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Upside-Down Mobile


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Diego of Wallingford, CT

Build a fab desktop whatsit from a bunch of stuff.

Materials Needed

  • plastic straws
  • scissors
  • clay
  • construction paper or cardboard
  • a sharpened pencil
  • string
  • tape



  1. First, take a chunk of clay and place it on the table.
  2. Take the pencil and stick the eraser in the clay.
  3. Take some clay and roll it.
  4. Take a straw and wrap the clay around the center of the straw.
  5. Cut enough string so that you can string it through the straw and it hangs out both ends.
  6. Once you put the string though the straw balance it on the tip of the pencil.
  7. Cut out two shapes from the construction paper.
  8. Take your shape and tape it to the end of the string.
  9. Then, take another piece of tape and attach the other shape to the other end of the string so that it balances.
  10. To build another level, you have to cut a short piece of straw.
  11. Take a piece of clay, wrap it around the end of the first straw, and attach the little piece.
  12. And now you just do the whole thing all over again.
  13. Take another straw, some clay, and wrap the clay around the middle of the straw.
  14. Again, cut enough string so that it hangs out the ends of the straw.
  15. Place it on the small piece of straw. Since it tips, you want to make sure it balances, so take some clay and wrap it around the other end. If you add weight to one side of the straw you have to add weight to the other side so that it balances.
  16. Now cut out 2 more shapes and tape them to the string.

Some of your Results

Joi, age 10 of Dundar, WV wrote:
i have a new little sister and she saw it so I let her play with it and she had a blast

Dara, age 10 of Fort Lauderdale, FL wrote:
I discovered that you can make upside-down mobile by using:small cardborad and some tape a straw palastic wheels and 4 rims.

Ashley, age 12 of Richfield, NC wrote:
When I did an Upside-Down Mobile it all fell down and it also went every where.

Heather, age 10 of Destin, FL wrote:
When I did mine, mine wouldn't stay up ither. Though it was a lot of fun building it!!!

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