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Big Time Rush
has 2,455 votes. Recent average is 4 toes!

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  • Saly, age 6 of ME
    I love big time rush it is cool on nick

  • Mia, age 7 of Independence, MO
    i love big time rush. i like there songs

  • Jalynn, age 13 of AL
    i am a big fan of them

  • Braxton, age 4 of CA
    i like it just ok

  • Nevaeh, age 8 of Havril
    love it! I also think that there music is great!

  • Becca, age 11 of SD
    It's bad... 1 toe.

  • Timothy, age 8 of West Lawn, PA
    i love there shows and there songs but my favorite is probly the main song. I love carlos the best!

  • Erin, age 9 of Woodstock, IL
    I love BIG TIME RUSH. You four are amazing keep it up.

  • Olivia, age 9 of Ware, MA
    B. T. R is super awesome. There singing I don't like, I love! I watch there show evrey day. Carlos is really wacky he suprises me evrey show! 4 toes!

  • Bob, age 6 of Appleton, IN

  • Cynthia, age 9 of Rio Hondo
    there soooo cool I love love so much there songs

  • Sarah, age 7 of Clermont
    I sorta like them

  • Ariana, age 10 of San Angelo
    i love it cause I love there songs and the shows

  • Erin, age 14
    i love big time rush

  • Nick, age 10
    pretty bad show and I don't like their songs. 2 toes

  • Alexandra, age 8 of Torrance, CA
    they rock.

  • Emerald, age 11 of IN
    big time is awesome they are a cool band and has great music

  • Cheeselover, age 10 of Richmond, VA
    they are cute but the show is horrible! it always has these awful sound effects! 1 toe.

  • Maria, age 12 of Phoenix, AZ
    Great singers. Bad acters.

  • Destiny, age 9 of Colorado Springs, CO
    They are cool and great singers.

  • Sandra, age 10 of Kerman
    i love big time rush logan is my favorite

  • Hailey, age 9 of Uniontown, OH
    bigtimerush is totally awesome! they are my idol! I wish I could meet them in person! I dont know how to explane them they are just so willd and crazy and awesome they are just amazing and cool!

  • Nevaeh, age 7 of Chicago, IL
    i love me some big time rush ilove their song

  • Adria, age 10 of Ontario
    big time rush is so funny and I was watching 7 secrets with big time rush and they were so funny I could laught crying and that is true!!!

  • Xander, age 10 of Syracuse, NY
    LOVE IT. LOVE IT, LOVE IT! GOTTA GO BIG TIME! My favorite songs are "Oh Yeah", "Til I Forget About You", "I Know You Know", and "Countin' On You". The show is, in my opinion, AWESOME! If I could use 2 words to describe their songs & their show they would be: Best. Ever. BIG TIME RUSH IS AMAZING!

  • Katalina, age 8 of San Diego
    i love you big time RUSH

  • Rachel, age 8 of Owings, MD
    I love big time rush becase I love their singing.

  • Erin, age 7
    I love it

  • Gracie, age 7 of U.S.A

  • Teri, age 6 of NJ
    my friends toght big time rush was a blast.

  • Selah, age 7 of Sanger, CA
    i love you big time rush you are cute and nice to me and very cute. big time rush is very very cute. I love you!

  • Rachel, age 10 of Gaffney, SC
    I really like them!

  • Elizabeth, age 9 of Illinois
    i love the album

  • Carson, age 9 of Rockford, IL
    I like you because my brother likes you.

  • Cisco, age 7 of Bradington
    I prictis your songs very day and it is amazing.

  • Selah, age 7 of Sanger
    big time rush is cute I love you

  • Elizabeth, age 7
    I love BIG TIME RUSH because I LOVE it vare cool BFF I LOVE you Big Time Rush

  • Karyme, age 9 of Chaula Vista, CA
    I love it because it has music and real cool boys who want to be a ROCK STAR!

  • Lilianan, age 10 of Delano
    cool like there singing

  • Emma, age 7 of Murrita, CA
    big time rush rocks

  • Putu, age 7 of Carbondale, CO
    I like it because of their songs!

  • Jackie, age 9 of Sacramento
    They are soooo AWESOME

  • Kaylee, age 7 of KY
    Big time rush I LOVE YOU

  • Seth, age 11
    I do not like this show at all. It's comedy is slapstick and not good. What's really annoying is their added sound effects and music. It really doesn't need that. I realize they used to have that in Ned's Declassified, but Ned's was actually FUNNY. 1 star, not that great.

  • Sarah, age 6 of Roswell, GA
    LOVE IT!

  • Angelis, age 7 of OH
    i am your biggs fan and I like your moves so much and you are the best to me and I like you as a friend for ever

  • Malia, age 7 of Pontiac, MI
    love it!!!

  • Kaylie, age 8 of Fort Worth, TX
    I do not like Big Time Rush.

  • Alissa, age 14 of Olympia, WA
    They're the reincarnation of the boy pop bands of the late 90s, instead they're overexposed and their music aren't very good. The only ones that have decent voices are Carlos and Logan at times. So, they're average I guess.

  • Angela, age 11 of Fort Wayne, IN
    B. T. R. is awesome

  • Jairo, age 11 of Atlanta, GA
    love it rockin sound

  • Nikki, age 11 of Minneapolis, MN
    The first time I heard their song, I just wanted to hear more! 5 toes for you!

  • Adria, age 9 of Canada
    they are so awesome!!! I am crazy about them. in one show logen dressed up as a girl to go to a school for girls and then he took off his wig and than a bunch of girls was beating him up and kicked him out HA! HA! HA!

  • Dionne, age 7 of NY
    I like btr cause they handsome

  • Melanie of Aronld, MD
    I like that band and I like that song to and the boy are cute

  • Charlotte, age 8 of VA
    i love it so muth

  • Leeanne, age 14 of Evansville, IN
    i do not like them

  • Katie, age 10 of Dallas, GA
    omg btr is awesome!!!

  • Charlie, age 6
    til I forget about you is such a good song!!!

  • Natasha, age 7 of Escondido, CA
    they are awesome

  • Autumn, age 15 of Cass City, MI
    love you guys

  • Brody of Roland, PA
    They're cute, but they lipsynch.

  • Daniel, age 7 of Quenns
    you should wath big time rush because it has funny sound fx

  • Mallory, age 11 of Scottsdale, AZ
    Not my thing. They are okay at singing but their songs are not catchy. Also they only have like one album!

  • Jordan, age 9 of St. Augustine, FL
    I like B. T. R. because they are four brothers from different mothers. They get along so well thats why they are like brothers. I love their music!!! Is the music recorder from the show their actull music recorder in real life???

  • Jada, age 11 of Dover
    I love big time rush because they are so cool! I love them.

  • Jr., age 7 of Kansas, MO
    i like your songs

  • Haley, age 10 of Knoxville, IA
    i love there songs there singing and there all really cute!!!

  • Shaylane of Ann Arbor, MI
    I Love Big Time Rush I Like Kendall James And Carlos So I Give It 5 Toes

  • Mili
    there great, you can relate to their songs and their cute too.

  • Ashton, age 6 of GA
    I love this song Big Time Rush do you want to till I forget about you na na na na na na till I forget about you!!!

  • Joel, age 7 of Woodside
    love it because I love your song

  • Sabrina, age 9 of Duluth, GA
    I love big time rush I think their music is awsome

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