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Justin Bieber
has 7,682 votes. Recent average is 1 toe!

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  • Tala, age 8 of Waseca, MN
    i love him becuose I love his songs so much.

  • Daniella, age 13 of Elkhart, IN
    i love him so much

  • Layla, age 6 of PA
    i like justin bieber he is a good singer

  • Jennifer, age 11 of SC
    i don't like his singing.

  • Alexandra, age 8 of Hartly, DE
    i do not like it at all! Justin Bieber is just not my thing.

  • Hannah, age 12 of Wilmington, NC
    I don't really like him at all. I mean he's just the latest fad--in a year a new person will be popular. I give 1 toe.

  • Mitchell, age 13 of North Little Rock, AR
    I think he sounds like a chipmunk who swallowed helium. He is WAY overrated.

  • Timothy, age 8 of Wilson, PA
    he just does not sing good.

  • Arlene, age 9 of Minnesota
    I love him because he is cute.

  • Riley, age 10 of Plant City, FL
    Justin Bieber is a bad singer. He sounds like he has a sore throat. My dad even agrees that he is horrible.

  • Caitlin
    I love love Justin Bieber! I have all of his songs!

  • Jazzalyn, age 6 of AL
    I love justin.

  • Tk, age 9 of Rio de Janeiro
    He's okay. I'm pretty 50, 50 on him. But some of his songs are horrible. like Baby, all he says practically in the whole song is: Baby, Baby, Baby, ohhhh

  • Mary, age 9 of McAllen, TX
    i think justin beiber is weird he dose not have a good voice.

  • Emily, age 15 of New Jersey
    Justin Bieber is SO awesome! I love him so much! He's cute & has a great personality! I love his singing!

  • Megan
    Some of his songs are strange. Sorry!

  • Hannah, age 9 of KY
    well I like his music and I think he is really really cute

  • Angel, age 11 of Pittsburgh, PA
    love him because his songs are so great

  • Hope, age 12 of Torrington, CT
    i love him because his songs are cool.

  • Kathrine, age 11 of O'Fallon, MO
    I don't think he's cute but I guess he is an okay singer.

  • Elissa, age 6 of Santa Clarita, CA
    He is cute and I love his music.

  • Nora, age 15 of Norway, CO
    I LOOOOVE JUSTIN BIEBER, he is so cute, good singer and have an amazing good look!!

  • Kat, age 11 of Ofallon, MO
    love his songs. but I don't think that he is cute. ok so his hair is okay.

  • Maddy, age 10 of Jackson, MI
    He does alot of charity work and he sings ok to but if I had a fav song by him I would stuck in the moment

  • Maci, age 16 of NC
    I love justin bieber because he is cute and a great singer

  • Sarah, age 14 of Baltimore, MD
    I am not a huge fan but I do like his song called Pray.

  • Maryam, age 13 of Austin, TX
    I love Justin Bieber because he is cool.

  • Kersten, age 9 of Belton, MO
    I love Never Say Never and I love Justin Bieber! He is soo cute. I am his #1 fan. I give him 1000, 000, 0000 toes!

  • Sarah, age 11 of Makanda, IL
    I don't like him one bit. Before I heard him sing, I didn't like him very much but I thought, "Maybe he'll be a good singer." At my sister's skating party, I heard a song that I knew he sang, but I didn't think he sung it that time because it I thought it was a girl. Then my friend told me it was him and I nearily fainted. I couldn't take one minute of it. And whever I look he's there! Oh Justin Biber! You disappoint me!

  • Amie, age 8 of Boston, MA
    i love justin bieber. I love baby, one time and eenie meanie

  • America, age 10 of Washington
    It is just ok beacause I like his songs. I love it beacause I like his hair. Beacause it is fun lising to his songs

  • Peanut, age 10 of Adams, WI
    I LOVE LOVE Justin Bieber. he is cute cool a good singer and down to earth.

  • Megan, age 8 of Ringgold, GA
    I like J. B. because he seems really passionate about singing just like me!!!

  • Hannah, age 14 of New Gloucester, ME
    I have nothing against him, but his music is horrible. He is definitely highly overrated. I think the music industry should have had him make his way up and not make him a pop star right off. He's just a person, treat him like one.

  • Samantha, age 16 of Detroit, MI
    I'm not a huge fan of his music. There is way better music out there. But, I have to admit I kinda like him, because he seems sweet. I think itís good that he at least cares about his fans and the fame doesn't seem to have gotten to his head. Because you know, some famous singers can be pretty rude and snobbish but Justin doesnít seem like he's like that.

  • Keianna, age 11 of Houston, TX
    i love him because who make good mucis plus is cute

  • Brittany, age 13 of Champain, OH
    love it, he has a very good voice and hes talented.

  • Momo, age 10
    No he is very bad. He sounds like a screatching little girl.

  • ZOOM Fan of Crystal Beach
    i love the song eneeie meneeie

  • Nikki, age 12 of Vancouver, DC
    i love justin bieber he is soooo coollll

  • Kaylee, age 6 of Sanger, CA
    i love you.

  • Person of LA
    he sounds like a girl... BBBBOOOORRRRIIIINNNNGGGG!!! I miss real music, not this

  • Glynnis, age 8 of Wilmington, DE
    i think justin bieber is another cool awsome tenage pop star

  • Hannah, age 15 of Cedar Falls, IA
    I do not like him! He is sooo overrated!

  • Addyson, age 13 of Norman, OK
    The only song of his I really like is Baby. All the others are kind of annoying.

  • Juanita of Middle East U.A.E (Dubai)
    I think justin bieber is great teen he is amazing he is very down to earth and he is a hard working teen so I hope he goes a long way

  • Deabreon, age 11 of Houston, TX
    I love Justin. He is so talented.

  • Kayla, age 10 of Golden, BC
    dont like beaucause he changed his style and now he is rapping and it doesnt sound right for him hopefully he goes back to his normal way of singing cause I want him too

  • Trinity, age 8 of Ponchatoula
    i love J. B. because he is cute and I love his music.

  • Kayla, age 11 of Las Vegas, NV
    I love him. He sings very well and is an excellent role model.

  • Joniah, age 8 of Broward, FL
    i love justin bieber so much

  • Luca, age 8 of Gottingen, Germany
    i just love him so much! and hes got talent!

  • Liliana, age 10 of Delano
    love it big fan always wanted to see him in real life

  • Chloe
    boooo he sings like a girl the first time I heard him I thought he was a girl

  • Dasiy, age 10 of Seattle, WA
    I love him his hair is a dream. I love his adorable charm 9000 toes

  • Jordyn, age 11 of Carmel, IN
    I'm not a Justin Bieber fan. I think people shouldn't pick on him cuz his voice is high.

  • Moyo, age 6 of New York City
    he is my thing he sings good

  • Hannah, age 7 of Torrance, CA
    I like your songs.

  • Haylee, age 5 of Jackson
    I love Justin B. because he is a popstar and he is loved by everyone. He's a singer and I love to sing.

  • Catherine, age 13 of Fort Worth, SC
    i love it!!! because he inspires me to do so much in my life thats why I luv him I totally love his song "somebody to love" itz amazing!!!

  • Kaylie, age 8 of Fort Worth, TX
    He sings like a girl. Most of the people I know do not like him.

  • Aileen, age 7 of Norwell, MA
    Bieber Fever has spread throughout my school! Everyone used to not like him and now a few people are starting to like him! I still don't like him though. I only like his song Baby. Even my est friend likes him now! Justin Bieber is totally not my thing.

  • Alexandria, age 8 of Sparta, MI
    I just love him so much and I love his music I lisen to it all the time.

  • Elizabeth, age 10 of Harrisburg
    JUSTIN BIEBER DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! He sounds like a girl, for crying out loud!

  • Sacoyia, age 12 of Wilkinsburg, PA
    i love justin bieber songs because I think they are cool and I like justin bieber

  • Lesley, age 11 of Roswell, GA
    I love him. His awsome, cool, cute, and the best singer. I will give it 5 toes

  • Jaychele, age 6 of RI
    I love him. I went to his consert and the movie.

  • Xitlali, age 7 of IN
    I love Justin

  • Claire, age 8 of Raytown, MO
    I think he's so cute I give him 5 toes

  • Stormie, age 10 of Columbia, SC
    pretty cool, but not my thing

  • Aerial, age 10 of Brooklyn, NY
    I love Justin Bieber I have Bieber Fever for crying out loud!!! I have posters, calenders, bracelets, magazines, cds, and I aslo am going to the movie "Never Say Never"

  • Kersten, age 9 of Belton, MO
    I LOVE JB!!! He writes his songs based on what happens to him in real life. He is a GREAT singer. He is adorable. I am his #1 fan. I read all of his books and this weekend I am going to see is new movie this weekend. I am listening to Never Let You Go on my mp3 player right now. I give him 900 bazillon toes!!!

  • Annjoylynn, age 8 of Humble, TX
    i like it beacuse it is a mix of rock and pop

  • Jovon of Brooklyn, NY
    I Dont like justin bieber.

  • Fgdfg, age 4 of Candyland, AK
    ... yawn... (asleep)

  • Jessie of Troy, OH
    I love Justin Bieber!!! I love his music!!! and he is very talented!!!

  • Sam, age 12 of Los Angeles, CA
    i think hez grate ive heard good ones but hez grate

  • Mary, age 10 of Mansfield, MA
    OMG JB is terrible! Idon't know why people like him so much! Here are three things about him: 1. He sounds like a girl 2. Justin LOOKS like a girl 3. His songs are bad! Terrible lyrics! I just don't get it.

  • May, age 12 of Lansing, MI
    Justin is horrible at singing! The first time I heard his sing I thought it was a girl singing! But I have to admit he is good at dancing... so he deserves 3 toes!

  • Miriam, age 13 of Glasgow
    i love him he is so cute he is a good singer a good dancer and I really love his smile and his hair.

  • Hannah, age 12 of Pomona, CA
    If Jesse McCartney is writing songs for him... he has to be good. I think he needs better songs, like pray or never say never.

  • Alan, age 12 of Santa Clara, CA
    He's ok, I guess. The only song I like so far is "Pray". At least his voice got deeper (finally!).

  • Elizabeth, age 9 of Harrisburg, NC
    Justin Bieber is the grossest!!! He sings like a girly-girl!!! JB STINKS!!!

  • Leyli, age 11 of Kennewick, WA
    i love it because he is a good singer

  • Annemae
    he is the girlest sounding man ive ever herd!!!

  • Esmirna, age 15 of Allentown, PA
    i love justin bieber he is cute he sings so nice I have the two abulms I went to the allentown concent I love it

  • Aaliyah, age 9 of Plano, TX
    he is a alsome singer

  • Auther, age 10 of Thompson, OH
    I listened to one song and SNAP! just like that! I DO NOT LIKE HIM! I say only 1 TOE!

  • Lexi, age 10 of Sylvania
    He is the best thing on earth... He is not just good at singing he is good at dancing and much more. he is very cute!! I love him. he has a book, tooo. the book is called: first step to forever. im halfway done and I love it!

  • Vanessa, age 13 of Leehigh Acres, FL
    i don't like him he wheres makeup and sing way to high like a girl.

  • Charlee, age 9 of Sunnyside
    Are you kiding me!!! He is so cute!!! I love how his hair is. At first, I though that he sang like a girl!!!

  • Kaylee, age 11 of Salem, MA
    I LUV JUSTIN BIEBER Im going to see him with my best friend cant wait!!!

  • Dj
    I don't like his voice. He's pretty nice and all, he just sings wierd and worst of all, thinks he is the next Michael Jackson, which is a total no way moment. MJ is the King of Pop and that will never be taken by little ole Justin Bieber. He's horrible.

  • Emily, age 13 of New York, NY
    I don't like Justin Bieber because of how he sings.

  • Aisha, age 8 of Philadelphia, PA
    i love it because he have some nice songs.

  • Elena, age 7 of Bradenton, FL
    I love his voice!!!

  • Jada, age 7 of PA
    I love his song Baby I just can't say nothingelse.

  • Brieanna, age 10 of Orlando, FL
    I like Justin bieber because I like to listen to his songs like baby and first time.

  • Kayla, age 14 of Waco, TX
    i love justin bieber, because he is down to earth and I really like his songs. my favorite song of his is one time. I saw him in person before. im his #1 faaannn!!!

  • Abbie, age 12 of Lake Charles, LA
    He's ok. Some of his songs are not the best for younger kids. He is not a good role model and sorry justin, only 1 toe.

  • Silent Ninja of San Diego, CA
    I shudder whenever I hear that name. "Baby" is the worst writing ever! And the way he performs makes it worse!

  • Will, age 12
    I love it Justin Bieber I am your biggest fan you did the vma awards least night you are alsome I it when you song somebody to love with the litle kids laster night.

  • Jasmine, age 11 of Woodstown, NJ
    he is ok I guess... I like greyson chance better

  • Tess, age 13 of MO
    I give him 0 toes. He sounds like a girl and sings waaaay to high. I don't see wyh ever girl has to be so star struckover him.

  • Leeanne, age 14 of Evansville, IN
    i do not like jb because wiill for onething he sings like a giirl and talks like a girl

  • Hannah, age 11 of Pomona, CA
    I think he has a great voice, but not very good songs. I might like him if he wrote songs not so much about love. My queston is how does he have so much hair that hardly moves?

  • Alyssa, age 10 of Toronto, ON
    I think Justin Bieber is a great role model. He sings great songs and is really down to earth and humble. He was just a kid singing songs on Youtube and he got discovered by someone who thought he obviously has talent! I am his biggest fan!

  • Choedzin, age 10 of New York
    he sing really well and he is so so cute

  • A Zoom Fan, age 9
    dont you think we should give him 000 toes he sings like a girl

  • X-Tina, age 12 of VA
    his music is good. I just think he looks really young!!!

  • Maria, age 11 of Phoenix, AZ
    justin bieber ok, he's not bad looking, I only herd, Baby, One less lonley girl, never say never,& never let you go. the songs are great, unless they get stuck in your head for 3 stink'n DAYS! other then that I'll give him 4 toes!

  • Dana, age 12 of FL
    I just think that of all people to be discovered on Youtube, he is not the best. There are A LOT more people out there that can sing better than him. Nuff said.

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