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  • Kathy
    I really don't like it. The things they do are not funny at all and Sam is just plain mean.

  • Linda
    The show is really not that funny.

  • Fate, age 7 of Texas
    i love it becose it is so funny.

  • Leah, age 6
    Its o. k when I am in the mood.

  • Emily, age 7 of Canada
    i like icarly because it is funny

  • Dennis, age 8 of Morganville
    It involves too inappropriate for kids my age.

  • Timothy, age 8 of Wilson, PA
    i love it it is my moms favorite show! But it is *sometimes* inappropriate.

  • Melissa, age 11 of NY
    i like it because it is funny

  • Jessica
    i love icarly soso much because its funny. what I like mostly is carly is nice

  • Stella, age 13 of Dublin, Ireland.
    It's ok. Nothing special about it.

  • Jackline, age 11 of New York
    I love icarly I think its the best show they have the best games there is I love icarly

  • Kaliegh, age 9 of Calhoan, GA
    I like icarly. Carly Sam and fredy are really funny I never miss a show of icarly

  • James, age 7 of Calgary, AB
    I LOVE ICARLY!!! partly because it's really funny and because I love what they do.

  • Andrew, age 11 of CT
    it's kinda overrated and the jokes are really bad

  • Leah, age 12 of Seattle, WA
    I think it's really clever and funny.

  • Anamarie, age 9 of CA
    It is very funny. It is fun to wacht.

  • Stefanie of Philadelphia, PA
    iCarly is an okay show. It's not the best, but it depends. Some episodes are kind of weird. I don't really let my kids watch it, since it does suggest some inappropriate things. But I guess that;s what kids are into these days? Rating: 3

  • Hope, age 9 of LA
    it is a funny show

  • Sammy, age 7 of Melborn, FL
    i love icarly!!!

  • Gregory, age 12 of Silver Spring, MD
    I dont like it. all the jokes are obvious and not at all funny. the people on the show act like the jokes are awesome. and as before a little innapropriote for kids.

  • Najah, age 7 of Oak Park, MI
    i love icarly it is the coolist show I have ever saw I love it.

  • Bea, age 10 of TX
    i know the web show is not that funny and is just weird but that's the best part weird and wacky is awkward and makes you laugh

  • Nick, age 10
    it's not a good show and kinda inappropriate for kids i'd give it a 2

  • Samantha, age 10 of Bristol, RI
    I love it! It's really funny and creative and I love the characters Sam and Carly.

  • Abby, age 11 of Nashville, TN
    I think that iCarly is OK. Some of the episodes are funny but I would give it three toes.

  • Mayla, age 11
    At first it was OK, but then it got annoying and Carly and Sam and mostly everybody on the show started to do bad stuff. I do not reccomend it!

  • Cailyn, age 6 of Staten Island
    I like to watch iCarly but I don't have the channel nickaloden. But I watch it at my friends house.

  • Miles, age 9
    It's a really bad show that tries to be funny but ends up saying mean, foolish things about being homless and lying about who you are

  • Annonumous, age 9
    ICARLY is getting terrible! It teaches kids that doing bad stuff is wrong but it does it in the wrong way! So dont waste time!

  • Maryam, age 11 of Port Harcourt
    i like it is because it fantanstic

  • Megan, age 9 of Villa Park, IL
    I used to watch icarly but we dont have cable any more.

  • Nathan of WI
    iCarly is probably the worst show I've ever watched because it's just random and not funny.

  • Baylie, age 8 of West Point
    love it, it is funny

  • Sam, age 7 of Beaver Creek
    Sam I Love how you act! ILOVE IT!

  • Theo, age 12 of London
    it is not funny!! I watch the show on nikelodeon thats good but the wbshow rarely is funny

  • Anna, age 16 of Seattle, WA
    This show is freakin hilarious and Spencer is so great.

  • Kimberly, age 12 of Tucson, AZ
    I LOve icarly because of there wacky ideas. I am a mixture of sam and carly. I am smart, tough, and I couldnt give up friends/ meat for the whole world. I also lik I carly because they have always brought my day up when it was bad. Even when I lost my stepfather. THANKS!

  • Jerickia, age 13 of Mississippi
    she got a good show

  • Camisha, age 12 of Raleigh, MS
    icarly is funny sometimes and sometimes boring

  • Mandeep, age 7 of MA
    it is funny

  • Kailey, age 8 of NC
    I love there show if I had to pick a frovrit wound had to be carly, sam.

  • Andrea, age 10 of Brooklet, GA
    best show ever carly awesome sam funny fed infirmational spencer wacko YOUR SHOW ROCKS!!!

  • Allison, age 8 of Smithfield, UT
    i love it. funny, kid appropreit carly, sam, freddy, spencer, gibby all nice charectors

  • Patricia, age 14 of Toronto
    I really love iCarly because Freddie, Sam and Carly that's the names of the three best friends do a web show it can be funny and very very interesting so that's why I love iCarly very much.

  • Genesis, age 14 of Porterville, CA
    dear zoom I love icarly it my best show of all.

  • Kara, age 8 of Miamisburg, OH
    icarl is aweosn it is the best show ever sene and I mean it.

  • Kayla, age 6 of AK
    it is funney

  • Cindy, age 12 of Gretna, MB
    i love it its so funny

  • Nicholas
    i Carly Spencer Sam And Freddie i Love your show

  • Tiffany, age 7 of Atlanta, GA
    i have a confession to make. I LOVE ICARLY AND FREEDIE!!!

  • Taylor, age 9 of Macedonia, GA

  • Chloe, age 9 of Mount Wolf
    i looovvveee sam and freddy they are very funny

  • Seth, age 11
    I love iCarly. It's funny, it has good plotlines, it has everything to it. Lately, it hasn't been like it was. For one, Gibby's not as funny. For two, the writers are really running out of ideas. I still give it 4 and a half stars, but I might change what will happen in the future.

  • Autem, age 9 of Myton
    love it couse its my favorit show

  • Japper, age 6 of MS
    it is funny and good

  • Lily, age 7 of St Joachim, ON
    i carly is cool to me

  • Gman of Atlanta, GA
    No I do not like it.

  • Kayla, age 9 of St. Louis

  • Monisha, age 10 of Ellicott City, MD
    I love icarly because it is really awsome.

  • Desmond, age 8 of MD
    i like freddie benson

  • Cailyn, age 8 of Baldwin, NY
    I love it. It is soooo funny

  • Sarah, age 11 of Makanda, IL
    I like it a tiny bit. Only becasue Sam and Carly are pretty and its a little funny. But its kind of weird and some of the plots don't make since to me. And the kissing, bad words and fighting is BAD! FOr the most part... I dislike iCarly

  • Alex, age 16 of Auburn, WA
    TOTALLY A WASTE OF TIME! I really cant see how anyone could love or even like that show. The laugh track is so overused. They think yelling and screaming is hilarious, and come on! Carly getting together with a bunch of guys who automatically fall for her? Yeah, Totally realistic... And whats with the titles of the specials? " I date a Bad boy", " I quit ICarly", and " I psycho"? Yeah, I liked it in the beginning Ill admit... But come on people. We can do better than this

  • Karen, age 8
    I like icarly so much because it's so fun to see icarly. And I like it when you gise make the show it's so funny to see it. My favorit show to see is icarly.

  • Cj, age 8 of Salt Lake City
    I love you carly

  • Mari of TX
    its just like nick tried to hard to make it funny to a point where its a little annoying

  • Nick, age 10 of Buford, GA
    pretty lame

  • Alyssa, age 9 of Oakland, IA
    i love your vidoes so much I am a big fan of icarly

  • Leeanne, age 14 of Evansville, IN
    ilove they are so awsome.

  • O'Shun, age 9 of Cincinati, OH
    love it it's funny the cast is funny together with out fredie sam and carly there would be no I carly.

  • Jade, age 9 of Hollywood, CA
    love it! because it is funny with sam with out sam I would not watch icarly.

  • Reilly, age 12 of Sacramento, CA
    I love iCarly. If Sam was a little nicer it would be even better and only uses her fighting skills in emergencies. Some people say, "Spencer needs to get an actual job." or "Spencer doesn't have a stable job." Well, actually sculpting, you can learn a lot of money if your work is good. And, it's a free country, he should be able to do whatever he wants. I LOVE iCarly, it's funny, awesome, and everyone on the show are talented.

  • Daniela, age 9 of Detriot
    thats my favorite show!

  • Jadea, age 12 of Fresno, CA
    love it because it is funny all of the characters are funny and sam should be the best one in the show!!! she is like totally#1!!! whoo!!!

  • Camilla , age 9 of Lima, Peru
    i love it because they are very funny espeacially Sam!

  • Yasmin, age 8 of Silver Spring, MD
    i think that all of the icarly shows and webshows are HALARIOUS!!!

  • Keila, age 13 of Kansas City, MO
    love it bcuz carly and her gang makes the best videos and shows ever

  • Parker, age 8 of E Town
    i like it but it shows kids to be meen like sam she beats up fredy.

  • Steven of Albany, NY
    I think this show is awesome. It's even more awesome that the website is real, with more videos that we don't see on tv.

  • Damien, age 10 of Kapolei, HI
    iCarly is okay but sometimes it gets a little bit crazy with there Act in there iCarly show..

  • Samar, age 7 of GA
    I love your show because it is funny

  • Madisen, age 10 of Omaha, NE
    I love it but it is evil just evil It makes kids rude and disrespectful to their parents

  • Sarah, age 8 of Delano, CA
    this tv show is funny.

  • Adina, age 13
    l like icarly especialy NATHAN KRESS and MIRANDA COSGROVE

  • Alexandra, age 13 of Augusta, ME
    Samís abusive activity is a negative influence and Spencerís character projects the idea that you can drop out of a successful career and become a talented sculptor is just flat out wrong. All in all, 3. 5 toes. If it weren't so funny, this show would've tanked years ago.

  • Hali, age 8 of Gagetown, MI
    Love it! Umm I Like the caractor Gibby Carly and sam and baby stephanie! And I like the tv one where Spencer and Gibby Have the Boat and Defeat them! And the one where Spencer and you have halloween you guys get in the haunted house and spencer Carves the Huge Pumpkin!! Then hides from the trick or treater Kids! Why was he giving the kids Eggs and Macorronie and cHEESE!!

  • Keshauna, age 9 of Vivian, LA
    I love icarly it is my thing

  • Charlee, age 9 of Sunnyside
    icarly+Sam+Spencer+fredy=FUNY!!! (I love them!!!)

  • Regina, age 13 of Boston, MA
    I like Icarly beacause it is a great show to watch and it ia funny.

  • Veronica, age 15 of CA
    iCarly is okay if you're looking for something that will just use up time without a whole lot of enjoyment, but other than that, not my thing. When I'm at the YMCA and there's nothing on TV, I'll watch iCarly while I'm working out, and yes, I've laughed a couple times, but would I watch it any time when I have something else to do/watch? No.

  • Shockvolter
    i carly rocks, its crazy, fun and everything a kid like me wants in a show. even when everything, including icarly, is reruns, I carly never fails to make me laugh. my favorite character is spencer because of his crazy sculptures, I hope you guys agree.

  • Hailey, age 8 of CA
    well bcuse icarly is the best show in the whole wide world

  • Nyda, age 8 of Santa Rosa, TX
    i love icarly thats my favret show ever!!!

  • Sarah, age 9 of TX
    I love Icarly! It my best show.

  • Sav, age 10 of Austin, TX
    LOVE IT. do not know why.

  • Xavier, age 8 of Sunrise, FL
    I love it very much.

  • Yasmine, age 10 of Winter Park, FL
    Um... cheesey- 1 toe

  • Emily, age 14 of Port Orange, FL
    love it because I have their season 1 dvd and ipilot is about the talent show iwant more viewers is about the contest ihatch chicks is about the 6 chicks that got loose in the apartment idream of dance is about the 3 kids ilike jake is about carly and freddie's nose iwanna stay with spencer is about carly granddad inevel jis about a kid iscream on halloween ispy a mean teacher iwant a world record irue the day ipromise not to tell

  • Osama, age 10 of Bloomfield, CT
    Awesome Awesome Awesome

  • Jocelyn of Anaheim, CA
    I love iCarly. I love every character from the show you guys are the best!!!

  • Ashton, age 12 of Dallas, TX
    I love iCarly! It's funny, clever, and full of fun and excitement! All the cast are great actors, especcially Miranda. This show makes my whole family burst out laughing! It's a great show for tweens and older, I recommend it! The jokes can be cheesy, but hey, nobody's perfect. Go iCarly!

  • Kira, age 13 of Redding, CA
    Love it! Awesome job guys, 10 toes.

  • Anne, age 12 of Pittsburgh, PA
    My favorite icarly was ifight shelby marx and this is the reason why. carly thinks shelby is her friend but the fight turns out to be spectacular all because of nerbil. Carly wins against a professional teenage fighter!!!

  • Mark
    icarly is annoying at times. they always make fun of the most random things and its not even funny. there is never a plot either. I only gave it 3 stars... toes I mean.

  • Chloe, age 8 of AK
    because sam and fredy allways fhite and its funy

  • Ashton, age 12 of Dallas, TX
    I love iCarly! It's funny, clever, and full of fun and excitement! All the cast are great actors, especcially Miranda. This show makes my whole family burst out laughing! It's a great show for tweens and older, I recommend it! The jokes can be cheesy, but hey, nobody's perfect. Go iCarly!

  • Smiley, age 13 of Al Hasa
    i used to love icarly but when I saw the episode when they made fun of friedie because he neve kissed anyone I started likeng that show less so what is the problem if you never kissed anyone and they have jokes that are not funny like stuff they should not say that in a kid show and the laugh trak is on even in times it should not work and why do the actors laugh while acting and like I said before there are some jokes that are not for kids in my opinon icarly gets worse every day

  • Jackie, age 9 of Ridge, NY
    iCarly is an awesome show I am nine and my brother is four he is cracking up all the time!

  • Mitchell of N. Little Rock, AR
    I think iCarly is soooo overrated. I can't remember one iCarly show that I liked because it's not that funny.

  • Peter, age 13 of Corpus Christi, TX
    i dont think its good for kids under the age of 9 because the laguage and behavior of the cast little kids soak that stuff up and act like sam and use laguage like them

  • Elisabeth, age 8 of Fayetteville, NC
    I love icarly Because it's funny and super cool. I would be so excited if the icarly gang came. You guys are half of my life and the other is my famliy's.

  • Melissa, age 10 of DE
    horrible SHOW if they STOP ICARLY IT would make me so HAPPY!!!

  • Taylor, age 13 of Kempville
    iCarly is a funny show but I don't approve of them making adults look bad, making fun of the homeless, approving Sam's bad habits and violence, all the romance (it is a kids' network), or the fact that the creators try to teach life lessons in the middle of all this!!!

  • Emliy, age 12 of VA
    At first the show was pretty awesome. But then they kept re-using the same jokes over and over. And then they have the whole "Freddy and Carly and Sam" thing. Way to make the show confusing!

  • Kailey
    I love I Carly. It's not my favorite tv show but this is because I like reruns of older shows. I like it because it's random and crazy and they act like real people. The only things I don't like are Sam's attitude and how spencer allows Carly to do whatever she pleases. Jeese, their father is who knows where for how long??? Even though their are some things that bother me I gave it five toes. It's Awsome! Even though it's random and crazy, thats how the best people are. I think that it's very creative and interesting. RANDOMNESS!!!

  • Brian, age 8 of Santa Clara, CA
    I like iCarly because it's really entertaining so I do not get bored in the other house. It's a great show to watch.

  • Elizabeth, age 9 of Macon, GA
    i love it. I hope she dosen't quit!

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