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FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman
has 3,511 votes. Recent average is 5 toes!

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  • Elizabeth, age 7 of TN
    I love fetch but wish there was a younger version of it. My sister and me watch it together. The contestants are so active! 5 toes!

  • Hayle, age 8 of El Paso, TX
    I watch it everyday!!!

  • Hannah, age 12 of Wilmington
    I LOVE it! I've seen every episode. Go ruff! It is a reality gameshow and they really go places and it's a really good show. Look for the episodes at the fetch site! 5 toes

  • Unity, age 7 of St. Paul, MN
    i am a really big fan of this show because they get to do some cool prize's.

  • Miriya, age 8 of Fayetteville, NC
    Chet is funny, Blossom is smart, Ruff is a great game show host like his parentsWink and Dianne ruffman.

  • Saniya, age 8 of Nashua, NH
    I love fetch! It is my favorite show. The advevtures the fetchers have are awsome like when ruff inherited ruffman manor they found out it was the butler who was making it look haunted. And also that episode was my favorite one.

  • Aidan, age 6 of Oswego, IL
    hes funny

  • Devon, age 12 of PA
    FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman is a great show! Not just funny but educational. There should be many more seasons to come!

  • Randy, age 8 of Lincoln, CA
    I love it!!! I love it because kids go on challenges and go crazy.

  • Alexis, age 8 of Clayton, IN
    I love Fetch! because I think it's cool that an animated dog sends kids on missions.

  • Charlie, age 7 of Naperville
    I love it!!! The best show on the air.

  • Chris, age 11 of South Dennis, MA
    I love it. But they should've had 6 seasons so there would be 6 seasons, 6 grand champions. Otherwise, I really do love the show. Ruff is awesome! I can't believe they stopped doing the episodes. Because all the seasons were awesome.

  • Yen, age 7 of CA
    you are soooooo funny

  • Jenny, age 11 of Billerica, MA
    I've been watching that since I was 5 so I have to say 5 toes

  • Maci, age 7 of Stafford, VA
    I love your show. I watch it EVERY DAY. I love you AND I LOVE DOGS

  • Pj, age 12 of Hamden, CT
    I love it! I dont know why they discontinued it.

  • Lucy, age 13 of Roeland Park, KS
    I watch every episode of Fetch everyday because I love it

  • Mandy, age 9 of Billings, MT
    I love Fetch!! I think its cool how they have 5 seasons and a whole bunch of different kids on them! I REALLY love Fetch!

  • Shashaneida, age 10 of Chicago, IL
    i love fetch with ruff ruffman because it is so awsome and you learn different things.

  • Zoe, age 5 of Newmarket, NH
    I love it! I learn alot of new things and I think Fetch is funny.

  • Laura, age 9 of Rush City, MN
    Fetch, don't cancel, It's the best!!!

  • Lucia, age 11 of San Leandro, CA
    I love this show because it is funny yet educational.

  • Richelle, age 8 of Palos Verdes
    I love it because they always go to great adventures.

  • Maci, age 8 of St. Louis, MO
    I think it's an awsome show because it's all about stuff and cool things to do!

  • Saniya, age 7 of NH
    i love it! it is sooo the best show! and ruff is the best t. v. show host! I love fetch.

  • Ameila, age 10 of Freehold, NJ
    LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Its awesome! Funny, entertaining, and has some fun activities to watch and to try out!

  • Abby, age 11 of Westford, MA
    I LOVE Fetch with a handsome guy named Ruff. Ruff Ruffman to be exact. He's the best dog ever! The Fetchers are awesome also! Ruff sends them on insnely awesome missons that would be pricesless to go on! I'm the shows biggest fan. GO FETCH! YAY RARA

  • Olivia, age 8 of San Francisco, CA
    I love it! It's the best game show in the world! I wish I could be a contestant because I want to go on cool challenges.

  • Emily, age 9 of New York, NY
    best show on earth I want to be on it

  • Cheeselover, age 10 of Richmond, VA
    I. LOVE. FETCH. I am major sad that they had to shut down!

  • Miriam, age 6 of New York
    i lovvvve it because the kids go on adventures

  • Alice, age 8 of Shewsbury, MA
    I want FETCH! back!

  • Callie, age 12 of Fairfield, TX
    I like Ruff 's challenges!!! I just wish it was boack on air!!!

  • Angela, age 11 of Trenton, NJ
    I love it.

  • Alex, age 13
    I love it and I watch it every weekday at 5:30! PBS should NOT cancel it!

  • Cristina, age 8 of TX
    I love fetch with Ruff Ruff Man becuase I learn lots of new things. Hes so awome and chet and blossom to

  • Chase, age 8 of Austin, TX
    I love the show because the host is a dog and dogs are my favorate animals.

  • Sarah, age 11 of Makanda, IL
    I love this show! It's one of the only good shows on PBS. it's funny and teaches you stuff. Oh why does it have to end!

  • Jack, age 5 of Minneapolis
    These Are My Vavorite Contestents; Season 1; Noah, Anna, Brian, Season 2; Willie, Madi, And Rosario. Season 3; Jay And Noel. Season 4; Sterling, Talia, Season 5; Marco, Jay And Rubye.

  • Bailey, age 13 of Carrollton, OH
    WHAT??! it ended? I still get at least reruns... this show (next to zoom) was one of the only good things on PBS like the others were ok when I was little but im a teen now and so they arent the same as b4.

  • Royce, age 5 of Tacoma, WA
    i wach fetch! with ruff ruffman evry day

  • Zel232
    it's a dog running a tv show who would not love this show?

  • Kimberly, age 12 of Tuscon, AZ
    love it because he inspired me

  • Samar, age 8 of Moorestown, NJ
    I LOVE it! It is my favorite show on pbs kids! I am so sad that it ended! I've always wanted to be on it! I hope they bring it back!

  • Swati, age 10 of Durham, NC
    I LOVE FETCH. Fav. TV show. Totally cool.

  • Joseph, age 12 of Ottumwa, IA
    I love this show. My favorite fetchers are Taylor and Anna!!!

  • Savannah, age 10 of Indianapolis, IN
    Ilove Fetch! My fav. fetcher is Marco

  • Brooke, age 8 of Tomball, TX
    i recorded every single episode so I don't half to worry about it getting canceled.

  • Olive, age 12
    I really love it.

  • Sara, age 11 of Gastonia, NC
    Dear Mr. Ruff ruffman, I love your show

  • Putu, age 6 of Carbondale, CO
    I love fetch because of the calenges. go fetch!

  • Victoria, age 13 of Norton, MA
    One of my favorite game show!

  • Philip, age 13 of Apple Valley, MN
    I like it... the credits' music and theme song are fun! It's cool.

  • Sienna, age 6 of Portland, OR
    I know that most others are reviewing the TV show, but I have not had a chance to see those. But I do want to review the on-line Fetch games (particularly the CSIs with Ruff Ruffman). I love these CSI interactive games! Its very cool to use forensic science to figure out who committed the crime. Please make more of these series!!! They are both fun and educational.

  • Mai, age 7 of Azusa
    Even I am a girl I love it very much because it shows a lot of interesting and amazing things. P. S I love~Ruff Ruffman!

  • Linda, age 9 of Joplin, MO
    I love Fetch because I am always seeking adventure.

  • Annika, age 8 of Orange City, IA
    I love it! It's funny, it's my 2nd favorite TV show!

  • Rosie, age 12 of Scottsdale, AZ
    I love Fetch with Ruff Ruffman but I dont like how the new ones are once a year.

  • Danielle
    LOVE IT!!! RUFF IS AWESOME!!! Please make more!!! Don't ever take it away!!!

  • Sharmila, age 10 of Boston, MA
    I love fetch. My favorite fetcher of all time is Marco!

  • Mckenzie, age 8 of Elkridge, MD
    season 1 fetch rocks!!!

  • Sarita, age 10 of Fort Worth, TX
    I love fetch. I am a girl and I know a lot of other girls that like it. It is soooo not gross. It is funny and very educational. You should watch. GOO FETCH!!!

  • Ahmad, age 9 of Anaheim, CA
    I love this show, because it is hilarous how ruff acts. Sadly it got cancled.

  • Mary, age 7 of Austin, TX
    love it its science

  • Roro, age 10
    WHAT!! Shutting it down? But why? it's SO cool! I love it! Why shut it down?

  • Hanna, age 9 of Salisbury
    FETCH! is an AWSOME show. I hope they cep it FOREVER!! It's funny, to. I LOVE FETCH!!!

  • Elizabeth, age 9 of Harrisburg, NC
    All my friends say its babyish but I dont care!! I LOVE FETCH WITH RUFF RUFFMAN!!! His fetchers rock! (not that Ruff doesnt- he's cool!)

  • Barakah, age 10 of State College, PA
    I love it! Rubye is my favorite fetcher! A am soooo upset that they are shutting it down at the end of Season 5!

  • Jeyna, age 7 of IL
    I LOVE it because it`s so chalenging.

  • Danielle, age 9 of Santa Clara, UT
    I love fetch! with ruff ruffman it's so funny and I watch it every day. I't my favorite show in the world. My favorite episode is when they were searching for the hat of victory.

  • Ryan, age 12 of Sebastian, FL
    Love It!! Ruff Ruffman is an awesome dog, and I like all the challenges the FETCHers go on!

  • Nick, age 10 of Buford
    2 reasons why I like this show. 1: it's funny 2: it's educational

  • Reagan, age 9 of St. Louis, MS
    I love FETCH WITH RUFF RUFFMAN This is defentitly the best cartoon ever made IT IS JUST PLAN AWESOME!!!

  • Gregorio, age 11 of Las Vegas, NV
    FETCH is the best show on my life

  • Ellie, age 7 of Lehi
    Not our thing because we are girls and it is grooss!

  • Zoom and Fetch Fan, age 14 of IN
    Fetch is a really cool show. My dad likes it, and we watch it almost every single day. I still haven't seen all of the episodes from season five, but I've seen all of the episodes from all of the other seasons. Ruff seemed smarter in the first season, but now he's funnier. (Blossom's taken over the smart category.) 5 toes!

  • Jhon of Austin, TX
    I don't like fetch its to loud and annoying

  • Maya, age 8 of Chicago, IL
    I love fetch so much because I love science

  • Mira, age 11 of SC
    This is my favorite show on PBS, and its good for all ages. It is very interesting, educational, AND fun. Ruff Ruffman is very funny which only makes it better. Awesome show. 5 toes.

  • Victoria, age 12 of Norton, MA
    I love it becuse ruff is funny.

  • Alan, age 12 of Santa Clara, CA
    it is a great show! too bad it got canceled already.

  • Asher, age 6 of Santa Clara, CA
    I love this show! But its canceled now. Aww...

  • Layla, age 12 of Braintree, MA
    This is possibly the BEST show ever created! I love everything about it!

  • Anomnais, age 11 of Las Vegas, NV
    This is the best show 5 toes

  • Julia, age 9 of Glen Ellyn, IL
    We love it! That is, my bff Lauren and I. We are aspiring Fetchers!

  • Fafa, age 10 of Los Angeles, CA
    FETCH is such an awesome show! I love the cool challenges that Ruff Ruffman gives to the kids. I learn something new everyday in FETCH. LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

  • Priyanka, age 12 of IA
    Fetch with Ruff Ruffman is the best show in the entire universe (next to ZOOM of course). I've been hooked on to it since season one, and I was only 7 then! I am SO UPSET that its ending. Fetch was great while it lasted, and I hope they at least have some reruns. Who knows? Maybe in the future they could start Fetch again like they did for ZOOM!

  • Rebecca, age 5 of New York City
    Awsome show! 5 toes.

  • Yza, age 12 of Kissimmee, FL
    I love Fetch with Ruff Ruffman! I love it when he gives challenges. It's Sooo interesting!

  • Aria, age 11 of UT
    I usually don't watch kids shows, but Fetch is one of the BEST SHOWS EVER!

  • Nick, age 11 of Atlanta, GA
    I love it I can name EVERY contestent from season 1-5. Season 1. Taylor, Ana, Julia, Noah, Khalil, & Brain. Season 2. Madi, Bridget, Nina, Willie, Mike, & Rosoario. Season 3. DJ, Sam, Jay, Harsha, Sammy, & Noel. Season 4. Brian, Sterling, Isaac, Bethany, Liza, & Taila. And last but not least. Season 5. Ruby, Emmy, Shreya, Marco, Marc, & Jay. Thanks!!! I'm Fetch's #1 Fan.

  • Macy, age 15 of Chicago, IL
    I dont watch the show any more, but I do know that its a show for a many differnt ages and that it funny, fun, and all the kids on the show are so nice I would have to say I liked Taylor and Anna the best from the first show.

  • Hanna, age 9 of Dayton, OH
    OHHH I LOVE FETCH!!! You see I don't have cable so this is what I watch.

  • Nour, age 10 of Mclean, VA
    I love Fetch! because it shows how kids that are about 10 or 11 can do things that we think is pretty hard, and it involves science, which is awesome.

  • Nat, age 14 of Newnan, GA
    I think it's awful that the show will end this year. I remember when it premared in 2006. It seems as if all the good shows are ending.

  • Bailee, age 10 of Marshville, NC
    I love it because ruff is so funny and I like it when all the kids come up with something really cool.

  • Sarah, age 14 of New York City, NY
    I like this show! My favorite contestants from season 1 are Julia, Anna, and Khalil. From season 2, my favorites are Mike, Rosario, Bridget, and Madi. From season 3, my favorites are DJ, Harsha, and Jay. My favorite from season 4 is Liza. From season 5, I like Emmie and Marco. I like the educational challenges, as well as Ruff's humor. Blossom and Chet are great too! Superb show! 5 toes!

  • Kemmie
    wow quite an interesting show, it's kk, but totally not the best on pbs

  • Evelyn, age 8 of Hollywood, MD
    i looove it! ruff ruffman hear me right now i am your #1 fan!

  • Shaylane of Ann Arbor, MI
    I love Fetch. 5 toes.

  • Jackson, age 10 of Oklahoma City, OK
    It's deffinently my fayorite pbskidsgo show.

  • Emily, age 12
    it is so awesome!!!

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