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Tell us what you think about The Electric Company:
Your Reviews
  • Jillian, age 5 of Atlanta, GA
    I love it! But I am very disappointed in PBS in Atlanta for taking it off the air at 6:30 pm. What where you guys thinking?

  • Janae, age 13 of Austin, TX
    It's the most amazing show in the whole entire world. I really like the Musicman to he is my favorite about the show. My favorite character is Lisa.

  • Pbsfan, age 12 of San Francisco, CA
    I love the sitcom parts, but the educational breaks are annoying. Should they make lessons for preteens or something cuz more people that age seem to watch it.

  • Jo, age 7 of Tampa

  • Amna, age 12 of CT

  • Mattttt, age 10 of Newark, DE
    its a fine show but you need to stop repeating the same show

  • Maralin, age 14 of California
    i love the electric company because I just love how they yus ther pawers and my favorite grile frome electric company is liza

  • Nia, age 8 of Pasadena, CA
    I love the storyboard and whatnot, but the breaks are for ages 4-7. I have a 4 yr. old brother, perfect. I give it all 10 of my toes!

  • Carissa, age 12 of Tucson, AZ
    I love the Electric Company because it teach is us so many things and its just a great show to watch. Also the fun games on the computer are even funner than they say. Thats why I love the Electric Company.

  • Tyra, age 11 of Atlanta, GA
    I like it... Just so because of their shows.. I just wish they'd take out their "educational" parts, like learning silent e and other stuff

  • Teresa, age 14 of American Samoa
    Like it. It helps kids try and make friends with each other and it it shows that you don't have fight to solve a problem.

  • Bella, age 10 of Memphis, TN
    Love it, it's my fav show.

  • M.J., age 11 of SC
    I like the stories plots, but the breaks in the middle are sort of boring. But other than that its great!

  • Marissa, age 14 of Rexford, NY
    I know reviews for this show are mixed and I'm way too old for it, but I think it's really entertaining. Sure, I already know all the grammar concepts, but the storylines and tunes are great! And I happen to like all the little clips in between. They're cute. My favorite main characters are Shock and Danny Rebus (he's hilarious!) And a lot of younger kids won't care (and neither will most other kids my age), but being a lover of showtunes and musical theater, my favorite parts are the cameos from Lin-Manuel Miranda from In the Heights! (He raps with Shock about how Silent E is a Ninja and about Hard and Soft G, for example.) It's a whole lot of fun and it has enough of the right kind of humor.

  • Lib, age 7 of Sugar Hill
    love it because I earn points

  • Emily, age 12 of Jacksonville
    I love the Electric Company! But I agree the parts in between are pretty boring

  • Savannah, age 9 of MT
    i really like it!

  • Janae, age 9 of Capitol Heights, MD
    I love the electric Company it great because it is fun and I love jessica and friends. I know all episodes and Iat the end I know the words. When I get mad I say Heyyy you guyyysss ilove your show

  • Tavante, age 9 of Richmond, VA
    I love the eletric company. I love jessica. Ilove when they do their powers and throw wordballs

  • Johnny, age 10 of Rochester, NY
    Not enough action!!!

  • Rachel, age 10 of Maryland, MD
    its good but I dont think its all that good

  • Laura, age 9 of N. Little Rock, AR
    Um, their teenagers why would they be sounding out words? Terrible! and it's boring.

  • Vivian, age 12 of Chicago, IL
    I like it because it is funny and exciting. And the characters are so much fun!

  • Maya, age 11 of New York, NY
    It is awesome! My favorite character is Francine and Jessica.

  • Dana, age 12 of FL
    Umm, why are teenagers trying to sound out words? Shouldn't they know? But besides that, I think it's a pretty good show. 3 toes.

  • Maya, age 11 of New York, NY
    It is awesome! My favorite character is Francine and Jessica.

  • Ryan, age 9 of Dayton, OH
    the brakes are boring. they make up things like bluefoot I think they sould say bigfoot

  • Alaa, age 10 of Oklahoma City, OK
    I love the electric company. It is my favorite show. One thing I don't like about it is the clips in between. I`ts boring. Also my favorite character is Jessica. I like it when she raps. My friend likes her too!

  • Priness, age 12 of Groton, CT
    I love Electric Company. I give it more than just 5 toes. You rule.

  • E., age 14 of IA
    I like Electric Company but the stuff in between it is just so boring... But the show is cool... I love there powers...

  • Esmeralda of San. Antonio, TX
    I like the show. My favorite actress on Electric Company is Priscilla Diaz. The reason why Jessica Ruiz is my favorite character on the show was because I like the part when she was rewinding the sentence that Manny Spamboni was saying that doesn't have any vowels on it.

  • Harshita, age 10 of Parlin, NJ
    i like it. but I don't like the brakes. but the story is great.

  • Xiumei, age 10 of Redding, CA
    I think it's awesome, Manny and Annie are definitely my favorite characters! I don't like the breaks, except for Shock's beat-boxing!

  • Crystal, age 10 of Riverside, CA
    I love whating the electric compony because it has wods like trust

  • Dj, age 14 of Television City, CA
    It is so entercational (entertaining+educational). I was stuck on the word flustered until the episode Bananas appeared.

  • Dominic, age 14 of Erial, NJ
    Interesting, but those expecting the classic show from the 70s with cutsey numbers will be unsastified. Francine however is a rather entertaining character yours truly can't deny

  • Elizabeth, age 10 of Haltom City, TX
    I love that show in fact, I love PBS Kids show the BEST!

  • Sesiana, age 9 of Waukegan, IL
    i love the show and I wish I can be in it but im only 9. your show is great and I think that you should keep it just the way it is. it even teaches me a little bit.

  • Nova, age 8 of Katy, TX
    I LOVE ELECTRIC COMPANY!!! It is so awesome! I know every word to the theme song!!! It is one of my favorite shows!!!

  • Jeffrey of New Provindece, FL
    love it the power are amazing

  • Barbara, age 9 of Austin, TX
    I love it! The breaks are kind of boring but I like The Electric Slide and when Shock beatboxes. I love every episode because its full of mystery solving and stuff. My favorite pranksters are Annie and Danny. Annie is cool because she knows how to hypnotize people and Danny can kind of be on the Electric Company's side too. Keith is awesome he has the coolest ability!

  • Imani, age 11 of Jonesboro, GA
    I love it!! The tv show was the best educational show yet and it was very hip!!!

  • Kelli, age 9 of Ohio

  • Joe, age 10 of NY
    jessica is nice! the beatboxing guy is so annoying tho:(. wish they got someone who could beatbox better haha

  • Sara, age 10 of Fairfield, CA
    I like the electric company. I really don't like the things in between.

  • America, age 10 of Chicago, IL
    i love it because you solve so many problems and possles,

  • Zoom Fan, age 14 of Yonkers, NY
    4 toes. I like the actual show, but the breaks are annoying. I don't really have a favorite character. It's annoying when in one of the breaks, they have a group of people singing a song about a letter of the alphabet. I'm just like: get back to the show, people! Overall, it's pretty good, though.

  • Goretti, age 15 of Carrollton, TX
    I love this show so extemely much. I have to admit as a 15 year old, the reading parts in between are a little boring to watch when you already know how to read but the rapping. O My gosh is the BOMB. Shock needs to teach me some stuff and Jessica too. I think this show could be a success to young kids who are learning to read because it makes it fun and educational at the same time. I have to admit too that I watch it partly because I think Hector is pretty cute too.

  • Billy, age 11 of Horsham, PA
    Great! I like the Pranksters and Electric company. I think the breaks are annoying, but Jack Bowser is the worst! They're all the same: Jack is in some kind of factory, he makes a lame pun depending on what he's surrounded in. He then reads the sentence on the door slowly, like it's hard. Hethen reads it faster and jumps out before the factory explodes. Tht's stupid because the clock says 0 about 2 seconds before Jack leaves, and he still gets out. In other words, skip the little breaks and more story. Danny Rebus is my favorite, but I think Francine and Annie are pretty.

  • Jack, age 11 of Washington, DC
    I love to watch it. I love when Wycleaf and Nikki do the Electric Slide! Keith RULES!!!

  • Fafa, age 8 of Boston, MA
    I am the biggest fan of The Electric Company! I think that it is the best show ever made. All of the characters are awesome and have the coolest powers. I have seen all of the episodes from Skills to The Great Compromise.

  • Fafa, age 11 of CA
    I totally LOVE the Electric Company. It is the best show ever. I don't like the clips in between, but the actual show is awesome. I give it 5 toes.

  • Esha, age 13
    I think that it really doesn't matter how old you are in order to watch this show because it is just so good. You never get tired of it. I love it and I haven't missed any of the episodes except for 'Goodnight Robot'. I LOVE this show and I will give it 5 toes.

  • Emily, age 14 of Huron, OH
    Hmmmmm... well ok so im like the oldest person on here but the thing is the show is good I just don't like the breaks in between. sireously the actual show is better than most stuff than like on nikelodeon and disney channel but I guess I don't need to comment on the help in between considering my age but yeah "I will destroy you fork raaa" ah that is my favorite

  • Jahkobe, age 11 of Desoto, TX
    i love the show especially the super powers I want powers toooo

  • Alan, age 11 of Santa Clara, CA
    The show's awesome! I can beatbox like Shock.

  • Electric Company Fan
    i totally luv the electric company. it is THE best show EVER! the only things that I don't like are the clips in b/w and the fact that they repeat the same episodes over and over and over again. I like all of the characters. the pranksters are funny and the electric company members are cool. I watch every single episode and if I miss one, I just go online to www. pbskidsgo. org and watch it. I like how jessica raps, lisa sings, francine always making videos, danny being sensitive, annie hypnotizing, and manny creating all those gadgets. i give it 5 TOES!!! YEAH!!

  • Cana, age 8 of Plain City, OH
    I LLLOOOVVVEEE it my sister and I watch it 2 times a day!!!

  • Kristen of New Orleans
    i looove the electric company!!!

  • ZOOM Fan, age 15 of Austin, TX
    I love it. i watch it every day. this is really silly but I love how wyclef and that other lady did the electric slide. Danny Rebis rules!!!

  • Mira, age 12 of OH
    I really like the electric company, but there are too many breaks in between the actual story. It would be better if first there was the story, then all the clips

  • Rafi, age 10 of Brooklyn, NY
    its sooo cool to watch!!!

  • Anika, age 11 of Carollton, TX
    The characters are really cool. I like Keith.

  • Ahmad, age 8 of Anaheim, CA
    This show is sometimes hilarous it's on 3:30pm on weekdays. my favorite episode is dirty laundry. I love the most music videos. I give it four toes because I hate those commercals in between.

  • Malika, age 10 of Methuen, MA
    i love the electric company! my favorite characters are keith and jessica I love the singing I even memorized all the songs!

  • Kiwi of Dorchester, MA
    Its just ok because it's mostly meant for little kids.

  • Alie, age 13 of Naperville, IL
    My parents used to show me the old Electric Companys. They were awesome! This one is so cool. I know im a bit old to watch it but... I still do!

  • Katherine, age 9 of Lowell, MA
    I love Electric Company exept 1 thing! Breaks! I mean the show is 30 minutes long, plus the breaks which is about half the show, plus the end which is about 2 minutes leaves only a 13 minute show! That's so short and the breaks are so boring! Couldn't they put something else? Even a blank screen would look better!

  • Soraiya, age 7 of New York, NY
    I like it because when Heather little sister sings she always is on point.

  • Hippi, age 11 of Owensboro, YT
    The Electric Company RULES!!! Perfect for learning and fun.

  • Kara of Brooklyn, NY
    I like that they tecah you how to understand or breake down words

  • Arianna, age 12 of Milan, MI
    Ilike Electric Company because it's so funny! It's just a nice thing to be able to come home to after school

  • Deedee, age 10 of Westland, MI
    Love it! What I really like is the music!!

  • Jenni, age 10 of Nashville, TN
    i love the electric company. my friends to, sometimes me and my friends say hay you guys when there is a problen at school.

  • Dawn, age 14 of Sinnoh
    i love this show its so cool, it can be very goofy and dumb at times but its awsome:

  • Eva, age 10 of IL
    It's amusing to watch, but it is annoying and we don't need those lessons of the alphabet. The story plots are very dumb, and the problems are hardly problems. Watching it once made me regret it.

  • Lilly, age 9 of Austin, TX
    like the shows... well not really just some but ilke the raps.. an the music

  • Leslie, age 12 of Torrance, CA
    I love the Electric Company!!! it is my fav. show in th WORLD!!! They should make a lot of new shows it`s the best show ever made!!!

  • Anna, age 11 of Hamden, CT
    I like the electric company because of Jessica, the raps or songs and the education. It's my 2nd favorite tv show on pbs kids.

  • Luis, age 12 of Richmond
    it is fun

  • Dorothy, age 12 of Owosso, MI
    It's a pretty cool show, and very educational for little kids as well. It teaches them about basic word functions and such.

  • Liza, age 14 of Scranton, KS
    I Love The Electric Company! Every time I watch it I find myself sing or humming the theme song! I makes you waht to dance! I like the way that they have a letter or letters that they kindaove hbuild the whole show around!

  • Chris, age 9 of Town Of Dennis, MA
    The Electric Company's 1971 version was my thing but it's 2009 version is not my thing at all!!!

  • Emily, age 11 of New Bedford
    I love the Electric company. it's so much fun to wach and funny to.

  • Catherine, age 7 of Houston, TX
    i love the electric company because it so cool and I like there power. I wish I have what they have power. they can throw a word ball i want to throw a word ball too you know.

  • Bradley, age 13 of Murphysboro, IL
    The Electric Company is awsome! The best part in my opinion is the actual show,(not the little skits). I like the pranksters better than the electric company. One thing I like about the pranksters, is that they show their family members like Annie's aunt Sandy or Manny's mom. I give it five toes!

  • Abraham, age 9 of Crystal City, TX
    because they have super powers! And they are like one of my favirite shows to watch.

  • Amanda, age 11 of Pasadena, MD
    The electric company is really good. My little sister like the clips and I like the story line. I like the old one but my sister doesent. The new one is definitly better for the whole family. 5 toes!!

  • Emily, age 10 of Orange Park, FL
    I love it!!! It`s sooo cool! My favorite character is Keith.

  • Hannah, age 13 of Waukesha, WI
    It is a very exciting show with all the mystery solving and stuff, but the little things in between? Those are so bad. They really should take them out.

  • Liliana, age 11 of Katy, TX
    I like how it is also cool it is kinda easy but not much. This is like learning tough words but it is for older kids. I want to see the old one because my parents say it is better. I like Jessica because of how pretty she is and her rapping/powers. I also like danny because he is cute! 5 Toes!

  • Berry, age 13
    I think the show is great and I thing it makes learning fun for youger people.

  • Sam, age 4
    I like the Electric Company because, I like the clips!

  • ZOOM Fan, age 13 of Griffin, GA
    After ZOOM, The Electric Company is the best show that PbsKids ever produced!

  • Catherine, age 7 of Houston, TX
    i love it because its about words and it is so cool to learn words.

  • Riley, age 13 of Vero Beach, FL
    it is okay. I don't like how they always show the same epesodes over and over again. it is kinda bad but keith is kida cute. I only watch the show because I do not have cable. okay I am just gunna say it. the show is bad. sorry. 2 toes.

  • Nick
    This show is bad!!! It's like they made it for the kids who aren't allowed to watch cool stuff.

  • Amaris, age 8 of Nassau
    i dont really like it to much. it is not my thing

  • Rebekah, age 12 of Jacksonville, FL
    I love it. the oly parts I dont like are the little shorts in between I only watch pbs kids b/c I dont have cable.

  • Tammy, age 12 of Cleveland, OH
    I think the Actuall Story of the Electric Company is good, but it has too many breaks in beetween. Whenever I watch it on the computer, I always fast forward those parts.

  • Mackenzie, age 10 of Cleveland, OH
    I like the episode when a man named calvario the majican turned into a snake & Keith Swanson said There's this kind of key then there is this one.

  • Jackson, age 9 of OK
    Love it, and I have 2 reasons why. Reason 1, My2 favorite characters Hector and Lisa. Reason2, The cool powers.

  • Verniah, age 12 of Saltillo, Mexico
    This is my most favret show! because I have trubel speling and saying the English words rite. It helps me lots.

  • Kenna, age 8 of Cedar City, UT
    Love it!!! I think it's cool because, the members of The Electric Company have powers. I also like it because they sing, try to figure out problems [and suceed], and they just have catchey songs.

  • Catherine, age 7 of Houston, TX
    i love it because they have a lot of power. I never miss it because it a good show.

  • Diana, age 10 of TX
    the electric company is the best show on pbs kids.

  • Aileen, age 12 of Canton, GA
    I like the electric company itself but like other people not the words breaks. My favorite part is when the stick people come out and say "so what has happened so far?"

  • Drew, age 8 of Vacaville, CA
    I like how P-star is in the show, because she's a great singer, my favorite singer, and she's my favorite character of the show.

  • Kenna, age 8 of Ceadercity, UT
    Love it!!! I think it's cool because, the members of The Electric Company have powers. I also like it because they sing, try to figure out problems[and suceed], and they just have catchey songs.

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