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Hey! I'm Keiko.

I wanted to be an actress, but now I want to be a doctor.I'm outgoing and love to run, swim, dance, bike and in-line skate. I think other ZOOMers would describe me as sweet, intelligent and gullible. My favorite part of the ZOOMweb site is ZOOMer 101. Sometimes it even stumps me! I love CafeZOOM, and at home I love to cook pork chops or eat pizza for breakfast, but only once in a while! When I grow up, I want to be a pediatrician for special needs kids and help to end discrimination.

Since I was on ZOOM, I got a new dog named Pearlie.Since starting ZOOM, I've grown a little taller and don't have braces anymore. Being on ZOOM has been great and getting recognized is really cool. But my favorite thing about being a ZOOMer is just playing in the ZOOMroom, our own space for hanging out between taping. That's the best!

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Keiko's signature

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