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Moxie Girlz
has 2,616 votes. Recent average is 2 toes!

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  • Hanna, age 9 of OH
    Pretty, but a bad idea. They copied after Bratz.

  • Rhiannon, age 11 of Malden, MA
    I really really love moxie girlz dolls.

  • Cally
    They look creepy. I give 0 toes

  • Jamie, age 14 of Fountain Valley, MD
    I dont like moxie girls. 1 toe!!!

  • Kayla, age 10 of Warren, NJ
    These are beautiful dolls. I give them 5 toes.

  • Amy, age 14 of London
    they are ok.

  • Alec, age 12 of New York
    I think that they are a doll that looks like a teen. I think that some girls might like them but not me.

  • Radhika, age 7 of Plano, TX
    Love them.

  • Rhiannon, age 11 of Malden, MA
    i like them because I like their outfits.

  • Christina, age 7 of Venice East, FL
    i love moxie grilz they are so asome to me I have all of the moxie girlz as colectibles and I also watch all the tv shows thats why I vote for moxie girlz!

  • Kathryn, age 8 of San Francisco
    I love it!

  • Erin, age 7
    I like it

  • Juanita, age 10 of Dubai U.A.E, IN
    EUH!!! moxie girlz are the worst dools ever why were they even invented?

  • Annie, age 8 of Calgary, AB
    i love it beacause I like bratz

  • Mackenzie, age 11 of Cleveland, OH
    I love those!

  • Paige, age 7 of CO
    I don't like them why are they ivnvented just stick with barbies ZERO TOES!!!

  • Rhiannon, age 11 of Malden, MA
    they are very very pretty dolls.

  • Callie, age 12 of Fairfield, TX
    I really love that I get to create on the Moxie girls' out fits and everything!!!

  • Ethan, age 8 of Madsion, WI
    I don't like moxie girl z because I don't really play with them.

  • Darian, age 12 of TN
    I think they are gross I would choose Barbies before that and I do not even play with dolls anymore way to old for them... Sorry Moxie girls but they are terrible...

  • Luccile of Springmill, NS
    these moxie girls are bad ro ool modalsls.

  • Seth, age 11
    I know I'm a boy, but the commercials are entirely annoying, and I wanted to share my opinion, 1 toe, horriblle.

  • Rosa, age 9 of New York City, NY
    DOLLS??? Give us girls some dignity! PLEASE!

  • Danielle, age 9 of Santa Clara, UT
    I love moxie girls I have three.

  • Kaylie, age 8 of Fort Worth, TX
    I think Moxie Girls are just the same as Barbies. I don't know what the diffrence is.

  • Salam, age 10 of Kuwait
    i like it better than my mam like it

  • Billy
    There SUPER GROSS!!! Barbies are much better. At least barbies are original

  • Kyle, age 10 of Crystal Beach, ON
    I dont know why they invented it.

  • Zoe, age 9 of Airdrie
    Love it because I am 8 and I love dolls.

  • Sarah, age 8 of Delano, CA
    i love moxie girlz

  • Beth, age 8 of Kingsport, TN
    I really love moxie girls. They are really cool. I love them very very very very very very much. I wish I had like a millon of moxie girls. I can't wait to get a moxie girls.

  • Ashiley, age 16 of Walla Walla, HI

  • Jenna, age 8 of Wantagh, NY
    Cool! Me and my friends are doing a moxie movie as part of our moxie club. kate has sophina, ashley has lexa, and I have avery.

  • Arianna, age 6 of New York City
    I LOVE it because its green and I got toes to

  • Rhiannon, age 10 of Malden, MA
    they are really cute dolls.

  • Naomie, age 7
    iii love moxie girls because they are fun thats why I love them

  • Ryleigh, age 6 of KY
    like them

  • Paige of PA
    thear cool

  • Samantha, age 10 of Bismarck, ND
    Moxie Girlz are AWESOME!!! I have 7 of them!!!

  • Kira, age 13 of Redding, CA
    I don't like these dolls alost as much as I don't like bratz.

  • Paul, age 9 of Long Beach, CA
    I like it cause I made a club of moxies

  • Maddi, age 13 of Ephrata, PA
    I don't have any, but they look pretty cheap. The commercial is annoying! "hey moxie girls, color my world" YUCK

  • Maddie
    i don't like them. they r ugly, have a horrible theme song, and are just plain weird.

  • Leela, age 9 of Panorama, CA
    I don't like the dolls. They make it look like the bratz with a little more ugly touches. Lauren and I played with theese. We got the artitude ones and it was sooooooo booooooorrrriiiinnnngggg to play and they make the dolls too skinny! Please make changes for these dolls!!! I give 0 toes and also they didn't put our barbie fashionita cholthes very well, They SLIPPED OFF!

  • Aryanna, age 10 of E. Providence, RI
    Be true, be you. That Message! it's telling you, like you are not being youreself you are actually a play doll! Bratz wannabes. 1 TOE!

  • Maygha, age 6 of Edmmonton, AB
    i loved the pujama party calmorshow. I like them beckuse thay have soft pajamas. I like The book its time to rock.

  • Pbs Kids Go Fan of Topsham, ME
    I don't like them. They are just like The bratz and those were pretty bad. even though I am a girl I am not into dolls. plus they make other people think they have to look like that and be super skinny and thats not healthy. this is why I think these are causing problems adn they are just plain bad!

  • Em of KY
    Ok, one word - awful! They don't even look cute and they're just like Bratz! I dislike Bratz too! Why can't we just stick with Barbie??? Zero toes!

  • Hihi
    They're just trying to make the next Barbie and replace Bratz. Not working. 1 toe.

  • Lillian, age 7 of Indiana, IN
    they roock

  • Fernanda of Phoenix, AZ
    i always take pictures of them. when we saw them we yelled out, ahhhh! they are very cool we should get some. so we got 6 of them. 3 for me and 3 for my friend. WE LOVE THEM.

  • Lilly, age 14 of IA
    Buy like $20 and get a doll and a website that's just a diary... Hmm... Total waste of time!

  • Nick, age 9 of Buford, GA
    terrible! one toe!

  • Graciey, age 8 of Lake Oswego, OR
    I love Moxie Girls so much!!!

  • Emily
    All they did was replace them with Bratz! Which Bratz I think was trying to copy barbie!

  • Keyhra, age 8 of Boston, MA
    i do not like your dolls at all

  • Carter of Colorado Springs, CO
    loving it

  • Natasha, age 13 of Atlanta, GA
    I'm really a sports fan, but Moxies are alright.

  • Zoomiefan21, age 12 of WI
    Hey, Moxie girls color my world, they stink. They are braatz and other barbies mixed. they stink. 1 toe.

  • Fafa of Boston, MA
    Dolls are just not my thing. The Moxie Girlz look like the mix of barbies and the bratz.

  • Erin, age 9 of Menidee
    I Love Them! There Sooo Much Fun And are sort of like bratz' Dolls

  • Elizabeth, age 8 of IN
    you are the best girls ever

  • Zoom Fan, age 11 of Portland, OR
    I like how they encourage creativity and being yourself, and their clothes are cool. They kind of look like Bratz, but at least they don't wear skimpy clothes and a lot of makeup. And their name is WAY better! Moxie can mean positive attitude, confidence, courage, or giving 100% of yourself.

  • Maeve, age 10 of PA
    I think these are just like bratz and barbies. Bad roll models. I don't like them.

  • Madison, age 10 of St. Louis, MO
    moxie girls are very cool dolls. they have dye for the hair but the hair can get knoty easily.

  • Brianna, age 10 of Parkland, FL
    i think moxies are cool.

  • Katie, age 10 of Denver, CO
    Moxie Girlz are just like Bratz, but they have different names. terrible dolls.

  • Jolanta of Poland
    Love it!

  • Kala, age 13 of Norwich, CT
    they are terribly like a mix of barbies and bratz. totally useless!

  • Bailey, age 8 of Hong Kong
    she is so lovely and trendy look

  • Luci, age 7 of St. Louis, MO
    Love It! The dolls are pretty and have fun clothes. I want to be a Moxie girl.

  • Kelsey, age 11 of NYC
    they make girls think they should look like dolls!!!

  • Shelby, age 11 of Conneaut, OH
    not my thing it is dolls

  • Laura, age 9 of Eastport, ME
    i do not like thes weard doll things!!!

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