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I'm Jessica!

I'm a finicky eater.You can call me Jessie! I'm really into writing and sports. I play basketball, and I'm thinking of taking up soccer! During the summer, I usually go to a writing camp and then spend time in Maine. I also have fun just hanging out at home!

I like lots of ZOOMactivities, but I think ZOOMgames are my favorite. Butterfly Cake is my favorite CafeZOOM treat, and Flinker is the coolest ZOOMsci! My favorite part of part of this site is the Behind the Scenes Snaps because I can see lots of funny ZOOMer pictures. I also like to play Whose Chair? game. My favorite thing about being on ZOOM? Our hangout, the ZOOMroom, definitely! The beanbags, the Fairyland... everything about it is awesome!

I like to play basketball.Being on ZOOM changed me because it gave me more life experience working with people and trying new things. Some people do treat me differently because I was on ZOOM. Different people that I don't know talk to me, and sometimes my friends talk about the show. In twenty years, I think I'll look back on my ZOOM experience and say, "Oh, wow! I can't believe it's been twenty years! That was so much fun! Let's do it again!"

And to all of the ZOOMers out there: Thanks for watching and being so supportive. Keep on writing and being creative and original!

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Jessica's signature

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