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Hi, I'm Emily!
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My Coloring Page

My Coloring


Em or Emi

Pet Profile:


Sibling status:

Two brothers.

More about me:

My family is all smart and funny. We love to help out other people and talk together. Every Sunday we go to church and then go out to lunch. We all take turns picking where to go.

A few factoids:

My hobbies are writing stories and drawing. I also write myself notes and give myself pep-talks. One note I wrote said, "Emily, Get up! You know what you've got to do today! Get up! Get Up! Now!" Aside from that I like to read and play with my friends.

Biggest parental zoops:

When I was about seven, two of my friends were over for a sleepover. My dad decided to play a trick on me. When we left the room, he snuck into my closet. When we started to go to sleep, he jumped out of the closet and yelled!!! We were so scared, and I was so embarrassed.

And to all the ZOOMers out there:

If you work hard, try your best, and follow your dreams, you can reach your biggest goals. Thanks for watching!

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