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The School Age Childcare in Upper Arlington, OH

Be part of another live experiment, here at the ZOOM web site. We want to know who has more fillings, boys or girls? How many fillings do YOU have? Be a part of this world-wide ZOOMentific experiment!



So far, 203,600 girls have a total of 905,134 fillings and 115,546 boys have 774,066 fillings altogether.

So boys have more, with an average of 6.7 fillings each and girls have less, with an average of 4.4 fillings each.

Now, go count the fillings of people you know. You can use kids or adults. Tell us how many girls you counted and how many fillings they had, and how many boys you counted, and how many fillings they had. Click once for each person. Tell us whether they're boys or girls (men or women too), and how many fillings each person has. The page will come back with YOUR totals included.

Some of your Results

Kassidee, age 10 of Haslett, MI wrote:
when I did it at my school boys had way more Decav than girls

Abbey wrote:
i have bad teeth so no matter how much I brush/floss I still get cavities.

Ediejo, age 11 of Gretna, VA wrote:
I Have Probly had 2 fillings and I do not want anymore I also havebraces

Madeline, age 8 of PA wrote:
I have 0 caveties. I might need braces! My brother has 0 too.

Amber, age 14 of Easley, SC wrote:
I never had a cavity but, I got fillings so I wouldn't get them

Kirsten, age 4 of Boston, MA wrote:
iv gott 1 kavidy an gotts it filedd

Mikhaila, age 9 of Olathe, KS wrote:
I have two fillings and am getting a retaner soon

ZOOM Fan, age 11 wrote:
i never had fillings!! Hopefully i'll never WILL! But I mght havta get braces cuz of my overbite and overjet

Emily, age 11 of Jamaica, NY wrote:
I had only one cavity in a baby tooth but it fell out so I am not sure if it still counts.

Elaina, age 9 of Rock Island, IL wrote:
i have only had one filling on my baby tooth!

Michelle, age 10 of Indian Trail, NC wrote:
I had 1 cavity. And two fillings (in my back molars). The last tooth I lost got me $5. 00! I don't have braces, and I hope i'll never have to get them.

Sierra, age 11 of Clarksville, TN wrote:
i have 4 cavities als the dentist said I need braces just for my overbite

Jossa, age 8 wrote:
i have 4 fillings. my brother has 5.

Catherine, age 6 of San Antonio, TX wrote:
I HAVE 4 OR 5.

Analysha, age 14 of Peoria, IL wrote:
I ABSOUTELY have no fillings at all and I am so happy!!!

Mackenzie, age 10 of Phoenix, AZ wrote:
my brother has 5 fillings and my sister has none!

Clara, age 10 of Norfolk, VA wrote:
i have ABSULUTLY no cavities. so why do I need braces?

Jackson, age 10 of Mount Juliet, TN wrote:
I have 0 cavities!

Madisyn, age 8 of Lakeview, OH wrote:
i have 2 flings my sister has 7 I am gating brasis next month!! My mom will not let me have more than 3 pesis of candy a day *

April, age 14 of Cannes, France wrote:
I have 0 cavaties, my mom has 13 my dad has 3 and my big sister has 2.

Kinyada, age 11 of Waynesboro wrote:
I got nothing at all.

Denarra, age 10 of AR wrote:
I have 6 cavities and my brothers has 4. But my older brother has 9.

Tommy, age 5 of Columbus, GA wrote:
I don't have any fillings I like candy, but my mom wont let me have more than two peaces a day.

Kiahna, age 7 of Rockhaven, SK wrote:
I no fillings at all.

Christofer, age 9 of Everett, WA wrote:
Some of the girls are wrong. Girls have MORE fillings in their teeth because if you check the results on the tooth decay feedback Girls have 800, 000 something fillings in their teeth and boys have 700, 000 something fillings in their teeth. and in my survey I did at school and my family I discover that 95. 5% of the girls have filling in their teeth. Boys have the results of 6. 1% of fillings in their teeth. And the results of no fillings are Boys:93. 9% and Girls:4. 5%. So you can see that girls have more filling in their teeth.

Nik of Wermelskirchen, Germany wrote:
I had one big filling in a milk tooth, but now my teeth are cavity and filling free.

Rebecca, age 10 of Newbury Park, CA wrote:
I have never had any cavaties in my life and my old friend thinks getting cavaties is fun because he gets a toy after.

Sara, age 11 of Gresham, OR wrote:
Well I have only one cavity so it wasent that hard. allthough I do brush very good.

Alanis, age 8 of Miami Lakes, FL wrote:
I dont have cavities or fillings. I dont eat so much sweets. But my brother has one cavitie. and he eats so much sweets... boy.. he doesnt brush his teeth so good only fast...

Danny, age 11 of Billerica, MA wrote:
I had 8 cavities.

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