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Send Miss Doolee your silly riddles

Jace, age 9 of Marksville, LA wrote:
I love vanilla but I don't like choclate.

Alex of Blaine, TN wrote:
Fannee Doolee likes wallets but doesn't like purses, why you think that is?

Jackson, age 12 of Lillington, NC wrote:
FaNNEE DOOlEE likes bEEs but doesn't like bugs.
FaNNEE DOOlEE likes huMMing but doesn't like music.
FaNNEE DOOlEE likes FaNNEE DOOlEE but doesn't like herself.
Why do think that is?

Luciano, age 9 of Laredo, TX wrote:
Fanne Doodle likes jelly but she doesn't like jam. Why do you thing is that?

Tommy, age 4 of Albuquerque, NM wrote:
Fannee Doolee likes coffee but doesn't like drinks.

Nicholle, age 13 of Silver City, MI wrote:
Fannee Doolee like laggoons but doesn't like lakes. Say what???

Barakah, age 10 of State College, PA wrote:
Fannee Doolee likes riddles but doesn't like jokes. Why do you think that is?

Emma, age 9 of Newton, MA wrote:
Fannee doolee likes books but not reading what?

Liz, age 12 of Murfreesboro, TN wrote:
Fannee Doolee likes tennis, but doesn't like racquet ball. Why do you think that is?

The trick to FaNNEE DOOlEE is that she likes anything with double leTTers. So, she likes swEEts, but doesn't like candy. She likes dEEr and mOOse, but not antelope. She
enjoys a gOOd guFFaw, but she doesn't like to laugh. Now why do you think that is?