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Super Golf Tower


your results

Sent in by:
Matt of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Make Tiger Woods proud by building a tower that can hold a golf ball at the top, out of 10 pieces of newspaper and 50 centimeters of tape.

Materials Needed

  • a golf ball
  • 10 pieces of newspaper
  • 50 centimeters of tape



  1. You figure it out.
  2. You can't tape the tower to the table to help it stand.
  3. Here's a hint from Matt: you can't just fold it the same way over all the time or it will fall.

Some of your Results

Seth, age 10 of Batesville, AR wrote:
it worked. But you nead to flat the paper out.

Spencer, age 6 of Orange, CA wrote:
I made my tower too tall, but then I decided that I should make it smaller, so I cut it off. I taped the top. I put my golf ball on it and it worked. This was fun.

Usman, age 10 of Cambridge, ON wrote:
I made a tower about 4 feet tall but it wasn't stable. It held the ball for 3. 5 seconds then tipped.

Barbie, age 10 of Miami, FL wrote:
The tower had fallen twice and the third time the golf ball did its magic.

Alexandra, age 9 of Perrysburg, OH wrote:
When I did Super Golf Tower it clapsed.

Thomas, age 13 of Portland, OR wrote:
I found out that you need a pretty sturdy base, I made mine sort of like a tripod. It worked pretty well, and the top of the tower was about 230cm high, so it worked pretty well. My teacher used the idea as a project.

Austin, age 11 of Myrtle Beach, SC wrote:
I made a tower that was 33 inches tall.

Brendan, age 11 of Dover, MA wrote:
I was able to make a golf tower that was 244 cm.

Alex, Gus, Andrew of Marlborough, MA wrote:
We made a tower that was 233 cm.

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