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The trick to what sticks.

Materials Needed

  • glue
  • rubber cement
  • peanut butter
  • homemade glue
  • paper plates
  • 4 paper cups
  • string
  • large paper clips
  • lots of pennies



  1. Make a Stick-o-Meter to find out what's stickier. If you made homemade glue in the ZOOMsci Glue, you can use a Stick-o-Meter to compare its stickiness with other types of glue. You'll need to make a Stick-o-Meter for every type of sticky stuff you test.
  2. Check with a grown-up before you begin.
  3. To make a Stick-o-Meter, cut a strip about 2 inches wide all the way across a paper plate.
  4. Punch a hole at each end of the strip and fold it in thirds.
  5. Put the glue you want to test on the middle third of the strip and glue the strip to a paper plate. Do this for each type of glue that you want to test. Remember to always put the same amount of glue on each strip. That way one type of glue doesn't have more of the strip to hold on to than the others.
  6. Let the glue dry for about an hour.
  7. By testing the number of pennies that can hang from each type of glue, you can measure the force that is needed to break the adhesive bond (the stickiness) of the glue.
  8. Punch two holes on either side of a paper cup. Tie each end of a piece of string to each of the holes in the cup. The string makes a handle for the cup.
  9. Twist a paper clip so that it looks like a hook. Attach one end to the two holes in the strip of cardboard and the other end to the string handle on the cup.
  10. Hold the Stick-o-Meter so the cup doesn't rest on any surface. Now count the number of pennies you can put into the cup before the cardboard strip pulls away from the paper plate.

Compare how many pennies each glue can hold. After the bond breaks, which surface still has glue? Is it the glue, the cardboard strip or the paper plate that fails? Which sticky stuff is the stickiest? Send your results to ZOOM.

Some of your Results

Anthony, age 9 of Los Angeles, CA wrote:
for the homemade glue it can hold 40, white glue it's 310, rubber cement 1100, and peanut butter it's 23

Jocelyn, age 9 of Clarksville, MD wrote:
The homemade glue 44 pennies. The Elmer's glue held the same as the peanut butter glue which was 113. I thought the peanut butter was going to be the weakest, but it actually turned out to be one of the strongest. We thought the home made glue would only hold about 5 pennies but it held much more.

Sam, age 6 of Evanston, IL wrote:
Well, I could'nt resist it, but it took me 52 pennies!

Shaquana, age 14 of Boston wrote:
I have to say that I used a super sticky glue an elmers type and it held up to 690 pennies, there were so much we had to get 2 more cups. The peanutbutter held 26.

Saba, age 11 of Pasadena, TX wrote:
I made homemade glue and a stick-o-meter but my glue was very stronger than yours it held 75 pennies it was weid how can that happen?

Asia, age 10 of Brooklyn, NY wrote:
When I tried it I thought that the white glue would win but it really was the rubber cement. But the best part about it was that I got 1st. place in the science fair!!! I really enjoyed the challange. Also I hade tried the home made glue with reauglar milk and it didn't work at all but with the skim milk it came out number one!!!

Maximiliano, age 12 of Houston, TX wrote:
Well, I thought the idea was great. So I did the expirimet in front of my class and they were realy surprised. The penut-butter held 26 pennies the homemade glue held 473 pennies the normal glue held 613 pennies and the ruber cement held 851!!!

Kaylee, age 11 of Chrisney, IN wrote:
When I did my project I found out the home made glue stuck better than any of the other thing we tried!!!

Taylor, age 12 of Toronto, ON wrote:
I found out that water, flour, and a bit of salt can hold 45 pennies. I also found out that super/crazy glue could hold 301 pennies. But instead of the glue ripping the plate riped and there was a hole in the plate.

Alexandria, age 10 of Everett, WA wrote:
When I did it, homemade glue won with a woping total of 600 Pennies!!! That was so cool!!

Chandni, age 11 of Hamilton, OH wrote:
Our homemade glue held 144 pennies. The store bought glue held 304 pennies. The penut butter held 22 pennies.

Carly, age 6 of Interlaken, NJ wrote:
(I think it was called the stick o meter, attaching a straw with clay to your neck to watch your pulse). It woked great. I also tried sticking it to my heart and it worked.

Victoria, age 10 of Dix Hills, NY wrote:
I don't know what it was called but it shows how long a sticky substance can stick. I try peanut butter it work pretty good. It was 34 pennies. The glue I made holded 17 pennies.

Katherina, age 11 of Austin, UT wrote:
The cement won with 657 pennies! But the peanut buter held only 15 pennies. I was shocked with my results.

Danielle, age 13 of New York, NY wrote:
It was fun and sticky. The glue held the most and p. b the least.

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