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Hi! I'm Pablo.

I'm outgoing, playful and cool to chill with. I think other ZOOMers would describe me as hilarious and cool. My favorite hobbies are acting and hanging out with my friends. Inspired by CafeZOOM, you'll find me enjoying steak and mashed potatoes at home.

The only thing I didn't like about ZOOM was gaining 10 pounds.I think being on ZOOM really has changed me. Playing the ZOOMgames has taught me how to be a better sport. The ZOOMscis and ZOOMdos help me with my academics. From cooking at CafeZOOM, I'm learning how to be a better cook instead of burning things all the time. Acting in ZOOMplayhouse has given me better acting skills and helped me with improvisation.

I've always wanted to be an actor and still do.But the best thing about being a ZOOMer? All the behind the scenes stuff... being here with all sorts of great people, being in front of the cameras, wearing a mic, you know, the whole pie! Check out Behind the Scenes to see what it's like!

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