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Hi! I'm Jared.

after school I love to go rock climbingI'm optimistic, smart and outgoing. Besides that, I love to talk with my mouth shut! I think other ZOOMers would describe me as very funny and creative. When I grow-up, I'd love to be a movie director and make blockbuster movies. I love to listen to Aerosmith, watch WWF on TV and surf the web. And speaking of the web, the Ubbi Dubbi Translator is one of the best parts of the ZOOMweb site. Chubeck ubit ubout!

the best thing about being on zoom was making 6 really good friendsMy silliest ZOOMmoment had to be when I played Miss America in a ZOOMplayhouse. But one of the best things about being a ZOOMer was helping Anthony, a ZOOMcrew member make ZOOMgifts for everyone who worked on ZOOM.

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Jared's signature

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