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Hi! I'm Estuardo!

I can sing in different pitchesSome people call me Essy because my name can be hard to say. Even though I'm sometimes shy, other ZOOMers would say I'm funny, caring and a lot of fun. I live with my grandmother, cousin, mom, dad and brother. We're always going places together. I think that's pretty unique. One of my favorite family traditions is when we eat tamales at Christmas, we add a pinch of lemon for every tamale we've eaten.

My favorite game is freeze tag.On the ZOOMset, I'm known for being a great dancer. I love to dance and take lessons and perform Mexican Folk Dances as part of the volunteer work I do. What do you do to ZOOM Into Action?

I love doing ZOOMplayhouse, and my favorite ZOOMsci activity is Coloring Flowers. Check it out and see if you can turn a flower blue or even orange!

To all the ZOOMers out there: THANKS for watching! We're having a blast making the show. Remember if you take a risk to achieve your goals, you'll have more confidence in yourself for the next time.
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