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by Ingrid Law
has 1,456 votes. Recent average is 2 toes!

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  • Allie
    The book is awsome. I really wish that Mibs was not so full of her self at times but the book is great!!!

  • Elizabeth, age 10 of Harrisburg, NC
    I think its great my teacher just created a book club aand we read Savvy. I think it was the best thing I ever read.

  • Jill of NY
    I loved Savvy a lot. I have not read the next one. I think that Bobbi can be really wiered.

  • Linda, age 8 of Los Angeles
    Its great!!! But some parts are odd.

  • Anonymous, age 12
    I love this book! It gets sad and I get emotional but overall it's great! 5 toes!

  • Jndgjbds, age 11 of Seattle, WA
    it's ok, but emotional and kinda down... 3 toes for this book.

  • Austin, age 8 of Dallas, TX
    not my type

  • Jane, age 10 of Lexington, MA
    Wonderful! I liked it way better than Scumble.

  • Josie, age 9 of Pawtucket, RI
    Recently my teacher gave me to read Savvy. I love it. Im actually kinda sad to give it back to her. It's realistic, and talk a bout powerful detail. If I could I would say 5,0000000000...

  • M.J.P., age 11 of SC
    It is a totally awesome book that I would definitely recommend to anyone. It is realistic, with a little twist of things that couldn't happen in reality. Even though it is narrated by a girl I still think a boy could enjoy it. This is one of the best books I've read. 5 toes.

  • Claire, age 11 of TN
    I heart this!! Fans, did you know there's a next book: Scumble?? I soo wanna read it!!

  • Amber, age 12 of Chicago, IL
    This is like, LIFE, not like, Look charlie! a unicorn!

  • Reema, age 5 of Fei, HI
    i lov et

  • Cliyahnelle, age 8
    ilove/like it because it is funny

  • Crystal, age 12 of Houston, TX
    Love it!! All time FAVORITE book it expressesa the real feelings of a girl!!

  • Hihi
    It has a very odd beginning and ending but it is just average. 3 toes

  • Emily, age 12
    I read it and really liked it! If you like sort of magical un-realistic things that happen in the every day life of a girl read it! Ok, I made it sound little kidish. It's not! Anyway read it! 5 toes!:)

  • Noemi, age 10 of Dallas, TX
    love it

  • Zoomiefan21, age 12 of Appleton, WI
    Okay, not a must read, but okay. It's defently not the best book. Two toes.

  • Kira, age 12 of Houston, TX
    Its very fun and creative... a little strange.

  • Lori, age 8
    its a great book really interesting and I can relate to it even though its magic

  • Alexis, age 10 of CA
    I just read it, but it is soooo good. I love it!!!

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