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Science Rocks!

Straw Bridge


your results

Sent in by:
Emily of MI

It's a one-dollar bridge!

Materials Needed

  • straws
  • straight pins
  • scissors
  • thimbles
  • 100 pennies
  • small cup



  1. Check with a grown-up before you start this.
  2. Your mission is to build a bridge using straws and pins that can support 100 pennies in a cup.
  3. Be sure to get permission to use the pins. And make sure you use the thimbles to protect your fingers from the pins.
  4. When you finish building your bridge, place the cup with pennies on top. Can your bridge hold the pennies?
  5. Once you find a structure that will support the pennies, you can test which parts are needed and which parts aren't needed. To test this out, use the scissors to carefully snip away at the bridge.

Try it out and send your thoughts and ideas to ZOOM!.

Some of your Results

Eric, age 9 of Barrie, QC wrote:
It hold up to 100 pounds

Julia, age 11 of Sharon, MA wrote:
My 7 year old brother and I made a straw bridge. It was freestanding. It had only straws and pins for supports. We crossed the straws for the supports and we think that this made it very strong. It held 5 rolls of pennies, 2 rolls of nickels, 1 roll of dimes, and 1 roll of quarters at once--this is over 3 pounds of coins! We had alot of fun doing this project!

Emily, age 5 of NC wrote:
it stood

Torey, age 12 of Houston, TX wrote:
it was bendey it was lining over and it was very cool to me I like it was great

Adiel, age 10 of Brooklyn, NY wrote:
When I did it the 1st time it was hard, but when I kept trying it was getting alot easier.

Beatriz, age 13 wrote:
At first it fell but then I kept on building it. At last I used masking tape to make it strong. And it worked.

Brooke, age 12 of Biggar, SK wrote:
I used triagles in my bridge because my science teacher told me they where strong It worked!

Austin, age 9 of Regina, SK wrote:
I did a science project on it with a limit of 100 hundread straws and 100 hundread paper clips me and my partner won with like 238 pennies.

Mariana, age 11 of Pittsburgh, PA wrote:
It was so hard at first, but I got better and supported 100 pennies!

Caitlin, age 11 of Kansas City, MO wrote:
My scool school went to this school and did a straw bridge! But it was falling all over the place, so my group did a plan that work. You have to keep on trying! We did on got in the newspaper!

Daniele, age 14 of W Springfield, MA wrote:
Me and my little brother landon wanted to see how much it sould hold. I made one and he made one. We had a blast making it. We made it different to see what type would hold the most weight. My brige was bigger and less heavy but it didn'e hold very much weight. My little brothers bridge was a lot heavier and smaller. His was the one that one. I thought that if i made it bigger and more stronger then it would hold more well i was wrong.

Sam, age 12 of Kansas City, MO wrote:
I built it and it held 450 pennies. So I'm trying to upgrade the structure and now I'm trying to make it hold 900 pennies. I'll send another letter when its upgraded.

Blair, age 11 of Toronto, ON wrote:
This experiment was so cool!!! I used 52 straws and lots of msking tape but I didn't use any paper clips. I only found 39 pennies and I put on 2 dictionaries and it fell.

Emily, age 8 of Southington, CT wrote:
I made a straw bridge and I tried to put 10 pennys on there and it fell and it only could hold 5 pennys.

Samantha, age 12 of Indianapolis, IN wrote:
Well, we didn't have any straws or pins so we used toothpicks and mini marshmellows. My girl scout troop divided into three teams of two and started building our bridges. Each group thought out there design carefully. When we were all done, we put a little plastic container on each bridge so that we could see how many pennies it would hold. My friend and I had the most pennies. Ours held 196 pennies.

Makayal, age 9 of Kansas City, KY wrote:
I put the weigh on top of the side bars and it held a lot of coins.

David, age 10 of Chicago, IL wrote:
When I had put two pop cans on the bridge it had stand. And then later that day I had put 100 pennys on the bridge it falled then I put more staws to the bridge and I had put the pennys on the bridge. And it had fallen again. Then I had stapled the straws together then I had taped the straws and the table together. Then I had put the pennys on the stawbridge and it had finally stand.

Kaitlyn of Saskatoon, SK wrote:
We built a bridge for our physics 30 class. We managed to hold a total of 100 pennies on the bridge for a total of 30 seconds. Our bridge was exactly 1 meter long and was only made out of 100 paper clips and 100 straws. There was no cutting involved. Neat project.

Shanta, age 10 of Vancouver, BC wrote:
Well I started out with a pack of colored straws.. of course with my parents permission I started to make the bridge. So I got some sparkle glue and started glueing the straws together length wise. Then I put curved cardboard undernieth for support.

John, age 14 of Plainsboro, NJ wrote:
I tried it but, when we put the weight on, it only held for like 20 sec.

Deandra, age 14 of Selden, NY wrote:
We built them in Design and Drawing for Production. But we did not measure its strength using pennies, we used index cards. Some help up to 800 cards.

Ashley, age 11 of Egg Harbor Twp, NJ wrote:
For the straw bridge with a cup of pennies, I only used 10 straws and my bridge held 500 pennies. It was amazing.

Aiyanna, age 11 of Richmond, VA wrote:
The straw bridge would stay up for 10 min then fall.

Erum, age 13 of Baltimore, MD wrote:
When I built a straw bridge it did work. The straws were staying still it did not fell down but after few minutes it fell down.

Kelsey, age 4 of Winston-Salem, NC wrote:
I built a bridge out of straws and put a lot of pennies in a small cup and it stayed.

Raveena, age 9 of North York, ON wrote:
My bridge kept on breaking before I could even try anything.

Donesha, age 12 of Byhaila, MS wrote:
It calaposed but the second time it didnt!!!

Irma, age 9 of Delano, CA wrote:
It calapst and then I actually got it right.

Bobbi Jo, age 12 of Collinsville, IL wrote:
Well, I put up to 3 dictionarys on it til it fell. I thought it would never break because I used 264 straws. Anyways, I had a blast. It was really fun.

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