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ZOOM Egg Vehicle


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The ZOOMers

The ZOOM vehicle meets the egg drop

Materials Needed

  • string
  • eggs
  • ten rubber bands
  • uncooked spaghetti
  • straws
  • tape



  1. Check with a grown-up before you begin. And be sure to do this outside!
  2. Your challenge is to build a vehicle that will stop an egg from breaking when it slides down a string and smashes into a wall.
  3. You can only use 10 rubber bands and as much uncooked spaghetti as you want. A small part of your egg should always be showing.
  4. To test out your vehicle, attach it to a straw. Carefully thread the string through the straw. Attach the string at an angle between two walls with tape. Let the vehicle go.
  5. Did your vehicle keep the egg from cracking?

Be sure to send your designs to ZOOM.

Some of your Results

Joshua, age 10 of Pratt City, AL wrote:
It rolled and the egg burst. some how it was a good experament.

Shaquisha, age 11 of Mississippi wrote:
it didn't brake for the frist time

Catherine, age 7 of Altmar, NY wrote:
It went sorda slow & fast.

Muhammad, age 10 of East Lansing, MI wrote:
The egg didn't broke and it was very cool.

Hannah, age 12 of Bakersfield, CA wrote:
I had made a egg carton and it turned out really good and I was able to make a balloon

Brooke, age 13 of Marion, ND wrote:
I got diffrent supplies and put an egg in the strap and made it work

Avril, age 16 of Orlando, FL wrote:
It was cool and its so fun to do it.

Sammi, age 13 of York, PA wrote:
It didn't break great idea!!!

Jojauni, age 8 of Houston, TX wrote:
It spind around and flipt!

Stefi, age 11 of Houston, TX wrote:
The egg didint break after many tries.

Jessie, age 12 of Los Angeles, CA wrote:
The egg broke.

Courtney, age 14 of Lapeer, MI wrote:
It didnt beak it was spectacular!!! But if you use pudding it works too.

Myranda, age 11 of Pensacola, FL wrote:
When I did it I did it with a ramp and put the egg in an seatbelt then I tried the egg without a seatbelt. With the seatbelt it did not break but, without the seatbelt it broke.

Jeremy, age 9 of Somerset wrote:
I did it so many times and it never broke, it was cool!

Alyssa, age 12 of Yarmouth, NS wrote:
When I did the zoom egg vehicle I fount that the most use full item was three peices of cotton. Try placing it around the egg so that it's safe when it bangs into walls.

Stephanie, age 14 of Detroit, MI wrote:
Well it kind of like a small car and you have a seat belt for the egg and you hang it to a string and let go!

Brandon, age 13 of Flint, MI wrote:
The first time I did it the egg was safe.

ZOOM Fan, age 11 of Honolulu, HI wrote:
I figured out that if you use rubberbands and cover the egg and try to drop it, the egg would be unharmed.

Nicole of Dupont, WA wrote:
At first, I put cooked spaghetti so it didnt work. But then later I realized that I was supposed to use UNCOOKED spaghetti. The egg broke.

Matthew, age 7 of Tullahoma, TN wrote:
My egg did not break.

Rebeka, age 12 of Wylie wrote:
The egg didn't break.

Derrick, age 10 of Lockport, LA wrote:
The egg broke.

Marvin, age 11 of Inglewood, CA wrote:
It fell out alot of times but then it started to work.

Terrance, age 13 of Jackson, MS wrote:
It didn't work that good at first but I got it working.

Brian, age 12 of Boston, MA wrote:
What happened was it didnt break I thought it was going to break because I didnt know that the rubber bands and the uncooked spaghetti would hold a uncooked egg. My cosin tryed the same thing but her egg broke she thought that the number of spaghetti and number of rubber bands would affect the amont of pressure that would cause the egg to break.

Allison & Stephen of Winchester, MA wrote:
The first time it broke and then we tried it again with more straws and more spaghetti it worked than for fun we sent it from the air and made a mess.

Breanna, age 12 of Old Orchard Beach wrote:
I did try the zoom egg vehicle, and I tried it with one egg It did not crack. So then I tried it with two eggs. One cracked after three eggs. They all cracked.

Brandon, age 9 of Zionsville, IN wrote:
When I did it it crashed in the wall and broke ten tmes then I pt more spagetti on and it dint break.

Shivani, age 11 of Edison, NJ wrote:
The egg fell out a lot of times, but when I added more spagetti, it did not.

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