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  • Riley, age 9 of Plant City, FL
    I used to play Webkinz, but it got boring. It is a waste of money! 12$-15$ for a stuffed animal. On the website, all you do is walk around! Bad.

  • Allison, age 11 of Orlando, FL
    I love Webkinz! It's a safe and fun place for kids to hang out!

  • Madeleine, age 10 of Wausau
    I love webkinzs because you have many games to choose from.

  • Lucia, age 8 of Steubenville, OH
    I love webkinz!! Its so much fun to play and the animals are so cute!!! Five toes!

  • Hartley, age 12 of Johnson, AR
    I am 12 and still play Webkinz. I love it!

  • Abbigale, age 10 of Gambier, OH
    love it!! because these little cute stuffed animals are like your best friend! believe me I have over 100 of them!

  • Rae, age 15 of St. Louis, MO
    Cheap knockoff of Neopets. com. Only it makes you give them money. So a rich knockoff of neopets.

  • Ellen of Micanopy, FL
    I am ready to close my accounts. I have 3. I do not have time to sit and wait for the screens to come up. There are even times when I have had to close the whole Webkinz site and start over again. I find that I am beginning to feel that Webkinz is more of a chore than a fun time.

  • Tiger, age 9 of NC
    Like others, webkinz at first was like the next BIG thing for me. It's great because I like that we can be ''friends'' with each other and invite each other to parties and our webkinz houses. But I have started to noticed that know one really actually like the plush toys at all more the game. I'm 50, 50.

  • Sheyenne, age 12 of Forsyth, MO
    I used to collect them I have like 50 but the site got boring and they cost like $20 a pet but it has great educational game for younger kids and they don't expire anymore just some of the site is restricted and you don't get to do as much on some things but other wise I give it a 4

  • Allison, age 11 of FL
    love it! so fun! 1, 000, 000 toes!

  • Mayla
    Webkinz was cool at first, but then it started to get boring and I realized it was a waste of time and money. 12 dollars for a plush toy and and an account on a website? Thats just not right.

  • Sydney, age 9 of Jacksonville, FL
    i must say I love them I have 3!

  • Kelly, age 10 of Renton, CA
    i think its great

  • Mimi
    I like Webkinz. But I have this weird thing going on. At one time I like Webkinz but then I get bored of it and then I love it again. It's a weird cycle. But right now, I give it 2 toes.

  • Hannah, age 8 of Grayslake, IL
    I LOVE it, because you can hug them, AND play with them online!

  • Tia of IL
    it is fun to playon

  • Gail and Evington, age 14 of Australia
    Old, not many fun things to do anymore.

  • Maria, age 12 of AZ
    So adorable! I love them. Great for kids.

  • Amanda, age 8 of Jax, FL
    There Sooooooooooo Cute!

  • Kyla, age 10 of Charlotte, NC
    I love going on Webkinz because it's so fun and there are so many awesome things to do! You can never get bored on Webkinz!

  • Erin, age 7
    I love them

  • Maylee, age 9 of Miami, FL
    I used to like it but now its sooooooo boring. Nothing new.

  • Jessie, age 13 of Greenfield, PA
    OK Webkinz has to be the worst thing that's ever existed, they're just money hoarders, and when you log on, there is a 95 percent chance of being: logged off your pets deleted account has expired items lost you have been banned items stolen money stolen. I'd like to give negative 10 toes, but can't.

  • Mallery, age 11 of Chicago, IL
    I am like totally obsessed with webkinz!! My only complaint with webkinz is when my account expires.

  • Darian, age 12 of Pannma City
    I think it is terrible that you have to buy enjoyment sorry but they are not worth it

  • Julia, age 10 of Bloomingdale, GA
    webkinz is so cool I have 1, 2, 3, 4 webkinz I love to gem hunt at the cureo shop and to enter butty pagents at webkinz statom.

  • Ellie, age 7 of FL
    I LOVE them so much because I have 8 and want all.

  • Amanda, age 10 of Lehi, UT
    I like webkinz, but sometimes it is boring

  • Audrey, age 7 of Blotville, TN
    i lOVE it!!!... hmm whell somtims.

  • Seth, age 11
    I've played Webkinz once and it crashed. I'm not a big fan. 3 toes.

  • Liam, age 11 of Queensland, AU
    Ok well there a a bunch of errors that occur when you go to kinzchat plus like 0 webkinz in room and stuff

  • Teddy, age 7 of Parker, FL
    Love it! The pets are cute.

  • Aiden, age 8 of Greensburg, PA
    i love webkinz. I have 11 and I LOVE playing with them! yay webkinz

  • Madeline, age 9 of Abilene, TX
    The thing about webkinz is that you have to have a code from your pet. It should be open to people who don't have a code. I think that you should be able to create your animal and be able to pick it's colors and likes\dis likes.

  • Janae, age 13 of Austin, TX
    Webkinz are awesome I have 43 of them and my latest one I got was a shar-pei it's so cute.

  • Zoom & Fetch Fan of Indianapolis, IN
    I love Webkinz, even though I am 14 and most of my other friends have stopped playing it. They've gone a little far with Deluxe and E-store membership, but it's still pretty cool! And for those of you who haven't found out, Webkinz accounts don't expire anymore! Although some of the Webkinz stuff is geared towards younger kids, the games in the Arcade can get challenging even for us older kids! 5 toes despite the overboard extra memberships!

  • Nick, age 10 of Buford, GA
    I love webkinz I only have 3 a panda, an okapi, and a nick mazin' hamster. I WANT MORE!!!

  • Claire, age 9 of Sucevita
    I just love Webkinz. I saw one. It was so cute!

  • Nick, age 10 of Buford, GA
    I love webkinz! I go on it every day!

  • Mary, age 10 of Mansfield, MA
    Love it! I have 22 pets, and I want to be a teacher when I grow up, so every time I get a new webkinz, I have them join the class and I teach them stuff. I also love the website. They have lots of fun games. The only thing I don't like is the membership. It blocks off a lot of things for non-members. But the website is still great. I give it 999, 999, 999 toes.

  • Nelle, age 7 of Jacksonville
    I love it.

  • Stevie, age 9 of Chicago, IL
    I think it's pretty cool but I like club penguin better you can do more stuff and they have better upgrades and quest.

  • Breanna, age 7 of KY
    ther cute!

  • Sara, age 11 of Murfreesboro, TN
    i love webkinz ive had webkinz ever since I was 3!

  • Max, age 5 of New York, NY
    i thank that I got 100 webkinz

  • Hazel, age 12 of Wilmington, DE
    NEWS FLASH! Starting January 19th, 2011, Webkinz accounts will no longer expire. When your account runs out, you can still play on Webkinz, but only with partial membership until you renew. You can still visit your pets. Plus, anyone whose account expired within the past year will regain access to it with a partial membership starting January 19th, 2011. That is all I wanted to say.

  • Bella, age 10 of Memphis, TN
    Love it, the animals are so cute.

  • Bella, age 10 of Forks, WA
    LOVE IT!

  • Courtney, age 13 of Buffalo, NY
    I love Webkinz! I probably should've outgrown them by now, since I'm 13, but they are just SO CUTE!

  • Tt, age 9 of Cincinnati, OH
    It's OKAY because u can't even talk and... well... sometimes you can't get on your phone.

  • Sophia, age 8 of PA
    AWESOME 5000 TOES!!!

  • Regina, age 13 of Boston, MA
    I like webkinz because I like too play games.

  • Margaret of NJ
    AWASOME! I have 4. A horse named Camile a cheata named Shara a seal named Jade & a poddle named Tori. The best thing about Webkinz is that you can reuse them. wwweeebbbkkkiiinnnzzz!

  • Andreea, age 11 of Bucuresti
    I LOVE IT! I HAVE A SIAMESE CAT AND IN WEBKINZ SHE IS RICH! MY CAT IS A GIRL HER NAME IS SIAME! webkinz animals are cute and inteligent they are kind and beautiful! I love webkinz!!!

  • Sary, age 13
    Webkinz has fun games and teaches you how to manage money. I don't like how quickly it expires. It is one of my favorite sites.

  • Nour, age 10 of McLean, VA
    I like webkinz, because you can do lots of things with your animals, but I'm getting a little old for it.

  • Josie, age 9 of Rushville, IN
    I don't like. I love. I have 3 and I love so much I would take them all if I could. wwwweeebbbkkkiiinnnnzzz. yaaa.

  • Michelle, age 9 of E. Northport, NY
    i LOVE webkinz. it is one of my fave. sites.

  • Raeven, age 7 of Decker, MI
    i have two one dog one white poddle they are the BEST so is the time I go on it. I thinck they are populer

  • Hali, age 8 of Gagetown, MI
    I have 7 webkinz 1 hippopautomus! 1 elephant 1 Pink Poddle 1 horse 1 Dragon 1 Peace Puppy 1 Peace Hamster! Peace hamster is named Peace Dog Peace puppy is peace out! poddle Scruffyduffey Dragon Sierra Elephant Christmas Ella Horse something I forgot! o and I have a cat too!! its name is Gail! And hippo I don't no!

  • Elizabeth, age 12
    I think it's kind of sad that you have to buy a ton of things to really enjoy all of it. It's fun, but gets old after a while.

  • Abbie & Beka of Lake Charles, LA
    it's ok for younger kids but when you get older it just gets boring,

  • Abbie, age 12 of Lake Charles, LA
    I liked webkinz when I was younger but it just got old. Plus some inappropriate things happen in kinzchat plus. I also think it is ridiculous how you have to buy one every year. I know lots of other websites that are free and never expire. I would recommend the games part of it for younger kids, but I wouldn't recommend kinzchat plus for anyone. 1 toe.

  • Claire, age 11 of Springfield, IL
    I love webkinz. I like to trade in the trading room and so does my mom.

  • Karana, age 14 of Boston, ME
    Webkinz is perhaps OK for people who have a lot of money... but for people who don't have a VERY large amount of money, I would not recomend this. I'd recomend this game called "Petz5" by Ubisoft. For those who already have this game, you can dress and paint the petz to look like you want them to be. Then, type in their comments. For example: Breed: Black Leopord. This gives you an idea.

  • Mary, age 9 of Mcallen, TX

  • Kara, age 11 of Henderson, KY
    I like them and all but there kinda boring. If you were like 8 then there fine, but if your older then I wouldn't buy them.

  • Maddi, age 13 of Ephrata, PA
    I like Webkinz, but it can be frustrating when you have buy a certain thing for it to work. Overall it's pretty good. 4 toes.

  • Emma, age 12 of Smyrna, GA
    I LOVE Webkinz!!! They are sooo cute. I have 24 pets and love them all. My favorite is my Collie, Stephanie. I think it's so cool that you get to have your own house and can go be social with you friends on the site! I give them 5+ toes!!!

  • Aryanna, age 10 of E. Providence, RI
    I think this website is ok. Really fun first time online, Then you play it less often. Recomment for ages 3-11. But I know a better website, called marapets. marapets I reccomend ages 7-16. so you are 10? stick to marapets. so webkinz? 3 toes.

  • Claire, age 10 of Lancaster, OH
    I like webkinz but some of there new things are kind of weird like the mazin hamsters they weird but I like it

  • Jupiter, age 7 of State College, PA
    I have 8 of these!

  • Ethan, age 7 of Algonquin, IL
    Ilove webkinz I will give it 5 toes

  • Charlee of Southwest Harbor, ME
    I think webkinz is awesome because there so soft and cuddly

  • Grace, age 8 of Lake Oswego, OR
    Webkinz is great because it shows responsibility in taking care of pets.

  • Michaela, age 13 of Topsham, ME
    I am probably the oldest person her but I love webkinz. It is safe and most of them are really cute! Some of the games are educational and it is fun traying to collect all the rare and exclusive items!

  • Martina, age 6 of Elmhurst, IL
    I love them there sooo cuter then lps!

  • Anna, age 10 of Hattiesburg, MS
    they are SSSOOOO cute!!!

  • ZoomFan, age 8
    LOVE IT! Best in the world!

  • Amber, age 9 of Wisconson
    It is cool becuaes they have meny colers on them.

  • Taylor, age 12
    I love the stuffed animals! 5 toes for the animals, 2 toes for the website. It gets old after a while, but hey, I love the Viva Poncho game!

  • Tower, age 11 of Wilmington, NC
    I don't relly like it... It gets relly boring after a little while. The only Thing Webkinz has going for it is the constant updates. Overall Toes... 2!

  • Brooke, age 11 of Los Angeles, CA
    I love webkinz! It's a cute fuzzy stuffed animal that comes to life online. Your animal can go on vacation, to school and lots of other fun things.

  • Nick, age 9 of Buford, GA
    I love em'! my friend has a bunch of them I had a panda, but I don't know where that went! 5 toes!

  • Grace, age 8 of West Linn, OR
    I have 45!!!

  • Ana, age 11
    It's fun playing it when your 8 or 9 but, after a while it gets REALLY BORING!!! I'm 11 now and I don't even get webkinz anymore. I get l on like once every 3 mouths and see nothing that I would say 'WOW! That is so cool!" I just log on then log out. I give 5 toes for little kids! If your 11 stick with the mario games.

  • Brooke, age 11 of Los Angeles, CA
    I love webkinz! It's a cute fuzzy stuffed animal that comes to life online. Your animal can go on vacation, to school and lots of other fun things.

  • Jennifer, age 7 of IN
    I love it becose fun to me.

  • Jayda, age 12 of Logan, UT
    You spend money on unneeded toys that just expire in a little more than a months time. It's a waist of time, space and money. I my oppinion.

  • Graciey, age 8 of Lake Oswego, OR
    I love it!!!

  • Emily, age 12 of IN
    Webkinz don't die! The account just gets cancled after 1 year, so that kinda stinks. But other than that and some "little kid" stuff - I love Webkinz!

  • Danielle, age 13 of IN
    I think Webkinz is GREAT! Sure, there are some problems with it, but overall, 4 toes! And you gotta admit...$15. 00 a year isn't so bad! For those of you who don't have it, Webkinz has a lot of games, and it lets you have your own room that you can decorate with your pet! You can even socialize with other Webkinz members, if you'd like! You can renew your account every year by simply buying another pet. They have a wide range of pets, by the way... from the bats and dragons to the ponies and bunnies!

  • Joyce, age 12 of Elverta, CA
    I love Webkinz! My 2 brothers & I colecect them. I have 80 of them, my two brothers have about 70 together. My Mom even has a couple!

  • Mackenzie of New York City, NY
    I was really addicted to webkinz a couple of years ago, but it gets really boring after you play it awhile. Its a cute and appropriate game for littler kids.

  • Sarah, age 10 of Makanda
    I love they are soooo cute!!!

  • Elizabeth, age 9 of Smyrna, GA
    I love it because I 3 and love them so much but I did not have to pay because they were gifts also I don't them online I just have them as stuffed animals.

  • Joy, age 11 of WI
    I don't like Webkinz!!! its not even FUN!!! its totally usless!!!

  • Vanya, age 11 of Pittsburgh, PA
    LOVE it but some kids do inapropriate stuff on Kinzchat So, 5 toes for the website, 4 toes for the stuff that goes on it.

  • Barbara, age 8 of Beavercreek, OH
    Stop wasting money!!! Do you know that you only have that pet for a year then it discards? And there are soo many other free virtual pet worlds online one is www. petpetpark. com and it is totally fun. Its better than my webkinz and theres always Eekoworld.

  • Jj, age 11 of Chicago, IL
    I play it almost every day and then I go on Zoom afterward. Its great but it's dumb that You can only play some games once a day or the employment office only once every 8 hours. That's dumb, and also the fact that u can't play some games without special codes. The deadline is also in one year which is weird. It's worth three toes.

  • Shevi, age 12 of Flushing, NY
    Webkinz is very odd. First of all, it costs like, $20 to buy the plush toy with the code. Then, you are happy, you have it for a year, and then it dies. Hello? you just lost twenty bucks! Whats up with that?

  • Cameron, age 11 of Oxford, OH
    they are awsome because they aren't just really soft pets they are virtule pets too!

  • Opal, age 7 of Chicago, IL
    i like webkinz because I can chat and play games with my friend who I don't see often.

  • Yvette, age 11 of Las Vegas, NV
    I love Webkinz. they may cost about 15 bucks but they're cute and you get to take care of them online and give it a home play mini games and chat with people.

  • Marianne of Istanbul
    It is wonderful at first. After your kids are sucked into the Webkinz World then they "expire" their pets!!! The only way to reopen the account is to buy another Webkinz!!! Huge profit making venture that is very low in thoughtfulness. I will never buy another Webkinz.

  • Destinee, age 10 of TX
    Webkinz are fun but they cost 15 dollars each pet you get and online they go off in a year from when you get them and you get attached to them and they go away and you can never play with tem again unless you get a new one.

  • Jaz, age 12 of Mayfield, NY
    Webkinz is really fun to play on, but the cost of them is crazy and to play some of the games you have to buy special pets. Even for the magical forest. The experiation is really not good. I give it four toes.

  • Jame, age 10 of NY
    I love webkinz. you can buy lots of cool stuff online and play games

  • Rachel, age 10 of North Andover, MA
    It was ok for a while when I was like 7 or 6 but now it got too overwhelming I mean loo at all the new stuff. But I think younger kids will LOVE it. I have 26. They are really only good if you just play with the stuffed animals 3 toes for website 5 toes for stuffed animals

  • Jordan, age 11 of Lostantville, IN
    i really really like webkinz because you get to play games and take care of your pet. at first, I thought it would be weird, but when I got my first one, Tinia the lama, I was really excited.

  • Lissa, age 11 of Phoenix, AZ
    Having Webkinz is just a waste of time and money. You have to buy a new Webkinz yearly. Like, if you already had a webkinz for a year, you have to buy a new one since it only lasts only a year.

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