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Caroline's coloring page
My Coloring

Hi! I'm Caroline.

I like to swim, go tubing and work in the garden.I think I'm funny, silly and crazy. Other ZOOMers would probably agree, and say that I'm also a good friend. My family is really great! Besides my mom and dad, I have a brother and sister. They've given me the nickname "Carolinamoon" because my Dad and Grandpa used to sing me a song about "Carolina Moon Keep Shining." We also have a bunch of pets: a dog named Katie, a bunny named Zoe, two fish and many more!

Funny habits? I sing in the shower.On the ZOOMset, I'm famous for my imagination. Have you seen the snapshot of the fairyland I made in the ZOOMroom, our hang out place when we're not on the set? Check it out in the Behind the Scenes Virtual Studio. It's very cool. My favorite ZOOMactivity is the ZOOMsci Dancing Raisins. See if you can make some raisins dance!

And to all the ZOOMers out there: Hope you enjoy the show! We have a blast making it. You should see all of the funny bloopers that happen. C'mon and ZOOM!
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