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SpongeBob SquarePants
has 3,821 votes. Recent average is 1 toe!

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  • Sarah, age 9 of Delano, CA
    I love spongebob even my little brother loves to sing the theme song!

  • Alex, age 7 of TX
    I love SpongeBob!!! It is so funny and cool!!!

  • Nick, age 11 of Buford, GA
    OH MY GOSH! spongebob is soooo annoying, its THE most annoying show ever. and yet I watch it.

  • Fern, age 11 of Seattle, WA
    I like educational shows that at least teach you something, whether it's about the world or about math. With this show, you learn nothing. 1 toe.

  • Katelyn, age 8 of Dallas, GA
    Love the sponge 900, 000, 000, 000 toes

  • Skyler, age 7 of Jackson, TN
    grose I dont like it.

  • Timothy, age 8 of West Lawn, PA
    I love spongebob he is my hero!

  • Manuel, age 14 of San Antonio, TX
    I love spongebob squarepants, its because of his laughing and the way he annoys squidward, wow what a best show in the universe, I love watchin it everytime I get bored

  • Selena, age 16 of Walled Lake, MI
    Ha ha!! Love it sooo much!! Espacially patrick!

  • Dorothy, age 6 of Dayton, OH
    I love this show. And the song!

  • Julia, age 8 of Medford
    i love it so so much

  • Nick, age 10 of Buford, GA
    it's funny but it gets predictable

  • Pets28
    i like it but suidward yells a lot

  • Riley, age 13 of Ashburn, VA
    Spongebob is a great show. It's been on for a long time and I watched it all the time when I was younger. So I'll admit I haven't really seen many newer episodes, but the old ones were great!

  • Alexis, age 9 of Alabama
    I love sponge bob my sister is one in a half she loves loves loves loves loves loves spongebob I dont know why who ever made it we both love it.

  • Christian, age 6 of NJ
    its so funny

  • Xavier, age 6 of Danville, VA
    it's cool.

  • Leeann, age 14 of New Tazewell, TN
    Spongebob is AWESOME!!!

  • Nick, age 10
    it's funny and WEIRD

  • Natalie, age 7 of Boston, MA
    I like Spongebob because the show is funny.

  • Keke, age 10 of Daville
    its funny

  • Emily, age 8 of Chimayo, NM
    Spongebob is ausome. I really like the experiments that Planton and Sandy do. I love spogebob.

  • Jillain, age 6 of AK
    I love it.

  • Benhour, age 16 of Turlock, IA
    i love it because it is so fun

  • Regal, age 10 of Laplace, LA
    I used to be totally obsessed with Spongebob it used to be funny but now im like that with another show anyone heard of Good Luck Charlie.

  • Brittney, age 11 of Houston, TX
    i love songeebob he is veryy funnyy

  • Jack, age 5 of Minneapolis
    I Like Its Ok

  • Nathan of WI
    I really enjoyed the older episodes due to the fact that there were so many lines that were hillarious, but the newer episodes, bluh, I mean, they're not terrible, but just not as stellar as the older episodes. 5 stars for older episodes, 3 for new ones.

  • Royce, age 5 of Tacoma, WA
    i love spongebob squarepants I wach it evryday

  • Lauren, age 10 of Hiram, OH
    I love it - the old episodes are sooooo funny!!! However, YUCK! to the new ones. they are VERY disturbing, animation is NOT GOOD, and plots are yucky. But the old ones are awesome!! love em!!

  • Jason, age 11 of Crystal Beach, ON
    he is sooo!!! amazing I love him

  • Joshua, age 9 of Kenosha, WI
    I like spongebob and patrick becuse I liked sence when I was a baby

  • Camisha, age 12 of Raleigh, MS
    spongebob is great my lil sister got me watchin it I love you spongebob

  • Angelis, age 8 of OH
    Hi I m your bigget fan and I wach it every day I love you

  • Linda, age 9 of Joplin, MO
    Spongebob Squarepants is sooo AWESOME!

  • Ose, age 8 of Euless, TX
    it's my favorite show I hope he once again he wins the blimp for favorite animated show

  • Katelynn, age 9 of Lufink, TX
    i love spongbob

  • Mahesh of Long Island City, NY
    i think that spongebob is awesome

  • Kaylie, age 9 of Fortworth, TX
    Sponge BOb is good but sometimes it gets annoying.

  • Seth, age 11
    SpongeBob is amazing. I used to be very obsessed with it, and I used to think it was INSANELY funny. Now, it's not as great. It lost its touch and there's too much singing or no good storylines now. I give it 5 toes, but I still think my opinion could change. I think Seasons 2 & 3 were definetely the best.

  • Sarah, age 11
    DON'T LIKE IT! It's not even funny. I usually like a show a little bit when its funny, but this show is TERRIBLE!

  • Jack, age 5 of MN
    i love it

  • Areyanna of Homewood
    i saw patricks cousuin sam she us so men and you need to tell her that and by the way I need to wash your shows again I always wash your shows

  • Adt, age 14 of Tampa, FL
    This is a show that I used to love. USED to. Not anymore. Personally, I don't like any of the new episodes. The new episodes are strange and, I believe, a little inappropriate. I only like the old episodes.

  • Haley, age 14 of Vancouver, BC
    not my thing, I find him to annoying, a bad influence, and has a annoying laugh, and a terrible voice, to babyish. I don't like him...

  • Tia, age 15 of Milwaukee, WI
    I LOVEEEE spongebob with all my heart he is my medicine when my day is going bad... He is and always will be my favorite!!! to the makers of spongebob: DONT STOP... EVVER

  • Luke, age 8 of Eastport, ME
    i thank that spong bob is a great movie I have a abowt 30 or 20 movies abowt it! maby more or les

  • Alexzandrea, age 12 of Detroit, MI
    Love it!!! spongebob iz sooooo awesome I watch it all day, everyday!!!

  • Grace, age 9 of OK
    spongebob is the best shoe ever it is funny it is a cartoon and I love it

  • Sarah, age 9 of Yarmouth, ME
    I really really like that tv show because spongebob and patrick are really funny.

  • Julia, age 16
    SpongeBob was HILARIOUS in the 90s, when I watched it when I was a kid. But now it's not.

  • Ticah, age 14 of Carbondale, CO
    I love Spongebob

  • James of Glenwood Springs, CO
    I love SpongeBob Squarepants so much. It's OK but sometimes it has crying. like Spongebob crying Mr. Krabs crying Patrick crying Sandy crying and even Sqidward crying but I give it 6 toes

  • Joshua of Glenwood Springs, CO
    I do not like SpongeBob because I think it's boring.

  • Tia, age 8 of Nickoleson, PA
    it is the best show I have sail

  • Christopher of Fort Laderdale, FL
    becase spongebob eat krabby patties

  • Namiss, age 6 of Boston, MA
    becues spongebob is cazy with his best friend pat the star

  • Joshua, age 8 of Kenosha, WI
    Spongbob is so funny.

  • Senoria, age 14 of IL
    Spongebob is really good for the kids. He has a great sense of humor and learns right and wrong from his mistakes.

  • Jhane, age 8 of Bedford
    I think Spongebob is very funny, talented, spoge.

  • Kathy of Las Crucas
    I think Spongebob is a pretty good show, but they make sure every close up image is as gross as it can be. And Patrick adding a "garbage compress" to Spongebob's splinter was GROSS!! All in all, 3 toes.

  • Parker, age 8 of E Town, KY
    i love it it is funny I wach it all the time. I like pattrick I give him a 3 toes. spongebob I give him a 5 toes. all the rest give them 2 toes. but exsepet sqidwerd I give him 1 toes. love the show

  • Margaret of NJ
    I iove SpondgeBob SquarePants so much they do not have anuff toes! I give it 900, 000, 000, 000... toes!

  • Margeaux of Oakland, FL
    I love Sponge bob he is so funny and so is Partrick

  • David, age 5 of Riverbank
    funny stuff

  • Kayla, age 12 of Mt. Vernon, NY
    I love it... I think its a awesome show yeah it might be babyish but its great.. ima a goofy goober yea ima goofy goober yea!!!

  • Emily, age 11 of Maricopa, AZ
    I grew up with spongebob ever scince I was 3 I still watch it and I still LOVE IT 5 toes!

  • James of Glenwood Springs, CO
    Because is is so much fun

  • Hali
    Not my thing! But my Bros thing! He thinks it is halorious! I do not like it but im used to it because my bro gets his way and gets to watch everything!!

  • S.A.M., age 10 of Thomson, OH
    It is SO ANNOYING! I am not Kidding! the voices are SO weird! my sisters and I call him He who must not be named!!!

  • Cam, age 13 of Bismark, ND
    I think its HORIBLE brain washing, it tells kids that the imposable is posable!

  • Jada, age 11 of Statesville, NC
    it is so funny i love it I wish they can make more

  • Joclyn, age 12 of Greene, ME
    I don't like it at all!! 0 toes!!

  • Jaders206, age 10 of Wilmington, OH
    its just not my thing. the thing is that they drink water in the sea but there is water in the sea so they are already drinking it so why do they have cups with sprite and diffrent stuff in it.

  • Eliza, age 8 of Spring Hill, FL
    I Give It 100000...Thumbs up!!!

  • Margeaux of Oakland, GA
    I love Sponge bob SquarePants he is so funny. and so is Patrick.

  • Tamsyn, age 11 of Vancouver, BC
    SpongeBob SquarePants is a good show, funny, great for kids, but the newer episodes are more focused to a boy's mind (There's a lot of gross stuff in the newer episodes.) So it's a good show, but it was better and funnier before.

  • Claire, age 8 of Arlington, VA
    i like it beacause it's so wierd!

  • Betty, age 11 of Dallas, TX
    spongebob is AWESOME!

  • Jenny, age 11 of Berea
    I do not like spongebob at all. I am a big Phineas and Ferb fan but spongebob, no way. It is terrible. Sorry but in my opinion I think it is just a silly cartoon.

  • Yasmine, age 10 of Winter Park, FL
    Blahhh babish - 1 toe

  • Kevin, age 16 of Ohatchee, AL
    i love songebob coace scward crazy and he got 25 toes

  • Olivia, age 9 of ME
    i just like it cause its hysterical.

  • Joshua, age 8 of Kenosha, WI
    I love it because It's so funny

  • Ashten, age 8 of Thornhurst, PA
    i watch spongebob every day he's cute i like all of the chariters there awsome

  • Katie, age 6 of Lawton, OK
    I love it

  • Zoom Fan of Medicine Hat
    The older episodes were a lot better than the newer ones but it's still great

  • Paisley, age 12 of Bella Vista, AR
    I absolutely ADORE SpongeBob! He and Patrick are hilarious together, and Squidward's grumpiness makes it all fall together. This show is SOOO funny! Highly reccomended!

  • Adithi, age 9 of Fremont, CA
    I love it because it is full of comedy.

  • Himanshu, age 4 of Kurukeshetra, IN
    I love watching spongebob Squarepants it is funny and also sad.

  • Beatrice, age 13 of Sacramento, CA
    "I never watched SpongeBob SquarePants as a kid, but I just recently started watching it and it's cute, funny, adorable, everything a kids cartoon should be. My absolute favorite episode is "Squidward in ClarinetLand." "So Hilarious! All the characters are funny and amazing. This show has intelligent storylines. Absolutely LOVE IT!"

  • Victor, age 10 of Bronx, NY
    this show is so awesome!!! I have been watching this since I was 6 or 7. 5 toes!!!

  • Michaela, age 13 of Topsham, ME
    I know quite a few people who don't like it but I love ti! Spongebob is so funny and I will have to admit, I have learned new real words definttions that I never knew before. Sopnge bob also tells lots of good jokes and he has some catchy songs like the campfire son song. I love this show!

  • Justin, age 6 of Tampa, FL
    I like SpongeBob sings Best Day Ever. My Singing Part is: It's the best day ever!! It's like a band.

  • Alex, age 10 of Broken Arrow, OK
    Its a really funny show and it teaches lessons, who knows what lesson you will learn next? I reccomend this show for kids whos parents want them to learn lessons, because it teaches lessons the FUN way and I love it!

  • Mackenzie, age 10 of Clevleand, OH
    Hey do you know I like on Spongebob Squarepants? That's right it's Sandy the Squirrel from Texas

  • Emily, age 10 of Rochester, NY
    Spongebob is OK, but is an awful influence. 3 Toes!

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