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I'm Garrett.

my favorite number is oneIf you asked other ZOOMers to describe me, I think they'd say I'm exuberant and silly (when I'm not napping). I'd say that I'm also respectful of other people. I live with my mom, dad and sister who are always there to cheer me on in sports. One of our cool family traditions is that my dad and I make fried dough on Sunday mornings.

I make movies with my friends.On the ZOOMset, I'm famous for doing impersonations and the rendition of "On Top Of My Pizza" that I sing with Matt when we are chefs for the Pizza Place. My favorite ZOOM activities are ZOOMsci, especially the Lemon Battery activity. The goofiest thing I've done on ZOOM is acting like I'm on a soap opera for the play Ya Reckon. So be sure to check it out in ZOOMplayhouse!

To all the ZOOMers out there: Thanks for watching! Keep ZOOMin' everyone and follow your dreams!
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