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Miranda Cosgrove
has 3,811 votes. Recent average is 4 toes!

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  • Emily, age 14 of Herndon, VA
    I love her because she is one of my favorite singer and I love her tv show.

  • Abigail, age 9 of Williamsport, PA
    i love Miranda Cosgrove because she is a very good actris because I love icarly and she is a good singer.

  • Branna, age 8 of El Paso, TX
    I love her sinnging!!!

  • Hanna, age 9 of OH
    She's alright...

  • Jadeth, age 14 of Ukraine, Russia
    She's ok.

  • Camy, age 13 of Buffalo, NY
    most of her music is really good!

  • Analisa, age 10 of Nanuet, NY
    I like miranda cosarove. Here songs is so good.

  • Joshua, age 16 of Miami, FL
    I love Miranda Cosgrove because she is beautiful & talented!

  • Chloe, age 15 of San Jose, CA
    I like Miranda. She is good at singing and seems like a nice girl and still has a clean image. I think she's a better role model to kids than Miley Cyrus.

  • Camila, age 9 of Coloma
    I love Miranda!

  • Martha, age 12 of Dallas, TX
    I like miranda how she acts in I carly she so kool

  • Kersten
    Miranda Cosgrove is a great singer and a great role model for her fans. I love wathing Icarly just because she is in it. I give her 5 toes!

  • Drake, age 15 of Detroit
    i like miranda cosgrove

  • Jayce, age 9 of Kelliher, MN
    i think she is awesome and the coolest person on icarly I'm your biggest fan

  • Apryl, age 11 of Brookshire, TX
    I LOVE Miranda show and songs they are cool!!

  • Maya, age 7 of Clarksville, TN
    I love it becuse. I love musice.

  • Alyana
    She is the best singer like ever!!

  • Angie, age 8 of Calgary
    She plays Carly in iCarly. Plus she's the star of it.

  • Ann Marie, age 12 of Jamestown, NY
    love it because she is sooo coool

  • Loretta of Hampstead, MD
    I watch her on Icarly

  • Haley, age 10 of Cheraw, SC
    she is sooo cool I love icarly

  • Rathna, age 14 of Cupertino, CA

  • May, age 9 of Scottsdale, AZ
    I liked her old songs but her new songs are just not her.

  • Jasmine of NJ
    i like her because she is on icary

  • B, age 10 of Vancouver, BC
    She's okay... I like iCarly, but I'm just okay with her as a singer

  • Arianna, age 13 of ME
    I love mirand cosgrove she is sooo awsome!

  • A Person, age 9 of Long Island, NY
    Great actress, terrible singer. iCarly is also terrible

  • Guadalupe, age 9 of Kansas City, MO
    I love her new song

  • Madison, age 9 of Houston, TX
    She rocks! I like her music and her show icarly.

  • Kaylie, age 8 of Fort Worth, TX
    I like her t. v. show but her singing is ok.

  • Noelle, age 9 of Collierville, TN
    love it. did you know that Miranda was visiting the ResearchHospital.

  • Adt, age 14 of Tampa, FL
    I don't really like her singing, but I think that she's a pretty good actress. Especially during her Drake and Josh days and when she appeared in School of Rock. I think that her acting was at it's best in School of Rock.

  • Emmit, age 15
    her web show is awsomwe

  • H, age 16
    She's so cute and has a great personality. I love her style and her songs are so catchy and awesome!

  • Raeven, age 8 of Cass City, MI
    love it!!! its todly my thing. I can not belive that sam thought you were the docter!!!

  • Yeaniva, age 6 of Kalamazoo, MI
    i can't beleve that she's in ''i carly'' and she is a great singer.

  • Montana, age 8 of Noth Colorado, CO
    i love sam miranda and fredey and spenser on icarly miranda is funny sam is just like me fredey is smert and spenser is art tiskitk

  • Vincent, age 9 of Greenville, SC
    Love her

  • Alex, age 7
    I love Miranda Cosarove she sings pretty.

  • Jenna, age 12 of Marlboro, NJ
    I love Miranda Cosgrove. She is my idol. She is an awesome singer & she is so talented in doing her show Icarly. Miranda Cosgrove rocks!!!

  • Jada, age 11 of Dover
    I love Miranda because she has cool songs my favorite is About you now

  • Haley, age 11 of Knoxville, IA
    i love her singing and shes pretty and I like watching her shows.

  • Jessica, age 14 of Chicago, IL
    She's really cool. All the ones before this are just plain boring. Listen to her, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Amber Lily.

  • Emily, age 12 of Beeville, TX
    i love her she sings good I wish I could meet her

  • Sarah, age 8 of Delano, CA
    i love the shows she has and shes sings pretty

  • Alexis, age 13 of Brooklyn, CA
    i love it!!!

  • Kurt, age 13 of Sykesville, MD
    Love her!

  • Jayle, age 10 of Atwater, CA
    i love it. it is aowsom.

  • Javarious, age 10 of Nashvillle, TN
    I love it! She sings great and is a great actor.

  • Grayson, age 8 of Denver, CO
    I love Miranda Cosgrove a lot

  • Iamatotalbookworm!, age 11
    I have never seen her show, but I have heard some of her songs, and they tottaly ROCK! I like Kissin' u, BAM, Shakespere, Hey You, Disgusting, and the one she did in Cloudy with chance of meatballs. I love these songs!

  • Betty

  • Stacey, age 10 of Monticello, GA
    i like miranda cosgrove because she is nice and her show rocks and because she picked a good best friend sam

  • Isabella, age 8 of Sudbury, MA
    i like it so much

  • Tyra, age 11 of Kennesaw, GA
    I love her songs!!! Especially Stay my baby and kissin' u'

  • Rachel, age 15 of NC
    It's almost like I watched Miranda Cosgrove grow up as the mean little sister on Drake and Josh, so it's kind of weird seeing her as a teenager. She's definitely not my favorite actress or singer, but she's all right.

  • Jazmine, age 7 of New York
    i like it

  • Marissa, age 9 of Scottsdale, AZ
    I LOVE Miranda. She is a music goddess!

  • Maddison, age 10 of Forest Lake, MN
    My favorite song of hers is Kissin U. She is awesome. She is great at it and needs to keep doing it. 5 toes!

  • Amber, age 13 of Detroit, MI
    She is okay, but I dont think she can sing.

  • Carly, age 9 of Lancaster, CA
    She is AWSOME!!! I love her music

  • Kilee, age 10 of AZ
    well I love miranda cosgrove videos so much and it is my thing cause every day I go on youtube to lession to them on youtube and I like your videos because they are so cool and they rock and I just love your videos so much they rock!!!

  • Madi, age 14 of Lenexa, KS
    Wow! I wasn't really going to get into her cuz I don't normally like disney stars.. but wow, this girl can sing!! I love her album sparks fly!!!

  • Teresa of Ranch Cucamonga, CA
    I like miranda cosgrove but her acting is a little stiff, no offence miranda I still like you.

  • Elizabeth, age 9 of Macon, GA
    love it!!! I love all of her songs!!!

  • Grace, age 8 of Lake Oswego, OR
    She is awesome!!!

  • Kathryn, age 9 of TX
    I like her but I don't really think her music thing is working out. Everyone knows her from iCarly and that is what she is known for.

  • Ashley, age 9 of Goldsboro
    i love miranda she is awsome

  • Marie, age 10 of Manchester, NH
    I love Maranda Cosgrove!! My favorite song is Kissn' U!! It is yhe best song in the world!!!

  • Zoom Fan, age 13 of CA
    Don't get me wrong, I love Miranda Cosgrove and her show ICarly, but I think that she should just stick to acting. Why is it that every actor on Disney Channel eventually starts singing?!?

  • Shaylane, age 16 of Ann Arbor, MI
    I Love Miranda Cosgrove Because I Watch Her On ICarly And I Love Her Song Kissing You So I give 5 toes

  • Madison, age 9 of Gaylord, MI
    She is okay, have you heard her new single"Raing SunShine"? It is really good but her T. V. show stinks to high to the sky;)

  • ZOOM Fan of Voorheesville , MT
    She cant sing and her lyrics are not good.

  • Tia, age 13 of Chicago, IL
    I think shes very cool and awsome and I'd love to have her as my older sister.

  • Diana of East Gwillimbury, ON
    She's not my favourite person, but her acting and singing are both okay. Her singing's fairly processed. She seems very refined; I think she needs to loosen up a bit, enjoy being a bit silly. I'd love to hear Jennette McCurdy (Sam) sing on iCarly for once.

  • Fafa of Boston, MA
    i love her voice. I also love her songs. 4 toes!

  • Ellie, age 6 of Palmdale, CA
    she is good. I like her show.

  • Olivia, age 10 of Juniata, NE
    She is my favortie singer in the world.

  • ZoomFan, age 4 of MA
    she is so awesome

  • Courtney, age 16 of Clinton, TN
    She has a really nice voice, but she isn't a very good dancer. She is just okay to me. I just like a few of her songs. I give about four toes because she can sing. I give her that.

  • Zoom Fan of WI
    Average. I do NOT like her voice, but she should totally keep acting. 3 toes

  • Katie
    SHE CANT SING! they modify her voice!

  • Trisha, age 12 of London, ON
    I love iCarly, but I do not think she can sing. Her voice sounds all mechanical like when the people change her voices all up to make it sound good.

  • Morgan, age 9 of TX
    I think she is very talented! She has a great voice! I don't think that teenagers will listen to her, but I think ages from 8-12 will listen to her! 4 toes

  • Mary, age 11 of Portland, OR
    I watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, and the only thing I didn't like about the movie was the "It's Raining Sunshine" song at the end credits. And yes, the song was indeed performed by Miranda Cosgrove. That's the only song I've heard by her. I didn't like it because it was all happy and poppy and repetitive and annoying, not to mention fake and uncreative. Two toes.

  • Chloe, age 7 of Huntington, TX
    i like icarly because she is cool very cool.

  • Jess, age 12 of Appleville, GA
    She's a great actress! Her singing is like any singer, you know not awesome, but pretty good. I just want to hear Jennette Mucury sing now! (Sam) Four toes!

  • Grace, age 14 of OH
    I love iCarly, and she is a great actress, but I think her singing is only average. Just because you're an actress on Disney or Nick doesn't mean you need your own record.

  • Dante, age 16 of Plainfield, NJ
    I love Miranda Cosgrove, she's funny cool, and cute

  • Fareha, age 11 of Warrensburg, MO
    She is so awesome, nice, and funny! Icarly is 1000 times better than Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place...

  • Julie, age 10 of North River, NF
    I think her show Icarly is really funny but I don't think she can sing all that well. I give it 4 toes.

  • Damaris, age 14 of Chesapeake, VA
    Miranda Cosgrove is awesome! I love her tv show iCarly too! She is an amazing singer and is a great role model unlike Miley Cyrus! Rock on Miranda!

  • Ahn-Nika, age 8 of Killeen, TX
    i like it because she has a popular webshow and I watch it everyday because it is funny.

  • Kait
    Good actor. HORRIBLE SINGER.. I reallly don't dig her.

  • Lily, age 9 of Colorado Springs, CO
    I love Miranda Cosgrove and her new song, Raining Sunshine!

  • Mackenzie, age 10 of Cleveland, OH
    I love her I saw her on Drake & Josh & iCarly so I say 5 toes

  • Barbara, age 8 of Beavercreek, OH
    IM a big fan in anything Miranda Cosgrove does and that includes music.

  • Emily, age 12 of Baltimore, MD
    She rocks! I love her TV show and she's really funny on it.

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