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Taylor Swift
has 10,145 votes. Recent average is 4 toes!

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  • Amelia, age 14 of Charlotte, VT
    Taylor Swift is very calm, She writes great music

  • Juju
    Some of her songs make no sence at all.

  • Peyton, age 7 of Lexington, KY
    I picked Taylor Swift because she is one of my favorite country singer.

  • Abigail, age 8 of Arora, IL
    I love her music so mach. the best is lovestory.

  • Hartley, age 12 of Johnson, AR
    I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT! I recently saw her in concert, and she was so connected with the audience.

  • Amanda, age 16 of Pittsburgh, PA
    I love it because taylor swift has an amazing voice and she is also very talented girl. She is my favorite country songs

  • Aurora, age 9 of Salem
    because she has a awesome vioce!!!

  • Soonbok, age 16 of Seoul, South Korea
    I don't like Taylor Swift's music because it doesn't reflect real life, unlike The Beatles or Kate Bush. She just sings about breakups and makeups and fairy tales, which aren't all life is made of. She gives kids a very narrow-minded view of all the things in life.

  • Avril, age 15 of Walled Lake, MI
    Love her music!!

  • Tweetygurl13, age 11 of Fort Myers, FL
    Lik it cuz all her music have a point to it. And she makes sings songs about every day life thats why I like her!!!

  • Katie, age 8 of Newtown, PA
    I love her shes my favorite singer ever.

  • Ericka, age 9 of Chander, AZ
    her song's are awsome. I love how she sing's. I have all her song's. MY favorit song's are teardrops on my guitar, you belong with me, fifteen, our song and mine she' so so so awsome. I love her song's. she' awsome!!!

  • Astrid, age 10 of Holland, MI
    She is rockin cool.

  • Megan, age 12
    Taylor Swift is absolutely amazing! She is one of the best singers in the world. Her songs are awesome and she is a kind person.

  • Kaylyn, age 13 of Roanoke Rapids, NC
    I love her so much. I like all her songs. I can relate to them. I listen to her songs everyday.

  • Anyomus, age 13 of ON
    My favorite singer of all time. I love her!!!

  • Joanna, age 7 of Anaconda, MT
    She has good songs She has a pretty voys

  • Katherine, age 13 of O'Fallon, MO
    I love her songs. she is an amazing writer, and singer!

  • Mary, age 13 of Portland, OR
    She's not really my favorite singer, and I don't normally like that genre of music that much, but she's talented and her music's kind of nice to listen to when I'm not in the mood for metal... Plus she's really beautiful. I'll give her about 4 toes...

  • Kathy, age 11 of Ofallon, MO
    she is wonderful. I love how she sings love. I think getting personal in a song is great.

  • Blabla, age 11
    I love Taylor Swift but she seriously needs to start writing more songs!

  • Hanna, age 9 of Dayton, OH
    she is awesomely awesome! Awesome voice!!!

  • Alicia, age 11 of Wheeling, IL
    i think that she has a good voice but she sings about the dull stuff!!!

  • Emily, age 11 of Wichita, KS
    I love talylor swift! you should too!!! The reasons why I love her is because she writes her own songs, all her songs are beautiful and very good, she is a good role model for little girls and big girls. Someday I really hope I can meet her

  • Makayla, age 11 of Santee, CA
    i personally love taylor swift but I to agree that she should switch themes around a bit but other than that I give her five toes!

  • Hanna, age 9 of Dayton, OH
    I love her! she is awesome! She gives great advice to teenagers

  • A.J., age 12 of NE
    Because she is really beautiful! In not only singing but as a person. she shines so bright! I think her music is uplifting and wonderful!

  • Emma, age 8 of Brookfield, WI
    love it because she's beutiful and has a awsome singin voice.

  • Camille, age 11 of Dallas, TX
    I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but she seems to only be able to sing on ONE NOTE. Some of her songs are so-so. Others are awful. 2 toes.

  • Jade, age 10 of Middle Island, NY
    I love her, she makes the best songs and is a good singer. Iíve seen her in concert and it was the best concert ever.

  • Alexa, age 7 of Pohatcong
    I think she is AWSOME! She is the best sinnger ever.

  • Nouran, age 15 of L.A., CA
    I Personally Think That None of Taylor Swifts Songs Ever Failed. Her Music is very Pretty and empowering. However They All revolve Around A Certain Theme, It would have been excellent if She would switch around all little bit. Besides This I Give Her 4 Toes!!!

  • Angela, age 12 of Lake Stevens, WA
    I LOVE her!! she is an awesome singer, wonderful role model!!

  • Courtney of Niagra Falls
    i love your song s taylor they rock

  • Sherry, age 11 of Mississauga, ON
    I love Taylor Swift. She is so pretty, and at 12 she wrote songs for some big stars. Also she writes the best songs

  • Kaitrin, age 12
    I love Taylor Swift because she is awsome and I like her songs.

  • Rachel, age 12 of Rockland, ME
    I love Taylor Swift, she has been my idol since I was 5 years old, and why I like her is because Is because she is my favorite person on earth.

  • Michael of Riverdale, AL
    she can sing

  • Hannah, age 7 of Waidena
    Tavlor Swift is the best siger ever.

  • Anonymous, age 12 of Kissimmee, FL
    I love Taylor Swift! I listen to her songs every night. I really like Sparks Fly and The Way I Loved You. I like her songs because they're about love and I can relate to them.

  • Olivia, age 9 of Reedsport, OR
    she is my favorite country singer EVER!!! #1

  • Kaylee, age 6 of Sanger, CA
    i love you so much.

  • Madalene, age 8 of Marshall, IL
    I think Taylor Swift's music is fantastic. I personally LOVE You belong with me, Love story, White horse, and Teardrops on my guitar.

  • Abigail, age 12 of Las Vegas, NV
    I LOVE HER!!! She is soo awsome I have all of her CDs and have over 30 of her songs memorized. TAYLOR SWIFT ROCKS!!!

  • Livie, age 9 of Huntington, TX
    taylor your so awsome and smart and I just LLLOOOVVVEEE your music sssooo much luv u taylor your biggest fan livie

  • Chloe, age 8 of Honington, TX
    i love ur music so much

  • Kylee, age 9 of Dallas, TX
    I'm her biggest fan!! I have an autographed handbag, and for my birthday, my mom's gonna take me to a Taylor Swift concert!!

  • Taylor, age 10 of Coushatta
    I LOVE Taylor Swifts SONGS. Taylor Swift You Rock.

  • Journey, age 12 of Oxford, PA
    I love Taylor Swift. I can't belive she will be in the same movie as Zac Efron

  • Nia, age 16 of Raliegh
    I love her music and if I could meet her in person I would scream she is my favorite rock star ever!!! love her!!!

  • Taylor Is Ok, age 11 of Roswell, GA
    I would give her 2 toes. She dosen't sing very good. Shes pretty but shes ok at her music.

  • Miley, age 16 of Los Angeles, CA
    love it. she is so pretty. I love her music 2. I want to be just like her.

  • Aiden, age 8 of Gettysburg, PA
    i like the song you belong with me

  • Taylor, age 8 of Atlanta, GA
    i am named taylor and I am a girl with blond hair... love your songs.

  • Sam, age 10 of Cumberland, RI
    i don't like her songs

  • Alley, age 10

  • Stephanie, age 15 of FL
    taylor swift is so cool. I love her songs thay are so cool I love ever one of them. thanks taylor swift.

  • Samantha, age 8 of Edmonds
    I love taylor swift because she is beautiful and her songs are great

  • Keyon, age 4 of Edmonds
    I love taylor swift

  • Alice, age 10 of Oxford, MS
    I LOVE Taylor Swift! Her music is fantastic, and she's a great role model!

  • Mike, age 16
    I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT!! she is so pretty and she is amazing. I love all her songs and I'm going to her concert in June!

  • Izzy, age 6
    i LIKE her

  • Lola, age 11 of Brigham, UT
    i think taaylor is awesome shes really good to look up to I love her song long live and speak now her new album is the best of all

  • Bethany, age 9 of Chatham, IL
    I love Taylor Swift because her music is awesome!!!

  • Owen, age 4 of Portland, OR
    i love you belong with me

  • Chloe, age 8 of Canada
    i love taylor swift beacause she is awsome, pretty and has a pretty voice. she is my favorite superstar. taylor is awsome!!!

  • Helena, age 9 of Holyoke, MA
    LOVE IT!!! Her songs INSPIRE ME!!!

  • Camryn, age 6 of Clearwater, FL
    I like her songs especially today was a fairy tale.

  • Aaron, age 7 of Elgin, MB
    i have a book about her.

  • Emma, age 11 of Phoenix, AZ
    I like her singing, she has an AMAZING voice, but her songs are like the same music all over again but with different words... 3 toes.

  • Amya, age 9 of New York City, NY
    I LOVE Taylor Swift she is #1 in my book!!!

  • Elizabeth, age 9 of Harrisburg, NC
    I love Taylor Swift!!! Mine is a really good song, but Haunted is my favorite! Shes, like, AWESOME! I just got an Ipod Nano and "Santa"put her whole cd on it.

  • Jada, age 11 of Dover
    I love Taylor swift because she is a good singer my faviorte is mine have 2 poster of her in my room.

  • Meagin, age 15 of Ocala, FL
    She sings very good, I love her songs especially her new songs.

  • Claire, age 15 of Dublin, OH
    What I like about Taylor is that kids can actually look up to her, and her songs aren't inappropriate. Her new song "Mine" is great!

  • Emily, age 12 of Beeville, TX
    i love taylor swift shes awesome I love our song and mine I wish I could meet her in person

  • Charlee, age 9 of Sunyside, WA
    I love her songs!! She is so cute too! The thing that I like about her is that if you dont know her, and you here a soong from her youll just love it know matter what! And she NEVER dresses to fansy!!!

  • Sasha, age 8 of Brooklyn Park, MN
    i like taylor swift because she is a good singer. She is my favorit singer to.

  • Kelly, age 8 of Kelliher, MN
    love it! I love her espeshely love story.

  • Reagan, age 8 of San Antonio
    I love talar swift because she is a great singer.

  • Katelyn, age 7 of Temecula, CA
    I just love her singing, I think she ROCKS!

  • Katelyn, age 8 of Glendale, AZ
    I LOVE Talor Swift's songs! She rocks!! I would do anything for her. She is my most favorite singer!!

  • Kaylee, age 11 of Salem, MA
    I LUV taylor swift. shes an amazing role model I look up to her. I give her 99%

  • Adaiah, age 14 of Pennsauken, NJ
    She's awesome!!! I love her music!!! My favorite songs are You belong with me, Hey Stephen, fifteen, teardrops on my guitar, love story, white horse, the best day, change and her newest song Mine. We used "Change" as our graduation song! She can REALLY sing, and I mean REALLY sing.

  • Angel, age 10 of Alhambra, CA
    i like her new song called Mine and im listening right now. I love it.

  • Forner, age 14 of Ranldo, MS
    Love her she is amazing with singinng!

  • Daisy and Xiomara, age 10 of Weslaco
    Because she sings SO pretty

  • James of New York, NY
    I loveee her so much even tho im a guy but that doesnt mattter

  • Kayla, age 8 of ID
    i love her cause she, s pretty her songs are the best I ever heard in my life and I just really really really wish I could see her in real life really bad

  • Emily
    i think shes ok I only like you belong with me

  • Rebecca, age 14 of Southbend, IN
    she is awsome!!! I love all of her music as well listen to it all the time and over and over again. yes her music is about love but it"s what most people can relate to. to help them get through tough times and help them feel funny inside thinking about that speacial someone. it would be so awsome to go to your concert and meet you in person. GO TAYLOR!!! YOU ROCK!!!

  • Xochitil, age 11 of Berkeley, CA
    The only song of hers I like is You Belong With Me, her others are not good.

  • Alyssa, age 10 of Philadelphia, PA
    I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT SHE IS AWESOME!!! THE BEST THERE IS!! if only I could meet her it'd be so awesome!!! HERE THAT TAYLOR!!! YOUR SO AWESOME!!!

  • Mary, age 15 of MO
    I like Talor for more than just for her music, I like that she writes her own music and that she doesn't try to go out there and fake it. These are facts by the way. 99 toes.

  • Jessica, age 12 of Nashville, TN
    love it why because she ways better than beyonce and kyne west

  • Samantha, age 10 of Denison, IA
    i like taylor swifts you belong with me.

  • Alyssa, age 10 of Toronto, ON
    I am starting to be a fan of Taylor Swift. She is an awesome role model for kids. She stays humble and doesn't get into bad situations. She sounds like a really nice person. Her song topics are really down to earth,

  • Sonora, age 10 of Clevlend, OH
    she a very good singer! Five toes!

  • Leslie, age 13 of Charlotte, NC
    Shes amazing, I love all her songs my faves are Picture to burn and her new one Mine. She inspired me to the learn how to the play the acosutic gutiar too! Shes my rolemodel, really amazing!

  • Hazel, age 9
    Totally AWESOME! My fav song by her is White Horse

  • Joyce of Cypress, CA
    I love her. I am her #1 fan. I love her song fearless!

  • Sydnee, age 10
    i love how her music comes from her heart and I love how she sings about real thigs that happend to her.

  • Hazel, age 9
    Totally AWESOME! My fav song by her is White Horse

  • Gloria, age 16 of Columbia, GA
    I love her songs!!! I actually like country music in general and I can relate to her lyrics sometimes.

  • Bhakti, age 7 of Oldbridge, NJ
    Taylor Swift rocks!!!"because she writes awsome songs! I Like You Belong with me.

  • Anonymous, age 14 of Albany, NC
    She is ok. Her songs need other plots besides love. Her voice is not the greatest but not the worst either. 3 toes.

  • Anne, age 14
    I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT!!! She is AWESOME!!! I love her songs, and her vioce, plus she's beutiful and a real inspiration!!! Way to go girl!!!

  • Haley, age 11 of Peoria, AZ
    All I can say is that she has good song lyrics but she doesn't have that great of a voice live and thanks to lip syncing and voice editing has a great career. 2 toes.

  • Julia, age 11 of Lexington, MA
    I love taylor! her voice is amazing, and she's really modest too, but most of all, she sings about real things that happen in life. not all unrealistic like other singers. she's like a whole new chapter to music!

  • Ava, age 9 of Lakeland, FL
    I like Taylor Swift because she is a great singer. And because she sings peacefully then rockin in some songs.

  • Kara, age 12 of Phoenix, AZ
    I love taylor swift she is the best singer ive ever heard! she's also a great actor 2!! I never get tired of her songs! my fav song of hers is ''u belong with me"

  • Emily, age 10 of Rochester, NY
    I saw a live CONCERT of her last year! Rocked that year! Taylor rocks, and she's SO pretty. She inspires girls, young and old. 5 Toes for Taylor!

  • Ashley, age 9 of Dallas, TX

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