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Sent in by:
Sarah of Smithfield, IL

Place these puzzling pieces in perfect order.

Materials Needed

  • Tangram Printable Activity page
  • scissors



  1. Check with a grown-up before you begin.
  2. A tangram is a puzzle made up of shapes. You can combine them in different arrangements to make different patterns. That's the cool thing about a tangram.
  3. To start, print the activity page and follow the directions!
  4. Sarah says that you need to use the seven shapes on the page to make one large square. You have to use all seven pieces or it doesn't count.

Can you think of more shapes that can be made from these seven tangram pieces? Try it out. And if you come up with a really interesting shape, send it to ZOOM.

Some of your Results

Katie, age 10 of NJ wrote:
we do tangrams in school every day. it is so much fun.

Melissa, age 8 of GA wrote:
Me and my friends, we had a race to see you won. Boys gets girls. We made up a rule, you have to make at less 3 or more to win. The girls won by 10 and boys lost by 3 points. We all had a good time. It was hard at frist, but we did it an won the game. The boys was not happy that we had won.

Madison, age 9 of Tempe, AZ wrote:
It was very, very, very, very hard at first. It took me almost an hour to figure it out. But finally, I got it.

Colleen, age 13 of Blacksburg, VA wrote:
I tried doing the tangrams and it worked well. My mom also gave me other shapes to make out of them. I even made a bird and a person.

Margaret, age 12 of Townsend, MA wrote:
I tried making the large square and I got it right away. I think this is because I am an abstract thinker, not a concrete thinker. There are two types of thinking, and an abstract thinker thinks in a more complex way than concrete. I always try to think of the hard solutions to things. Try making a bird. It's really fun and it's a challenge. Make sure that you use all the pieces of the tangram puzzle!!!

Andrea, age 13 of CA wrote:
I was able to make the Tangram. I've done this before at school. We made alot of different shapes. My classmates and I had a competition and we won!

Brycen, age 9 of Magna, UT wrote:
My teacher read me a story about 2 foxes that could transform into anything they wanted. They made up a game were they transform into something that can eat what the other one turned into. They transformed into a fox, squarrel, gold fish, aligator, seagull, dog and lion. I was able to made all this animals from the tangram.

A ZOOM Fan, age 10 wrote:
I was able to make a pentagon.

not yet implemented