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Tooth Decay


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Sent in by:
The School Age Childcare in Upper Arlington, OH

Be part of another live experiment, here at the ZOOM web site. We want to know who has more fillings, boys or girls? How many fillings do YOU have? Be a part of this world-wide ZOOMentific experiment!



So far, 203,598 girls have a total of 905,133 fillings and 115,545 boys have 774,056 fillings altogether.

So boys have more, with an average of 6.7 fillings each and girls have less, with an average of 4.4 fillings each.

Now, go count the fillings of people you know. You can use kids or adults. Tell us how many girls you counted and how many fillings they had, and how many boys you counted, and how many fillings they had. Click once for each person. Tell us whether they're boys or girls (men or women too), and how many fillings each person has. The page will come back with YOUR totals included.

Some of your Results

Calista, age 13 of Milan, PA wrote:
I only have 1 more filling to get. next week.

Emma, age 7 of Corpus Christi, TX wrote:
My sister's have had cavitys. My youngest sister has the worse mouth. she has more than 3 cavitys. I other sister had only 1 cavity

Elizabeth, age 10 of San Antonio, TX wrote:
(Thankfully) I don't have any tooth decay, fillings, or crowns. But, I do have sealants to keep my molars from decaying. Hurrah!

Jai, age 6 of Orlando, FL wrote:
i got a cavity.

Heaven, age 10 of Bowling Green, KY wrote:
I have had three cavities. I did not have to have metal fillings though, thankfully, they used a different kind. After I have had those fillings I ALWAYS make sure to brush my teeth atleast twice a day.

Krista, age 14 of Montgomery, AL wrote:
im 14 and i've had atleast 1 cavity on all my teeth but luckily only my top teeth are silver. so ive had alot of trips to the dentist.

Caitlyn, age 8 of Graham, NC wrote:
i had a painful cavity.

Lacey, age 14 of San Diego, CA wrote:
I have had 12 cavities at once before that meant 4 trips to the dentist. I have 16 fillings in my teeth my mouth taste like metal. My sister has 10 cavities filled, my mom has a lot of fillings. Everytime we all go to the dentist my mom always has had a cavity, last time though she had 6 cavities.

Madison, age 9 of PA wrote:
I have 1 crown, and 1 filling. My brother has 1 filling and this might sound painful but he had a moler pulled out so they could put a spacer in. My sister has 3 fillings.

Sarah, age 8 of Mount Bethel, PA wrote:
I have 6 fillings. It really hurt. Once I had to get 2 fillings in 1 day! But, then I got a cool prize!

Nicole, age 13 of Nj, NJ wrote:
I had 3 tooth decays but they were not that bad and I am getting them filled so I won't have them anymore. YAY!!!

Alliyah, age 11 of Memphis, TN wrote:
Thank goodness I have 0 tooth decays, but I'm getting braces soon.

Danila, age 6 of Portland, ME wrote:
I had 9 fillings.

Lily, age 7 of Mt. Juliet, TN wrote:
i only have 1 tiny cavity in a baby tooth.

Sydney, age 5 wrote:
i have 0 and I am so glad. it is rel nice having 0.

Lane, age 10 of New Orleans, LA wrote:
I ate to much junk food and I had to get crowns on 3 of my teeth and I had 1 tooth pulled. It didn't hurt at all!

Josefina, age 13 of Santa Fe, NM wrote:
I have uno cavity.

Katherine, age 8 of Lowell, MA wrote:
My friend Jackie has 3 cavities and 1 cap. I have 1 cavitiy and braces. I getting my braces taken off on Janaury 2010.

Elizabeth, age 9 of Green Forest, AR wrote:
it kinda hurt but im ok. I have one filling.

Ilie, age 7 of New York, NY wrote:
4 girls, 5 boys.

Lily, age 9 of Colorado Springs, CO wrote:
I have two fillings and I might need braces! My 2 fillings are on my baby teeth, so they will fall out.

Dalton, age 11 of Cleveland, OK wrote:
I have 3 cavities and 1 cap. When you get one it really hurts. So try not to get any.

Mandi, age 9 of Richmond, AZ wrote:
i have had 13 fillings all in adult teeth. it really hurts to get them filled. I got 13 fillings because I do not brush my teeth at all and in my class girls have had 99 cavities and boys have had 0.

Mikaela, age 9 of Canton, OH wrote:
i don't have any fillings! But I chipped half of my front tooth when I was playing a basket ball game, I got hit in the face with the ball... but I didn't get a filling... yet.

Emily, age 8 of Ferrellsburg, WV wrote:
I went to the dentist and got my filling. I got a cool prize afterwards.

Luc, age 7 of Portland, OR wrote:
I've never had a cavitie, so I never got any fillings, caps, or crowns!

Elizabeth, age 9 of Tampa, FL wrote:
i have none! (i once triped on a sofa and now 1/2 of my tooth is fake).

Hope, age 10 of NY wrote:
I have no cavities! But my sister has a two small ones because when she was a baby she had many ear infections so most of the enamel came off her teeth. She said it did not hurt!

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