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Hi! I'm Zoe!

I love to watch scary old moviesI'm playful, optimistic, outgoing and feisty. Other ZOOMers would probably say I'm wild and grounded. I like any ZOOMactivity that involves action! I also love reading all your emails in Zmail. My favorite thing about being on ZOOM is coming in every morning knowing I'll have even more fun than I did the day before!

I'm a righty, but I wear my watch on my right hand tooWhen I'm not on the ZOOM set, I keep myself busy. Other than ZOOM, I'm not pursuing acting too much, but I plan to pursue it later in life. During the summer, I work with kids, baby-sitting and being a Counselor in Training. I also hang out with friends and spend time at amusement parks and our beach house.

I definitely think that ZOOM has changed my life in small and huge ways. A day never goes by when I don't hear the word ZOOM! Some people treat me differently because I'm on the show, but I never want people to think that I'm artificial because I'm on TV -- I'm mainly an average kid! I think in twenty years I'll look back on my ZOOM experience and remember it as something I can always be proud of and tell my kids about.

And to all of the ZOOMers out there: THANK YOU! Not just for watching, but for being so nice!

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