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Hey, I'm Eric.

I most admire Will Smith because he's a great actor and singer.I'm tall, strong and quick, and I think the other ZOOMers would describe me as funny, friendly and smart. I love to run, dance, play games and act. I live with my mom and little brother, who are both very cool in their own ways.

I like to speak Spanish.On the ZOOMset, I'm famous for being the cast jokester. When I'm not on the set, you can find me munching on my favorite food, mac and cheese. Do you like ZOOMtreats? Check out CafeZOOM! Because I love to run, I really like all of the ZOOMgames, especially Seal Soccer. The Ubbi Dubbi Translator on the site rocks. So, chubeck ubit ubout! I also like to speak Spanish.

And to all you ZOOMers out there: Keep sending in your stuff. We love getting it and sooner or later, you may see it on the show or web site!
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