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Tongue Rollers


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Sent in by:
Aaron of Bozeman, MT

Be part of a live, international science experiment right here. We want to know if an equal number of boys and girls can roll their tongues.


Can you do it?

Choose the button that matches you and click it to add yourself to the tally:

We can see that 40% of boys surveyed can roll their tongues and 85% of girls can roll their tongues.

Of the total, 73% can tongue roll and 27% cannot.

Is there a pattern you can identify? Can you explain the pattern? Now, go count how many of your friends and relatives can roll their tongues. Click once for each person. Tell us whether they're boys or girls (men or women too) and if they can tongue roll. The page will come back with YOUR totals included.

Some of your Results

Jordan, age 8 of Oakland, CA wrote:
So cool, I can breath when my tongue is rolled too.

Joshua, age 9 of Kenosha, WI wrote:
it hurts

Amani, age 6 of Hartone, CA wrote:
it felt weird!

Maddi, age 13 of Toms River, NJ wrote:
This is a genetic trait inherited from your parents. If both of your parents can not roll your tongue, then there is no way that you will be able to do it. I f one of your parents can roll there tongue then there is a 50 percent chance you will be able to. If both parents can perform this than there is a 25 percent chance you will be able to rol your tongue. Sadlty if you can't do it, there is no way how to teach yourself how.

Rishabh, age 5 of Oviedo, FL wrote:
it is hard

Kay Kay, age 10 of KY wrote:
it feels cool I do it all the time

Misty, age 9 of Frankfort, KS wrote:
it feels really cool!!!

Larna, age 9 of Greens wrote:
it was like an tunnel.

Amelia, age 7 of Marblehead, MA wrote:

Jay, age 7 of Cordova wrote:
I did it while I was watching the results for the people who could roll their tongue and who couldn't roll their tongue... but BEWARE... if you do it too much, your tongue will hurt. Badly. because my tongue hurt when I rolled my tongue too long.

Sarah, age 13 of Toronto, ON wrote:
i was able to roll my tongue. it is a genetic trait. the ability to roll your tongue is dominant. this is what my dad just told me.

Zena, age 14 of Grenada wrote:
it felt fun to do I did it right away as soon as I read it. it was very easy to do it was so cool

Abby, age 13 of Orlando, FL wrote:
I did it right away. It is very fun to do. I read in my science book that it is a genetic thing. There are also many other genetic things like if you have a straight hairline or a widows peak, or attached or unattached earlobes.

Samantha, age 15 of Sacramento, CA wrote:
I found I can roll my tongue with no problem. My entire family can.

Lizette, age 9 of South Gate, CA wrote:
It was very easy. The first time, I did it completely.

Keiona, age 12 of East Orange, NJ wrote:
the first time I rolled mi tongue was when I was 3. to me rolling my tongue is easy. lots of people think that is hard. I tried and tried and it got fun.

Alexander, age 6 of New York, NY wrote:
it worked. I can do it.

Eden, age 13 of Fort Worth, TX wrote:
it was really easy!!!

Kiara, age 13 of NY wrote:
My little brother and me can both roll our tongues into this weird shape. We laugh when our dad tries to do it.

Lily, age 7 of Mt. Juliet, TN wrote:
i could do it right away.

Shania, age 9 of San Jose, CA wrote:
it was hard.

Bubba, age 11 of IL wrote:
i found out that me and my cousins could do it!!!

Amani, age 7 of Shaker Heights, OH wrote:
I looked silly but I did it and so did my Nana.

Renee of New York, NY wrote:
I did it.

Katherine, age 8 of Lowell, MA wrote:
I rolled my tounge like at least a trillion times since I was like 3 years old or something.

Caitlin, age 10 of Terrell wrote:
it rolled up like a burrito.

Hannah, age 10 of Phoenix, AZ wrote:
it felt wierd!

Kieran, Ruth Ann, and B'Elanna of MN wrote:
22 boys could roll their tongues. 6 boys could not roll their tongues. 17 girls could roll their tongues. 7 girls could not roll their tongues.

Dalton, age 11 of Cleveland, OK wrote:
When I rolled my tongue it wasn't hard, although it did feel weird.

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