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Sent in by:
Erica of Brooklyn, NY

Do you think you can defy gravity?

Materials Needed

  • plastic pitcher with a handle
  • small rubber ball (like a ball you'd use to play "jacks")



  1. Can you figure out a way to carry a ball in a pitcher while the pitcher is upside down? Hint: it has to do with how you move the pitcher.

What kinds of things did you try? What happened? Try experimenting with a narrow and a wide pitcher. Which holds the ball better when it's upside down? Why? Share your conclusions with other ZOOMers through our special feedback area. Each week, we'll publish a whole bunch right here!

Some of your Results

Sartaaj, age 6 of Etobicoke, ON wrote:
Well, I told this to my class about it and so our teacher started a new chapter called something like "centrifugal force". It was pretty cool! If you do it with a lot of force, it stays there! Even upside down. We tried it with water upsite do dow. It didn't work. Then I tried it in a small toy bucket. Mrs. S. told me to spin around with the bucket. Believe it or not, the water didn't pour out! It was just horizontal! Mrs. S. also told us thisi s the way roller coasters don't let people fall out even without seatbelts.

Olivia, age 10 of Ellwood City, PA wrote:
I started of with a large ball But it kept falling so I used a smaller ball and it worked.

Elisa, age 11 of Las Vegas, NV wrote:
The ball did not work. But when I used a smaller ball it so worked. It was cool!!

Stacy, age 11 of Bridgeport, MI wrote:
When I first tried it the ball kept falling. Then I tried it again and it worked. Then I tried it with bigger balls, and I found out that if you do it with bigger balls it is easier!!!

Camille, age 11 of San Antonio, TX wrote:
Well, first what I did is I spinned it, and it stayed in the container!!! It looked very cool.

Sara, age 10 of Holmdel, NJ wrote:
I swirled the pitcher around and around until I transported the ball to the other counter I was using. It was really cool how I was able to prevent gravity from pulling the ball down.

Dejeunet, age 11 of Chicago, IL wrote:
I was so suprised when it had worked. Me and my little brother did it was so so so cool.

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