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Your Reviews
Tell us what you think about The Proud Family:
  • Mercy, age 15 of New York, NY
    I love this show!!! The reason why is because I feel like I am just like Penny Proud.

  • Sushmi, age 10 of Woburn, MA
    I think the proud family ROCKS! I watch it every saturday and I love penny's way of doing things. I think that she rocks! So I just wanna say penny's great!

  • Michelle, age 11 of Akron, OH
    I love to watch the proud family. I like watching Oscar get hit by Sugar Mama. Its really funny. The proud family is just like my familly, and thats why I love watching the proud family.

  • Liz, age 11 of Newberg, OR
    In the proud family a lot of the things they put in are funny to some people but the jokes are just mean. I do NOT like shows where the parents are mean to each other. I have seen Penny's mama insult Oscar and Oscar being jealous of another guy because his wife danced with someone else. I mean its not like she is going to divorce Oscar and marry this other dude just because she danced with him. Penny is also a bad influence on people watching the show.

  • Ajanee, age 8 of Dayton, OH
    I like them because suger mama is SOOO SOOO funny went it coms to OSKER!

  • Victoria, age 11 of Valleyfield, QC
    I love Proud Family because it is so funny to see that the dad is so, so wild about the spelling bee of his baby girl, and that at the end she said that she cheated!!! Why? Well because she looked at her dad's mouth and saw the letter in its mouth. After she said that the 3 or 4 dads start fighting about who has win.

  • Marlee, age 12 of Warner Robins, GA
    I love the tv show The Proud Family because they are the funniest family. They also have everyday problems just like most familys.

  • Stephanie, age 11 of Cincinnati, OH
    I love the proud family because they act alot like me and my friends.

  • J'La, age 11 of York, PA
    I love this show 'cause it's one of the few shows with alot of Afaicn-Amearican chacthers. I'm not trying to be racest or nothin' but there aren't many afaicn-amearican programs on T. V.

  • Jantara, age 13 of Norfolk, VA
    I love the Proud Family! It has real conflicts that could happen when you have a big family!

  • Raven, age 12 of Bastrop, LA
    I love The Proud Family. The reason I love it so much is it shows a show where a family has problems, differences, and every day problems but coming together as a happy and loving family.

  • Waneisha, age 10 of Greenwood, SC
    I like "The Proud Family" because Penny is kind of like me sometimes. She's always learning lessons. My favorite episode is "Johnny Lovely". The thing I really like is that everytime Oscar gives somebody "Proud Snacks" their hair stand srtaight up and their mouth gets hot.

  • April, age 10 of Knightdale
    Why I love Proud Family? Because they are just a cartoon version of a real life family. And the things penny goes through is basically the same things that an average child would go through and you could learn from that show.

  • Tonya, age 10 of Houston, TX
    The Proud Family is okay, but so unrealistic. I mean Suga Mama and Oscar Proud act like brother and sister. They're always fussing and fighting. Papi is always saying mean stuff about Suga Mama like she's ugly and stuff. Like I said it's okay. I give 3 toes.

  • Jessica, age 14 of Yulee, FL
    I don't like it because it isn't realistic. I think this generation needs something realistic, not just some bad cartoon that makes most people laugh. The Proud Family is rude too. I've only seen it a coupla times, but thats enough for me.

  • Melissa, age 11 of London, ON
    It's an okay show, but I think that the humour is a bit cruel. It isn't realistic, the way that Sugar Mama and Oscar Proud act. I mean, what mother would make fun of their own son? Not anyone in this century!

  • Zharya, age 12 of Orlando, FL
    I love the proud family because.. They talk about really funny topics like, How much Your allowence is. I think uncle bobby is real funny.

  • Sophie, age 8 of Saskatoon, SK
    I like this show because it is not just great but it shows independence and only a tiny bit of violence! And Penny the "somtimes mad and somtimes happy one." This show is about a girl who goes to high school with a lot of friends and 1 or 2 crushs. She somtimes gets in trouble but is always ready for another day in hard working and lots of more trouble day!!!

  • Chloe, age 12 of Buffalo
    This is a great show! There are funny parts, valuable lessons and in one episode there were outtakes in the end. 5 toes for me!!!

  • Catherine, age 10 of Chicago, IL
    I love it! All because the characters act so real, funny, and dumb. I did say they act dumb but that's funny now adays!

  • Leann, age 10 of Anchorage, AK
    I don't like very much because they show re-runs A LOT! I saw it one time and then I saw it again awhile later and it was the same one! Plus I saw that one several other times.

  • Natalya, age 5 of Midland, TX
    I really like that show! I watch it all the time. I like it because it's funny, exciting, and just a good show to watch!!! Everytime I watch it, im always cracking up in laughter!!! That's why I like that show!!!

  • Karen, age 12 of Dallas, TX
    Who would not like The Proud Family? It is sooooooo funny and it makes me just cry my eyes out out of laughter!!!

  • Sukhdeep
    I love it!!! Penny is so friendly but she lets the gross sisters take advantage of her and her money way to much. Dijonay is just crazy about sticky and she is not always a good friend sometimes because on the episode she told penny she was going to babysitt with her and she went to a 3rd storee concert instead.

  • Daniel, age 10 of San Diego, CA
    I love the proud famimly because its very fun and sometimes it can teach u a lesson and its a good family show.

  • Alysson, age 13 of Ballston Spa, NY
    I love Proud Family and all, but I'm getting really tired of 2 things: 1.:Suga Mama and Oscar always fighting and 2.:ZOE! Why is there on every show someone who drives me up the wall???

  • Mike, age 9 of Wenonah, NJ
    The Proud Family rocks. Sugar Mama is so funny and so is Papy.

  • Ashley, age 11 of Atlanta, GA
    I luv the Proud Family. I think Suga Mama is the best character. My favorite episode was when Bebe & Cece grew up.

  • Juse, age 10 of Santee, CA
    The proud family is a great show! penny proud has many great adventures, and shows bravery in each one! I know, I know, sounds boring, right? well it isnt, it is great! You should tune in to Disney channel everyday at about six!

  • Nailah, age 11 of Brunswick, GA
    Love it! It shows the lives of teenagers in a way that you can really get wrapped up in. And I LOVE how Oscar and Suga Momma are always going at it. One more thing, I like how the show has characters to represent every race: for the Hispanics, there's LaCienega. For the Blacks, there's Penny (along with many others). For the Asians, there's the Chang triplets. For the Whites, there's Zoie. I think it's good for a show to have racial balance, so there's a character for everyone to relate to. Well, that's all I have to say.

  • Kelly of Fridley, MN
    I do not like The Proud Family because it seems as if they do a lot of re-runs.

  • Ally, age 6 of Phoenix, AZ
    I love the show! I really like Penny because she's really funny in the show. I really like Puff too.

  • Evan, age 12 of Troy, AL
    I love The Proud Family. I 15% speachless about o. One of my favorite episodes is when Penny's Aunt Spice came to town for a show. One of my favorite characters is Oscar. This show is really cool. I give it five stars!!!

  • Tyler, age 13 of Toledo, OH
    I love it!!! Penny is so friendly but she lets the gross sisters take advantage of her and her money way to much. Dijonay is just crazy about sticky and she is not always a good friend sometimes because on the episode she told penny she was going to babysitt with her and she went to a 3rd storee concert instead.

  • Shanice, age 12 of Jeannette, PA
    I love the Proud Family because it is fun to watch and funny, because its funny to see people get sick from eating Proud snacks. Its also funny to see Penny and her friends sing, get in trouble, and have fun together. But, Suga Mama and Trudy keep the family together. Puff, I think is just causing funny trouble.!.

  • Sherrell, age 14 of St. Louis, MO
    The reason why I love this show is because penny gets to get stuff and no one elese plays witth her emotions.

  • Katie, age 11 of Shawnee, KS
    I love the show! It's got teenage problems, but I am a Preteen so when I get older it is really going to help.

  • Rachael, age 12 of Friendship, NY
    I love the Proud family because they are sorta like my parents (No dating until after your married.) It sounds just like my mom! Also Penny goes through stuff that I do.

  • Hope, age 12 of Magna, UT
    The proud family rocks! It totally shows the feelings of a teenager and some off parts that show peoples predicaments. I like how it uses humer and plain nonsence to create a show that shows things in a different view than we usually see. I strongly reccomed watching this show.

  • Shandell
    I like this show so much that I watch it everyday and don't miss any episodes because the characters are so funny especially Suga Momma!!!

  • Vincent, age 10 of West Orange, NJ
    I think the Proud Family is funny. I like how they solve every day problems. I would recomend it to any one who is looking for a new show to ach.

  • Erin, age 11 of New Riegel, OH
    I love it because the family is kind of odd and it has a girl who is about my age. I hope you have watched it before to see if you like it.

  • Lauren, age 12 of Wray, CO
    I really like this show because it is funny and tells stories that could really happen in real life. If I was a teacher and this was a report on the greatest T.V. show ever, I would give it and A+!

  • Monique, age 12 of Rockmart, GA
    I love the proud family show because they stand up for their culture and I like that alot!

  • Jose, age 9 of S. Fresno, CA
    I love The Proud Family because everyday they bring us laughter! What makes you laugh?

  • Ben of Parnell, IA
    I like the Proud Family because it talks about lessons in life with Penny Proud.

  • Showlin, age 9 of Hamtramck, MI
    The Proud Family is such a halarious tv show. A girl named Penny and her three friends always run into all sorts of differant adventures everyday until they experience an important lesson amongst friendship and love. If you ever watch the show you'll sure feel good you did!

  • I say just Terrible! I mean think about it all it is, is a girl who almost always has problems, and has to do things she dosen't want to do. Like any other show! But the proud family has BAD characters and BAD graphics. All the other shows have more meaning, and also WAY better comedy!
    Emily, age 12 of Tucson, AZ

  • I love it because it's funny. I like sugar mommy and there show a lot in the being when there song come on. I like sugar dogs to thay are cute dog and funny to.
    Michelle, age 10 of Florida

  • I love the proud family becaus I like Penny And Penny's grandma and her mom, and her sisters. I like when the dad says no Penny can not go anywhere but the mom says that Penny can go anywhere she wants.
    Ashley, age 11 of Warren, OH

  • I love that show its my favorite show its everythig I like in a show independence, love, citizenship, friendship, caring and much more.
    Kenetra, age 12 of Houston, TX

  • I liked it when Sugar Mama wore a sparkly blue dress while she was dancing. I thought it was very funny.
    Cally, age 5 of Mequon, WI

  • I love to watch The Proud Family. I don't like however, the way Papi insults Sugar Moma in Spanish. I think he should say nice things about her. Please do not insult her!
    Samantha, age 8 of Wilmington, DE

  • I love the Pround Family because it teaches you the true meaning of family and what it means to stick together.
    Shaquonte, age 14 of Columbia, TN

  • I think the Proud Family is okay. I really mean, what is its purpose? Just another junky sitcom right? I mean Disney channel is just getting loaded with junk one by one!
    Taylor, age 9 of Dover, DE

  • Love the proud family I can relate to her and her choices.
    Victoria, age 11 of El Paso, TX

  • I love the proud family. Kyla Pratt is so awesome. She's my rowmodel. Kyla does a good job on voices and I really like her character Penny. She has differnt actions and emotions. One day she gets into mischief then the next day she's all sweet. I like that. I hope Kyla likes what she does cause she's good at it.
    Wendor, age 13 of Ames, IA

  • I like it. The show is really funny and I think the babies are cute. Although they are not my favorite charecters. My favorite charecter is Penny. I also like her friends. It is a great show for little kids and even better for teens around the world! I would give it 5 thums up!
    Veronica, age 15 of Santa Ana, CA

  • I absolutely love The Proud Family. The humor, characters, and the concept of the show is great. For those people who's opinion differ from mine, it's probably because they don't live a life of an african american who sometimes sees or is in the situations that characters of The Proud family are in. The Proud family is one of the best cartoons around and teaches about family, love, culture, and friends. Two thumbs up to them! And as my girl Penny would say: "Heyyyyy"!
    Vanessa, age 13 of Gaithersburg, MD

  • I love THE PROUD FAMILY. My favrite character is Penny. She is just like me. Deshanae acts just like my sister.
    Jade, age 9 of Chicago, IL

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