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Hi! I'm David.

I've been acting in community theaterI'm fun, smart, funny, caring and nice. I think other ZOOMers would describe me as intelligent and energetic. My favorite school subjects are social studies and math. I love to watch baseball, basketball, soccer, football and boxing. If I could change one thing about the world, I'd find homes for every homeless person.

my new kitten jasmine likes to sit on my shoulderWhen I'm not on the ZOOM set, I'm busy learning lots of new things, like chess, and playing lots of baseball and basketball. (My teammates have nicknamed me "ZOOM!") Besides making Dirt Pudding at CafeZOOM, one of my favorite ZOOMmoments was singing the National Anthem at Fenway Park and stepping on the sacred ground of Carl Yaztremski, Babe Ruth, Ted Williams and Roger Clemens! The game was great and I really had fun meeting all the ZOOMfans who came to say hi.

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