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Phineas and Ferb
has 11,815 votes. Recent average is 5 toes!

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  • Adeline, age 11 of Buford, GA
    It's a pretty great show it's good for all ages I mean I'm 11 and I've been watching it since it came out in 2007. The only thing that I'm against is the songs. They get pretty anoying after a while and there is at least 1 in each episode.

  • Brooke, age 12 of Moncton, NB
    I love it because they are always happy, but it's still realistic!

  • Alexis, age 8 of HI
    Two words love it!

  • Anna, age 10 of Philadelphia, PA
    I love it. It has humor for all ages. Adults love the humor we shure love the characters. Phineas and ferb is the best show ever. I forgot to say I love how they promote creativity and Candace is crazy. I love the charecter ferb.

  • Dennis, age 9
    It's boring and I don't like that Candace always gets in trouble.

  • Hartley
    I love Phineas and Ferb. I think that it is currently the best Disney Channel show.

  • Jordan, age 14 of Victoria, BC
    It's honestly my favorite show. I know I'm fourteen, and some people think that's a little old to be watching it, but who cares? It's just that awesome. I love the songs and the running gags, and I love watching Candace freak out. I give it 5 toes, no doubt about it!

  • Skyler, age 7 of Jackson, TN
    i don't like it because it is not funny

  • Hanna/ Ferb Luver, age 9 of OH
    i LOVVVEEEE Ferb. I'M his #1 fan Cate! I'm obsessed with Ferb AND Perry!!! Since I have netflix i've seen EVERY episode!!! LONG LIVE THE FERB!!!

  • Julia, age 7 of Houston, TX
    I love this show, it's so much fun to watch because of all the music!

  • Kyle, age 14 of Port Jefferson Station, NY
    love it because their inventions are amazing and awesome

  • Jane
    I think Phineas and Ferb is a great show for all ages. I am 13, and my littlest sibling is 4, and we all love Phineas and Ferb. I like Candace, but I especially like the newer episodes because in some of them she is not so into busting. (Like in the Skiddly Whiffers episode.) I like how this show is completely random! Once, Mom was wearing her bike helmet in the shower! I thought, "strange, but whatever!" I laugh out loud very time, because of their silly and unexpected comments! I think that Phineas and Ferb is a great show, for many children. (And if you've only seen one episode, you need to watch another. Give it a chance!)

  • Moses, age 10 of Bristol
    i like it but it kinda gets annoying after a while. My brothers watch it 24/7 so you can get fed up with it. I didn't like the movie that much but of course my brothers did, they've watched the movie"phineas and ferb: across the second dimension" 16 times. soon I'm gonna dislike it as it is getting very boring.

  • Leah, age 12 of Seattle, WA
    This show is pretty good. I like the graphics, but I would have given it more toes if there wasn't as much singing. I give it three toes.

  • Diamond, age 7 of Morgantown
    I love it! they are so cute

  • Aris7, age 14 of Athens
    phineas and pherb. what can I say. this show is great. it has really smart humor great songs, promotes creativity, has some action, a really cool platypus, a villain who everyone loves, some romance and all aproprietly and beautifully put together. it deserves 5 no doubt about it.

  • Nick, age 10 of Buford, GA
    I have seen a few episodes I guess I kinda like it

  • Jacquleyn, age 9 of Atlanta, GA
    I love Phineas and Ferb. I love the movie Phines and Ferb across the second demension. Like everyon in my class this year love love love Phineas and Ferb. Even my teacher loves them. If I had to chose my top two favorites I would choose Phineas and Isabella. I think the person that has the vocie of Phineas is super duper uper cute!!!

  • Ashley, age 10 of Mckeesport, PA
    i like to watch the show alot because its very funny it has rockin songs and I love phineas and isabella! 5 toes!!!

  • Anaya, age 9 of Oakland, CA
    love it if you are a scientist you will luv this show

  • Loren, age 8 of Mesa, AZ
    best show in the WORLD!!!

  • Alexis, age 9 of Orland Park, IL
    i don't watch it that much but I still like it. I give it 4 toes

  • Taslynn, age 12 of Honululu, HI
    I don't really like it that much because it's the same thing every time! Phineas and Ferb build this huge contraption, Candace sees it, and runs to get mom, when she and mom come to see it, it's gone and makes Phineas and Ferb look all innocent, and makes Candace look crazy. It's just not very funny anymore. And they don't make new episodes ever anymore. It's just gotten boring. Sorry, Disney Channel.

  • Emily, age 9 of New York, NY
    so funny I memorized some funny lines!!!

  • Gr8rose of Salt Lake City, UT
    I love Phineas and Ferb. I think they use there imagination alot and I think it is really funny.

  • Lauren, age 8 of Cambridge, MA
    I love Phineas and Ferb! it is funny and very inventive.

  • Tayvie, age 9 of Cottonwood, AZ
    I love pheineas and ferb its so amazing becuase it has them build so much cool stuff.

  • Nathan of WI
    Phineas and Ferb is actually pretty funny and contains lots of inside jokes, which some would make more sense to older people, but overall, it's pretty neat.

  • Classified, age 12 of Taylor, MI

  • Sara, age 7 of San Ramon, FL
    i like Phineas and Ferb beacause it is realy funny!!!

  • Emma, age 13 of Draper, UT

  • Ang, age 11 of Princeton, NJ
    Phineas and Ferb is funny and awesome.

  • Matthew, age 13 of IN
    Not too many child-friendly cartoons out there... I love this show!

  • Ashley of Garlnd, TX
    love it because everytime candice tryies to tell on her brothers their stuff disapper

  • Caitlin, age 12 of Chicago, IL
    I think's it's awesome, especially with their new movie coming in summer 2011.

  • Araceli, age 7 of Kleen, TX

  • Brennan, age 12 of Stirling, AB
    I love it! It is one of the only kid TV shows around worth watching.

  • Jahnvi, age 11 of Jhansi, India
    nice show plz continue the adventure of these two brothers

  • Melanie, age 9 of Greeneville, TN
    i love it.

  • Rachel, age 15 of Teaneck, NJ
    i love this show because it is so creative

  • Leanna, age 14 of Columbus, OH
    well about phineas and ferb mmmm the songs its cool and very cool and the dancing to. In the show I dont like is sister of phineas and ferb because she loud with her mom to go phineas and ferb build some in the back yard to outside.

  • Johan, age 13 of Apple Valley, CA
    It cool, but the singing gets annoying

  • De'Shawnna, age 6 of Chicago, IL
    Becuse I like phineas and Ferb

  • Ataur of Dhaka
    My son loves it. He is 5 n im 35. I like it too.

  • David, age 7 of Kettering, OH
    Because perry is a secret agent. Dr. doofenchmirtz is silly. Phineas and Ferb never get busted by candace. It is a funny show.

  • Ayeshah, age 8 of Pasdena, CA
    bad because always have same rotine

  • Sammy Jo, age 9 of San Antonio, TX
    I, personally, like Phineas and Ferb. I haven't seen enough to LOVE it, but so far, it's funny and entertaining. I would totally give it 5 toes. Plus a nail or two.

  • Satya, age 7 of New York, NY
    I love it because I love phineas and ferb

  • Nick, age 11 of Kansas City, MO
    I LOVE It! I can sing almost all of the songs, but I think For the Beauty of the Earth is my favorite song which isn't from P+F.

  • Meredith, age 8 of Flower Mound, TX
    I love Phineas and Ferb! Heinz rules and Perry is the greatest secret agent ever! I love it! Monagram out, peace!

  • Suzy-May, age 10
    i;dont think it is very funny. I wish phineas and ferb played lots of diferent episodes and ferb would talk more and phineas and ferb would get busted because it makes candice look like a liar

  • Aidan, age 12 of Braintree, MA
    I love Phineas & Ferb. Me and my family watch it every day on Disney XD and Disney Channel. It's the best show ever. They just aired "Rollercoaster The Musical". I think it's a remake of the first episode.

  • Micaiah, age 10 of Columbus, OH
    phineas is the best person on the show and I watch it every day. I also think they should have new episods of phineas and ferb it is the best thing that ever happened to disney. Also my favorite episod was when perry had to left and had to go live somewhere not around them and then played the song when perry comes back home.

  • Emi, age 11 of Chicago, IL
    I love this show! it's compelling while also funny, great for all audiences, and FUNNY! HEH HEH! AND FUNNY! (Buford reference)

  • Katie, age 11 of UT
    OMG, how can people even say its horrabile there is absolutely no bad languge its halarious and even my dad loves it! I love the songs most of all because I love music and I long to be a singer someday my entire family loves it (except my mom) and we crack up every single time It is like the only show on disney channel that we are allowed to watch Vannesa is one of my favorite charters and its not inaproreate like the other shows on that crazy channel I like almost every single song in the series we are always coming with ideas for the show I really hope they show ready for the bettys one again becase they havent shown it in forever!!!

  • Nathan, age 10
    great show! I like perry

  • Zawad, age 7 of Queens, NY
    I Tthink it is totally cool I like the roller coaster episode

  • Sophia, age 8 of PA
    its ok

  • James, age 7 of Fairbanks, AK
    My favorite!

  • Katelyn, age 7 of Dallas, GA
    I love Phineas and Ferb! I have a book. 5 toes

  • Abbey, age 8 of Croswell, MD
    The reason why I like the show because you and ferb bulid things all by yourselrf, s and I like your pet and because fanis tell, s her mother but her mother dosn, t belive her and I watch it on disney chanel sometimes

  • Cate, age 13 of Crestwood, KY
    I looovvveee FERB! im his #1 Fan. i'd give him all my toes and my fingers. BECUZ I LUV FERB!!!

  • Briauna, age 6 of E. Pittsburgh, PA
    I love Phineas and Ferb. Because they bild stuf.

  • Tess, age 13 of Greenfield, MA
    I ADORE Phineas & Ferb! I'm completely obsessed! It's pretty much the best thing that's happened to Disney Channel in a long while. People I know who don't like it say 'Oh well every show is the same thing' But that's what's hilarious! The jokes are actually funny unlike SO many other kid/teen shows today. Oh and just for the record... Phineas & Isabella are ADORABLE.

  • Sarah, age 8 of Delano, CA
    I love Phineas and Ferb because most of the parts are interesting.

  • Gabrielle, age 10 of VA
    I love it because there not any bad language (take Hannah Montanna for exanple.)

  • Fred of NE
    I do not like Phineas & Ferb. I find it completly non-interesting. I no a lot of kids like the show but it's just me.

  • Nicole, age 11 of IL
    I'm not really into cartoons but this show is probably the BEST! I think it's the only great show nowadays. Before, I really didn't feel like watching it but I gave this show a chance and now I really LOVE it!!! It changed my view about summer and inspired me to "seize the day". Best show ever!!!

  • Lysandra, age 10 of Waukesha
    i love that show. its so cool.

  • Dominic, age 14 of Erial, NJ
    What is Disney thinking making foolish, brainless nonsense like this. The villian stinks!

  • Madison, age 13 of Falls Church, VA
    I LOVE PHINEAS AND FERB! The show is entertaining, and actually has a bit of a moral. Live life to its fullest, don't let anything stop you. My iPod is full of Phineas and Ferb videos. I buy a new episode when I see it, I don't even stop to make sure it's got good reviews! I love the whole idea, two little boys creating all sorts of things, their big sister trying to bust them, and how the machines always disappear because of Doofenshmirtz and Perry. Before the show even came out, I would get super excited for when it did because of the commercials. My friend's dad likes it, and that's how good it is. The songs are catchy, too

  • Betty, age 10 of Dallas, TX
    i love this show! I think I am most like phineas 'cause im imaginitive but sometimes I can be quit just like ferb especially when im shy

  • Jenny, age 11 of Berea
    I love Phineas and ferb! I am the #1 fan! It is soooo awesome! If I could I would give it more than the biggest number! It is the best show ever! My fave character is Perry! (grurururur) He is soo cute!

  • Anne, age 14 of Fevik, Norway
    Phineas and Ferb is a show available for the entire family. It had everything; comedy, action, romance. There is always something going on. In the start, they followed the same routine all the time, as explained in the episode Leave the Busting to Us, but later on, it started varying and became much more fun. I love the songs, the characters (especially Phineas, Ferb and Perry), the plots and that it consists of more than one story (one: the boys and their projects, two: Perry and Doofenschmirtz). Phineas and Ferb is a highly recommended show.

  • Sav, age 10 of Austin, TX
    I LOVE IT!!! it is a cool show they make cool envechons.

  • Autumn, age 14 of Kalamazoo, MI
    absolutely adore Phineas and Ferb. I love it, love it, love it!!! It is the best cartoon of this time. Both of the boys are master minds and they build the best contraptions ever. Their always positive and have the up most faith in their inventions. If they feel as if something went wrong, they dont bag on themselves, they have a great attitude and say things like, "oh, didnt see that flaw. Ferb, blue prints please... ooooooohhh, so thats wat we forgot. We can fix that. Hey wheres perry?". And its so great. I would say that the only flaw is candace because she is so out of it that she doesnt notice that all of her freinds think that phineas and ferb are the coolest little boys ever and make the coolest things ever. She too focused on stopping them when truth be told, someone needs to just stop her and let the boys be. its really old and annoying. But other than that phineas and ferb get 100 points. Its the best!!

  • Varshaa, age 10 of Plainsboro, NJ
    i love it. gives me great brainstorming idea.

  • Dakota, age 7 of OR
    it is funny. I love it

  • Jennapara, age 9 of Kirkson, WI
    best show ever!!! I watch it every single time it's on! I give 10000... toes!

  • Ashlynd, age 12 of Precell, ME
    i like it, it gets annoying sometimes though

  • Dellisa, age 14 of Ecosa, HI
    Uugh this show is annoying. I don't like Phines and Ferb!!!

  • Kaylee, age 11 of Kutztown, PA
    I love Phineas and Ferb because it's much more kid friendly than iCarly.

  • Maricruz of Round Lake Beach, IL
    i love Phineas and Ferb they are really adventures

  • Matt, age 13 of Medway, ME
    Phineas and Ferb is a show about two brothers who spend the days doing incredible things. But their older sister, Candace, is always trying to bust them to her parents. Meanwhile, their pet platypus, Perry, is out saving the tri-state area from Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. The show was inspired by creator Dan Povenmire's mother, who encouraged him and his siblings to be creative during the days. She said "Summer's short, you gotta make every day count". And that's exactly what Phineas and Ferb do.

  • Ashten, age 8 of Thornhurst, PA
    okay but cool I like the episode summer belongs to you fun

  • Alex, age 8 of North Hills
    i love Phineas and Ferb!!!

  • Lazarriah, age 7 of Greenever, NC

  • Jason, age 14 of Teaneck
    i love phineas and ferb I wish I can do every thing that they did and I wish I had everything that they had my favorite caractor is jermy and isabella exspeshaly when isabella from when she danced to isys got the frizys.

  • Dede, age 11 of New Britain, CT
    i love this show and watched every single one

  • Reny, age 7 of Salt Lake City, UT
    its my favarit t. v show!

  • Leyda, age 8 of Springdeal
    I love the cartoon..

  • Miranda, age 14 of GA
    I Find This Show Very Annoying...

  • Michaela, age 13 of Topsham, ME
    I love this show because it shows that even if you have nothing to do, you can still be creative. Even though most kids can't do the things that phineas and ferb do, it shows that people should use their imagnation more. I alos love perry the platupus when he goes to fight dr. doofenshmirtz! he is so funny!

  • Jonathan, age 13 of Cary, NC
    I love this show, although the theme is constantly reapeated I can't get enough of their funny conflicts between brother and sister or between platypus and doofenschmirtz, altogether I find that there is no level of stars to explain how good the show is, but for inventive performance and excellent display of ingeniuity I give this show about 3, 000, 000... etc.

  • Kevin, age 13 of Newport News, VA
    This show is awesome, It was supposed to be a 90's show, But it got rejected alot until now

  • Adela, age 10 of Miami, FL
    i love it because its dumb and they all reapete each other like in sepret times, and therse a zebra that calls candice Kevin.

  • Beth, age 11 of Glendale, AZ
    I LOVE this show! +10000000000000 toes for sure!

  • Joshua and Fernanda of Phoenix, AZ
    we love your songs because we can learn with you guys.

  • Zuha, age 7 of Lahore, Pakistan
    I love Phineas and Ferb they are 1 of my favrouite cartoons I always watch it when its not on the tv I go to the computer and I only watch Phineas and Ferb I just watch some other cartoons but the most I like and love to watch is Phineas and Ferb!!!

  • Brandon of West Nyack, NY
    Many shows have impressive animations. Several shows have great jokes. Some of them have fantastic musical numbers. Few of them reach out to multiple generations. Phineas and Ferb has all of these things and somehow manages to be educational. You don't see that nowadays. In fact, when has there ever been a show like that? I'm 18 and I have enjoyed every episode I've seen of it. With a masterful usage of polysemy that I haven't seen since Rugrats, Phineas and Ferb is truly fun for the whole family.

  • Haley, age 10 of Oakdale, MN
    I love because I like the way Ferb talks and Nods his head!

  • Ciara, age 10 of East St.-Louis, IL

  • Hannah, age 11 of Wellington
    I love Phineas and Ferb because it has comedy and great inventions, a 5 toe show. I can never wait for the next episode to come!

  • Ethan, age 7 of Albany, GA

  • Kira, age 12 of TX
    Its really cute and funny!

  • Maria, age 5 of Ca, CO
    i love alex beause shes coooool

  • Naissa, age 8 of Florida
    i love it because its realy fun when you are waching it on tv.

  • Kimberly, age 10 of Authshton, MI
    The part about Phineas and Ferb building stuff is totally cool, but the perry part is a waste of the 30 min show. I only watch this if nothing else is on.

  • Rose, age 8 of Moorhead, MN

  • Prat, age 6 of Fairfax, VA
    i love it!!!

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