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Straw Tower


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Brett of BC

A skyscraper made of straws

Materials Needed

  • straws
  • scissors
  • straight pins
  • thimbles
  • shoe box
  • 100 pennies



  1. Build a skyscraper that can hold a shoebox filled with 100 pennies.
  2. You can only use straws and pins to build your skyscraper.
  3. Pins can be very sharp, so make sure you get permission to use them, and make sure to use thimbles to help press the pins through.
  4. Good luck!

How would you have to change your skyscrapers if you used something else, like tape, to connect the straws? Try it out, and if you come up with any cool designs, send them to ZOOM!

Some of your Results

Jasmine, age 10 of AZ wrote:
when I made my straw tower it stayed up for about 3 minites then it just fell apart it was so perfect

Iman, age 14 of Henrico, VA wrote:
i tried the tower and I used glue to help keep it together and when I was done it looked so awesome!!

Gloria, age 9 of Clearlake, CA wrote:
i usd clay to hold up the straws and I usd tape to hold them together. it looks really cool!

Dominique, age 10 of Miami, FL wrote:
wait happen is that I got started cause I was bored so I hand alot of extra straws so what I did was I connected one straw to another and it made a house. then I release my bother' birthdday was coming so I built him the tower it lasting for a long time I don't rember but it had to go down cause his cousins came over and by accident it was damage it took me three weeks to get it up (because of School) so that's my invetion

Deanna of Traverlers Rest, SC wrote:
I made a straw Tower but when I did it got harder and harder even thow you tried

Gianna, age 9 of PA wrote:
When I was building the straw tower it dident do anything. But it stayed there for 2 days. But my brother kicked it.

Sydney, age 8 of Watertown, SD wrote:
I did it. And it stayed so well you can touch it and it would not fall.

Dillan, age 11 of Tucson, AZ wrote:
I all fell down on me. It was exiting to make it 4 feet and 3 centemeters long with 30 dollars in straws. We only used about 75 % of the straws!

Yessenia, age 8 of Anchorage, AK wrote:
The base was an triangle and it was a pyramid and you keep stcking them and my pryamid reached to about 5"2.

Mckayla, age 10 of Forest Grove, OR wrote:
I tryed to put it together and it fell over but the second time I tryed to do it I did it a different way and it worked it toke me about two hours to do this project but it was very very fun

Destiny, age 7 of Phoenix, AZ wrote:
When I did this it was pretty cool. I built it taller than the one in the picture. It was the size if me. If I ever build this again I plan to build it bigger.

Keionna, age 12 of Wichita, KS wrote:
I put it together with 15 straws and it was very tall without having a hundred straws

Jasmonique, age 11 of IL wrote:
Well, when I finally went on zoom and saw the straw tower I just had to try it out because, I collect straws when I did it the first time it didn't stay but the next time I did it it stayed up just right.

Marissa, age 11 of Marlow, OK wrote:
We built tall sky scrapers in science class, using only 50 straws, 50cm of tape, & 25 paper clips. That is all!!! Our teacher got a ruler & laid it on top of our structure. She tied a piece of yarn on it, & attached the yarn to a bucket, which hung down from our structure. We put 657 grams in the bucket, then it collapsed!!! Our structure held the most grams!!! You try it like that!!!

Alexandrina, age 6 of Brentwood, NY wrote:
When I tried to make a straw tower at first it fell down and then I tried something different to help me and then it worked. What I did is put glue on it.

Samantha of Sedona, AZ wrote:
When I tried this I got up to 2 feet!!

Yanira, age 8 of New York, NY wrote:
Me and friend had a contest who ever did the tower the higest won and she won.

Jessica, age 6 of Cook Country, IL wrote:
It stayed up after I finshed it, It fell over 20 mins later.

Taylor, age 6 of Lawerenceville, NJ wrote:
I used eight straws to build my straw tower. And to my surprise, it did not colaspe.

Kayla, age 11 of Walnut, MS wrote:
It fell over 5 hours later.

Monica, age 12 of Chicago, IL wrote:
I used popsiclesticks and they held up for 3 day in a row.

Brandon, age 10 of Palmyra, ME wrote:
When I was doing the staw tower it looked kool. When I was done I put some books on it. I put 6 books then it crashed. Then I did it once more. It did not work but that time it had 7 books. The 1st time I tryed this I used very little tape then the 2nd time I put more tape on it. This is why I think it would hold more because the tape was strong the 2nd time. It was stronger the 2nd time and not that strong the first time.

Evelyn, age 6 of San Antonio, TX wrote:
We made a straw tower, but used no tape. It was pretty short, and square-shaped. We could balance books on it and the tower would bounce like jell-o. Sometimes the staws would roll away. The staws were like shock absorbers.

April, age 11 of Fountain Valley, CA wrote:
First it stayed up because it had a lot of support but then we took the support away and it fell.

May, age 14 of K.C., MO wrote:
I made mine really sturdy by using pottery clay, glue, and peanutbutter.

Sabrina, age 10 of Napoleon, MI wrote:
The straw tower was a awesome exsperiment. Me and my friend did it. My tower holded 10 books, hers holded 7.

Samantha, age 10 of Bergenfield, NJ wrote:
"It was cool! It was so fun. It kinda fell a couple times but then it worked! THANKS!

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