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Angry Birds
has 1,939 votes. Recent average is 4 toes!

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Your Reviews
  • Hanna, age 10 of OH
    I some what like angry birds, it has gotten old to me.

  • Kai, age 7 of Jacksonville, FL
    So many editions! My fave: Angry Birdz Rio 2!

  • Jada, age 8 of Bostic, NC
    i love angry birds because it is the best game I ever played in my whole live life.

  • Nicholle, age 13 of Siler City, MI
    I like angry birds because I can pass the level. But now I like my favorite game Angry Birds Rio.

  • Aidan, age 5 of Oswego, IL
    I like the sounds.

  • Michael, age 13 of Silver City, WA
    I like because you play Angry birds on your Ipad, Iphone, Htc Phone, or different types of it.

  • Kathryn, age 6 of Chicago
    i like the blue bird. because he splits into 3. and he is cute.

  • Narottam, age 12 of La Crosse, FL
    I don't like the game because it has pigs & I don't like pigs but the Rio version is better because it has monkeys & I like monkeys

  • Jordan, age 12 of Miami, FL
    This game is so awesome. I have all 3 games: Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio! They're all super fun.

  • Randy, age 8 of Lincoln, CA
    I used to love it. Here's the problem: 1. I have to play on my mom's iPhone.

  • Laura, age 9 of Rush City, MN
    I like it. It's hard though.

  • Alisha, age 7 of Gretna
    Angry Birds ROCK!!!

  • Evan, age 7 of MI
    i have play Angry Birds it's cool very cool

  • Megan
    Amazing!!! TOP-NOTCH!!!

  • Nick, age 10
    it is fun but it is also hard

  • Katie, age 5 of Talyor, TX
    i love it!

  • Aditi, age 7 of Dayton, OH
    I love to play it so much!!!

  • Mira, age 6 of Branford, CT
    this game is the best!!! I love making angry birds & mean pigs from clay! My favorite is The RED BIRD & the Queen piggy I love wearing my angry bird shirt!

  • Gene, age 9 of L.A., CA

  • Theo of St. Louis
    i love it my famly plays it

  • Elizabeth, age 10 of Harrisburg, NC
    Angry Birds is AWESOME!!! I like the pigs. They're cool. I also love the birds. The whole point that I'm trying to get to here is that it's an AWESOME FUN COOL new game.

  • Omar, age 10 of Crowely, TX
    its the best thing I got on my ipod yet

  • Gregory, age 8 of Baldwinsville, NY
    It is the best game in the world

  • Pokedigimon Fan, age 11 of Brightwaters, NY
    angry birds is awesome but very challenging the birds and pigs are so cute!

  • Alexis, age 9 of Orland Park, IL
    i LOVE angry birds!!! my dad has it on is iphone

  • Shanani, age 11
    It is fun and a good on the go game.

  • Joseph, age 10 of Baldwinsville, NY
    It is so cool I could play it for 80000 hours

  • Fafa, age 10 of Los Angeles, CA
    it is such a fun game, I really love it so much!!

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