone to get her way. That's not how we should live; on trickery and lies.

  • Uenjy, age 9 of Bethlehem
    Okay! Are you kidding!? She is awesome! They need to make a movie!

  • Emily, age 10 of Vancouver, WA
    I lov it it is a book of mystery and eximent. I also like it because the main charecter has my first name!

  • Madeleine, age 12 of Branford, CT
    I love the emily windsnap sieries. the author makes it soo realistic it' really fun to read. if you like this book you'll like the harry potter siries too. I LOVE both

  • Eliana, age 11 of Summerfield, FL
    I really like the Tail Of Emily Windsnap, because it has mermaids in it, and I love books that have dragons and other creatures like mermaids in them!! And I also like it because it doesn't have any magic in it, and I can't read books that have magic in them! So I am always excited when I find a good book that has no magic in it!

  • Leia, age 12 of Los Angeles, CA
    I am reading it right now, and it is an amazing book so far! I love it!

  • Sushi, age 10 of Oak Hill, VA
    I LOVE it 'cause its mysterious and has mermaids in it!

  • Jacie of OR
    Luv it! Very exciting fantacy.

  • Melissa, age 13 of Poulsbo, WA
    It was very intence, I couldn't put down the book!

  • Bre, age 12 of Ooltewah, TN
    i absolutely love it it is totally the best book I ever read I suggest to everyone of all ages!!!

  • Stephanie of Garret County, MD
    i love this book! its so amazing!

  • Shelley, age 11 of Montazuma
    I LOV THIS BOOK SO, SO, SO MUCH!!! ever since I was born I was obssessed w\ mermaids!!! this is a WONDERFUL book, keep them coming!!!:)

  • Brooke, age 11 of Los Angeles, CA
    Liz Kessler is an amazing author. I love these books. Just last week I read it for the first time. I love it, it is an amazing story. I loved the part when she went back to her school swimming pool and turned into a mermaid. Looks like some memory wiping is taking place. This is my favorite series. I give this book 100, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 toes infinity.

  • Yemaya, age 9 of St. Helena, CA
    I LOVE it why I, ll tell you why it is exiting! " And every step of the story's ". And when you read a chapter you just want to know what happens next."And I wish that there was more Tails of Emillywindsnap".

  • Sydney, age 10 of Dunkirk, IN
    I can't tell you how much I love it

  • Anna, age 10 of Chesapeake, VA
    I couldn't put it down!

  • Brooke, age 11 of Los Angeles, CA
    Liz Kessler is an amazing author. I love these books. Just last week I read it for the first time. I love it, it is an amazing story. I loved the part when she went back to her school swimming pool and turned into a mermaid. Looks like some memory wiping is taking place. This is my favorite series. I give this book 100, 000, 000, 000 toes infinity.

  • Yemaya, age 9 of St. Helena, CA
    I LOVE it why I, ll tell you why it is exiting! " And every step of the story's ". And when you read a chapter you just want to know what happens next."And I wish that there was more Tails of Emillywindsnap".

  • Erin, age 13 of MI
    I love this book! Liz, you did a great job and I'm getting close to reading the last books. Thanks for making this awesome edventcher!

  • Liv, age 10 of ID
    Iove this book.

  • Alexis, age 10 of CA
    I know the saying, don't judge a book by it's cover but I just don't really like it. I'm sorry.

  • Maylen, age 12 of Keizer, OR
    It's swishy!

  • Leah, age 10 of Lansdale, PA
    I thought it was a great idea for a book! I've been reading it. Trying to finish it!

  • Alyssa, age 13 of Harrisburg, NC
    I love Emily Windsnap because she is smart, and not afraid to try to fix her problems and find her dad. I also like the way the book is written

  • Destiny, age 9 of Manila, AR
    It talks about some girl and her secert and tells you about what happen to her.

  • Steph, age 12 of Parma, OH
    liz kessler you are amazing! I wish that you would never stop writing the emily windsnap books! it is my favorite series and I have the hardest time putting it down! when I finish one book, I hunt for the next one. I would like to give you the greatest of complements and tell you that your by no dought my favorite writer! you helped to inspire me to write my own books and I hope one day they get published! I dont know if I can do that but either way it's because of you that I even tried. when I finish the last emily windsnap book I think it will be hard for me because I love them so much. when I read them I get lost in the book, the characters, and their world! the book makes me want to swim! also, I never liked reading-i always enjoyed writing though- until I read the very first emily windsnap book. I first got it in 3rd grade and I'm now in seventh and I still LOVE them!

  • Justyne, age 12 of Blackwood, NJ
    I loved it!! I just finished book 1 and I am now in the middle of book 2. I have book 3 n I cant wait to read that one soon... hopfuly the auther Liz will make a 4th book to add on to the cerise!

  • Alex, age 11 of Highland Hts., OH
    i love it because it expresses the way of a fairy tale and it is something that any one would like to read.

  • Anushkla, age 10 of Newmarket, ON
    I love the book!!! I wish it was a movie ever since I read the book I wanted to read all of them each night I would stay up to midnight to read them. I just love it!!!

  • Isabella, age 10 of Racine, WI
    The Tail of Emily Windsnap is one of my favorites! I love mermaids so it is one good book for me. Plus Emily is a girl with every day problems like normal girls. I can really relate!

  • Ally, age 10 of San Diego, CA
    loved it! loved it! LOVED IT!!! Favorite book EVER!!!

  • Kelby, age 16 of Los Angeles, CA
    Love it! Love iT Love it! Because it is about meramids! Awesome.

  • Abigail, age 9 of Bangor Maine, ME
    i loved it because I like fantasys and emily and everybody else had sooo much character best book in a long time!!!

  • Helen, age 13
    I really liked this book, since it was full of imagination. It got me really thinking about how life would be like if I was a mermaid, which I would think of as awesome! I guess most people don't enjoy it because they don't like mermaids or anything like that, but if you do, you would love this book!

  • Lauren, age 9 of Canton, MI
    I liked this book because I like mermaids and fiction. It was exciting and I look forward to reading the next book.

  • Lae, age 11 of Dallas, TX
    I love it I have the whole series!

  • Ana, age 10 of Los Angeles, CA
    i loved this book because is full of adventure. and if you are really in it you feel you are really there.

  • Nat, age 10 of Norfolk, VA
    I love it! It has so much adventure!

  • Amber, age 10 of Maccley
    love it its a great book its fun to read I never want to stop it is so cooli wish I was a mermaid cant wait to read another book that she wrote

  • Rachel, age 11 of Taos, NM
    I loved it so much that I couldm't put my book down!!!

  • Grace, age 12 of Shawnee, OK
    Loved it! Best book ever. So want the other three. Liked it so much that I gave it to my best friend. Has the positive message of believing in yourself.

  • Zainab, age 10 of Glendale, AZ
    I love it. my friends keep talking about it.

  • Hannah, age 13 of Waukesha, WI
    I loved this book! It was very creative how she shows everyone she's a mermaid and wipes out their memories!

  • Elizabeth, age 14 of Andover, MA
    I love the third book because it was a great story. I thought it was a lot better the the 2nd and the 3rd one.

  • Claire, age 9 of Manama
    i love it. its one of the best books I read. you shold get the book its amazing. i cant wait for the movie to come out!!!

  • Paige, age 12 of Revere
    I love this book!! I needed a summer reading book so I just grabbed that one and surprisingly it was awesome

  • Doris, age 13 of FL
    I love it!!!

  • Abbey, age 11 of CA
    i only read this book because it was easy and I neede to write a book report for school. I didnt like it personally becuase I am not really into mermaids. I think this book is targeted for kids younger then me. all I can say is if you like mermaids you like this book. otherwise you might not.

  • Kaela, age 10 of Town Of Canmore, AB
    I love this book because Ive always loved water all my life it feels magical and it makes you feel special also. My point is that I've always wanted a tail and now it makes me feel anything can happen its also very descripteve and I love it.

  • Ciara, age 10 of Philadelphia, PA
    I loved this book!!! It was so, so, so great!!!

  • Mary Jane, age 11 of Fairfax, VA
    i'll bet all of you 1, 000, 000 dollars its all a dream. I liked it at first, but it got too big, and it's rotten.

  • Lauren & Christina, age 11 of MD
    love it because, we like mermaids and this book is great for best friends.

  • Christina, age 11 of Baltimore, MD
    I love this book. me and my friend are reading the whole sereis.

  • Omarri, age 11 of Cleveland, OH
    the tale of emily windsnap is such a good book! I love it so much! its so cool!

  • Jennifer, age 12 of Rockwall, TX
    I love this book! It's one of my favs. The only thing I don't like is when Mystic Millie does all that "psychic" stuff. Other than that, it's a great book!

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