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Little House on the Prairie
by Laura Ingalls Wilder
has 2,929 votes. Recent average is 4 toes!

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  • Margeaux of Oakland, FL
    this book is excellent and I love watching the show.

  • Cassana
    Love it

  • Riley, age 9 of Plant City, FL
    Little House on the Prairie is the best book ever!!! I actually got to see Melisa Gilbert, the one who played Laura in the show, at a play! My friend actually got to meet her and get her autograph and go backstage with her. I love this book! I also like the show. I own a couple of seasons. 1, 000, 000, 000, 000 toes!!!

  • Pj, age 10
    It doesn't really appeal to me.

  • Maya
    This book is wonderful!

  • Stormy, age 10 of MO
    I have always loved LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE!

  • Catherine, age 13 of Middleburg, FL
    This book is like taking a trip back in time! Courageous, determined Laura Ingalls and her family head out to a new settlement. Quistion:what do you think when you read that? Indians? Prarie fires? Wolves? Yes, yes and yes! This true-storie series should be at the top of your book list!

  • Maya, age 16 of Greenbay, MT
    love it.

  • Angelica, age 9 of Sea Cilff, VT
    this is good book

  • Jayce, age 9 of Kelliher, MN
    i love the little house on the prairie books I read the whole series their the best books I have ever read

  • Alecia, age 8 of Kansas City, MO
    You get to learn about the past and how people did things in the old days like milking a cow.

  • Megan, age 9 of Texas
    It is awesome because it is how Lara Inglis Wilder lived like when she was little.

  • Katelyn, age 7 of Dallas, GA
    Love it! I have 2 books and I watch the show. It is great for 7+. It teaches kids about what it looks like in old times. 5 toes

  • Nadia, age 11 of San Diego, CA
    I love these books! They remind kids today about real family values. I wish people could be more like the people in the books sometimes.

  • Justin Bieber Fan
    I think Little House On the Prairie is a little boring but some little kids like to read it. I like it because it tells what it was like back in those days. 4 toes!

  • Rae, age 13
    I Love it! I know everything there is to know about Laura!

  • Hannah, age 14 of New Gloucester, ME

  • Unknown
    I like the Little House books. I like reading about Laura and Mary. I've seen the move, too. Five toes!

  • Sammyy, age 4 of Illinois
    nott myy thinggg.! this book is so borin itook a nap while reading it!. igive this book a 0 and the movie a 5.

  • Julie, age 15 of Peachtree City, GA
    Laura has always been one of my favorite authors, since I was little. I have read all her books probably a dozen times. I also enjoy the TV series and would recommend it. But, it is very loosely based on the books, so if you are looking for a completely accurate reenactment of the books then you might not like it.

  • Danaya, age 11 of New York
    I love the story " Little House on the Prairie". I love this story because it teaches a lesson and some other wise choices.

  • Hannah, age 12 of Forest, VA
    I adore the Little House on the Prairie books!!! I've also enjoyed the Martha years, the Charlotte years, and the Caroline Years.

  • Cillie Anne
    So good! Historical, yet interesting and sweet at the same time. A very very well written book and series. The TV show is old, but AWESOME. Its got adventure, action, and funny parts. The books may look wishy washy but they are soooo awesome! 5 toes and beyond!

  • Anonymous, age 10
    I love this book

  • Julia, age 15 of SC
    I still think it's a good not as good as some of the other little house books but still good

  • Genevieve, age 11 of Plainfield, NJ
    I couldn't get through it! IDK why but kinda boring! The TV show is better

  • Alexis, age 9 of Calgary, AB
    I love that book when I was in first grade I read it and fell in LOVE with it

  • Elena, age 8 of FL
    i love little house books by laura lngalls wilder i love little house that its on tv.

  • Carol, age 12 of MD
    i LOVE them! they are the best books I have EVER read! the tv show is not like the books at all! I dislike the tv show and love the books and you children should read than watch the show!

  • Dragontrainer44
    I lov the books but to people who think the TV shows are better: THE TV SHOWS CAME FROM THE BOOK!!!

  • Cora, age 6 of Chicago
    love it a lot

  • Breanna, age 4 of Angola, IN
    i love it!!!

  • Elizabeth, age 12 of Billerica, MA
    I love this book... its a great book that I think everyone should read! I grew up with this book, my mom would read it to my like every night

  • Acadia, age 11 of Hanover, PA
    I have loved it my whole life I can't describe how much I love it!

  • Madison, age 8 of Georgia
    Love it!

  • Greg, age 12 of Hollywood, CA

  • Emily, age 9 of Charlton, MA
    I love it!

  • Charlee, age 9 of Sunyside, WA
    I got to read Little House On The Prarie and it was great! So I read all of the LAURA ENGLES books and they were the best books I have ever read!!!

  • Cat Lover, age 6 of TN
    I really didn't see the film. But I read the picture books and they were very persective. When mom got me a Little House On The Prarie-I WAS SURPRIZED!!! The picture books are good and I have actully sawn part of the show. The picture books? 5. The show? 3.

  • Taylor of NJ
    This book was the most sad thing I have ever read. I had to read it in group at school in third grade. One chapter was about getting sap from a tree, a whole 20 pages of getting tree sap. If you like adventure, comedy, fantasy, or realistic fiction this book is not for you.

  • Emily
    love it and tv shows

  • Yesenia, age 8 of Port Richey, FL
    The Little House books are great because I like to read about history and learn what it was like to be a pioneer girl like Laura. The only part I donít like is Nellie because she is really mean.

  • Hannah, age 14 of Atwood, TN
    i LOVE the books they are awesome! I love the tv show too, my family has all nine seasons!! that is an awesome book!

  • Ty, age 9 of IA
    cool book

  • Abby, age 11 of Madison, MS
    I love it. It is absolutly educational in a fun way, as well as in a schooly way to me, but others may see it differently.

  • Abbie, age 12 of Lake Charles, LA
    I have never read it but there is another series called "The Rose Years" about laura's daughter Rose. It is very good. And it is written by Rose's descendant.

  • Mary Katherine, age 8 of Sachse, TX
    My school had a play on famous americans, and I was Laura Ingalls Wilder. She is one of my faviorite authors and her books are one of my faviorie series

  • Vivian, age 12 of Chicago, IL
    I love the book ' THe Little House On The Pairie' because it is very interesting. The book is so interesting that it makes me want to read on and on and over and over. I also love this book because it is descriptive. When I read it, beautiful sceneries of the pairie forms in my head. That's why I love the book ' The House In The Pairie'.

  • Kira, age 12 of Sandy, UT
    because my faveriot charcter is nelly.

  • Hannah, age 9
    I love this book! I have every movie (but my mom says I have way too many) laura is my fave character. Shes my fave character because her life style is like mine

  • Danielle, age 11 of London, ON
    Love it!!! The Best series ever!!! So awsome!!! I love pioneers! And this is an amazing real life story!!! 5 toes!!!

  • Maddi, age 13 of Ephrata, PA
    I really like these books. Very educational.

  • Sarah, age 10 of Makanda, IL
    the book was good it gets a little boring at times but most of it was good I think anybody would like it and the rest of the books. But favorite is Little House in the Big Woods

  • Vicky
    I love it!!! towards the end it gets boring. but besides that its a awesome book. I would recommend this book to everyone.

  • Rachel, age 13 of Avenel, NJ
    I love this book and all the other books! ... The Little House books are all great; they follow the real lives of Laura Ingalls' family and all the troubles they faced. It's a classic and no one can deny that!

  • Harold, age 14 of Calhoun, GA
    I really love this book. Even if you don't like history, you should read it! I don't understand why people would think that it is boring, because it's NOT!!!

  • Charlee, age 10 of SW Harbor, ME
    I think its totally awesome I think its awesome because lauras actually was real until she died when she was nintey I love laura

  • Ana, age 10 of Orange County, FL
    It's really good!! I love all of the other books in the series, too. I think it's cool that its based on a true story!

  • Chevy, age 9 of Boston, MA
    I thought that all the "Little House" books were pretty good. They were very interesting because it shows how things were in the olden days, and also, its a pretty cool biography!

  • Gabriella, age 13 of Victorvill
    its an okey book

  • Kira, age 12 of AL
    because I also like harriot because she tells about talking and take over about because she is funny.

  • Megan, age 10 of Rockville

  • Latahnae, age 9 of Colton, CA
    not my thing.

  • Emmi, age 12 of IN
    I like it. I mean they're good books, but they do get a little boring. I personally like the TV show much better. I have episodes on DVD! But I'd say 3 or 4 toes.

  • Amy, age 13 of La
    Its old fashioned but I like it a lot.

  • Serena, age 11 of KS
    I loved this book. It was fun and educational at the same time!

  • Madison, age 9 of Gaylord, MI
    I have the book and I love the T. V. serices. My fave episode is Day's of Sunshine, Days of Shadow. I love little house on the prarie so much I even went to see the musical! and here's the best part! MALLISSA GILLBERT was in it!!! the girl who played "laura" in the T. V. sereces!!!

  • Antonysha, age 12 of Akron, OH
    I don't like this book because it is very boring plus I read it with the whole class we are still reading it. please help me!!!

  • Sonora, age 10 of Cleveland, OH
    I can't say I love it but it's good!

  • Bananar, age 12 of Zambia, Africa
    Love Little House on the Prairie!!!

  • Meggie, age 10 of Canton, MI
    ummmm, i'd have to say the whole series is marvelous. But, i'd have to also say I like 'On The Banks Of Plum Creek' the best.

  • Duru, age 8 of Manhattan, KS
    I like it because I live in l Kansas!

  • Bat4, age 14
    it's not the best of the little house books. I like these happy golden years better I would give this book 3 toes.

  • Decontee, age 9 of Baltimore, FL
    i love it because it is so funny

  • Richard, age 6
    i love it

  • Samantha, age 7 of Lansing, MI
    I like this book because it tells about the 1800s.

  • Alice, age 13 of Manti, UT
    I don't like these books! They are the most boring things I've ever read!

  • Naya, age 9 of Saint Petersburg, FL
    i love it.

  • Richard, age 8 of Boerne, TX
    i love it.

  • Jasmine, age 12 of Greene, ME
    I just love this book and serries!!! My mom first read this serries to me and as soon as I was old enough to read I read it my self, I have contiued to read theese same books over and over, I also went on to read all the books about Laura's daughter, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. They are all absolutly wonderful and awesome!!! They are defanitly my favorite books and will continue to be!!!

  • Amy, age 12 of San Diego
    Even though this book is pretty old, I love it. It's cool to know about life back then.

  • ZOOM Fan, age 15 of Downey, CA
    i love this book.

  • Brianna, age 6 of NY
    I love Little house om the prarie so mush I want to read it every single day.

  • Brandi, age 11 of Parkersburg, WV
    not my fav at all super baoreing

  • Anna, age 14 of MI
    I read these books when I was little. They are so boring. "So we opened our Christmas presents and I got a ribbon that Ma had spent all winter making..."

  • Elizabeth, age 6 of Tennsee
    I Like This! I Have Some Book's Of The Show!

  • Nawal, age 12 of Hemlock, MI
    I just love Little house on the Prairie. It's a wonder book but I think the book sadly is unappreciated by many people.

  • Krista, age 10 of Winter Garden, FL
    Laura is my hero! I love all her books! This one is my fav, and I also like on the banks of plum creek.

  • Makayla, age 9 of Lake Wales, FL
    II love Little House on the Prairie becuase my great great great great grandma's cosin's was in it

  • Rebekah, age 13 of Jacksonville, FL
    I love Little house on the Prairie because they are really good books and I enjoy them.

  • Ethan, age 8 of Hickory, NC
    Its funny. I loved the horses too.

  • Hananah, age 13 of QC
    I like Little House on the Prairie, because they are classics. Who would not like them?? I think everyone should read them.

  • Anonymous
    I LOVE IT!

  • Arianna, age 12 of Milan, MI
    I love Little House on the Prairie! It's so interesting and exciting. I especially love By the Shores of Silver Lake.

  • Sydney, age 9 of Middletown, DE
    I just love that the person who wrote was and or is the main character Laura Ingulls Wilder.+ when I read the books by Laura ingulls Wilder I feel like I am there. Just the experience in her writeing is so so inspiring and entertaining. YOU SHOULD READ THEM THEY ARE AMAZING!

  • Arielle, age 13 of New York, NY
    These have always been my favorite books. I love them! Little House on the Prairie and On the Banks of Plum Creek are my favorites.

  • Madeline, age 10 of Dallas, TX

  • Brianna, age 16 of Albuquerque
    I was about 8 when I first read this book, I was going into a phase of historical literature. The story of Laura and her sister is a good read. I remember from the first 2 books, the girls had to stay home alone and the mom had to fight a bear. The stories are a good read in relation to the past. Especially for younger readers.

  • Kalel, age 8 of Camas
    I loved the book!!

  • Rose, age 14 of Antarctica
    LOVE IT! I love all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, they're so homely, sweet and wholesome.

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