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Hi, I'm Shing Ying!
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My Coloring Page

My Coloring



Pet Profile:


Sibling status:

Two older sisters.

More about me:

My family is hard working, intelligent, and determined. They are really supportive of what I do. One of the things we like to do is go to the beach together. Even though we don't go that often we always have fun picnicking in the sand. We also have a couple of family traditions. Every Chinese New Year, my sisters and I get red envelopes and eat sticky cakes.

A few talents:

I can speak Mandarin Chinese fluently, a little bit of French, and Pig Latin, if that counts! I can also make a 3-leaf clover with my tongue. I write and eat with my right hand, but I'm a lefty when I play some sports.

The coolest gift ever:

My parents gave me a computer. It was great because I use it every day and I write plays with it.

Favorite photograph:

I like all the photographs of when I used to skate. There's one with me on a podium and I have two medals and I'm holding a small bear I received from my coach.

And to all the ZOOMers out there:

We're all the same; we're all equals. People should love you for WHO you are, not WHAT you are.

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