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Sock Seeds


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Joshua of TX

Plant a sock? What?

Materials Needed

  • an old sock
  • a shoebox
  • garbage bag or plastic wrap
  • potting soil
  • scissors



  1. Check with a grown-up before you begin.
  2. Joshua of Texas told us how to grow plants using socks. It's a great way to find out what kinds of plants are growing in different biomes.
  3. Joshua says that the best time to do this project is on a sunny day in late summer or early fall.
  4. First, find an old, fuzzy, worn-out sock that will fit over your shoe.
  5. Then, wander around outside. You can do this in the city or in the country. You could go to the woods, or a nearby lot that's full of weeds. Walk back and forth through an area where plants are growing.
  6. Take the sock off and examine the kinds of seeds that are stuck to the sock.
  7. Now, to plant your sock. Line a shoebox with a garbage bag or plastic wrap.
  8. Fill the shoebox with potting soil.
  9. Cut a slit down the side of your sock.
  10. Then flatten your sock and plant it with the seeds pointing up. Cover it with a thin layer of soil and then water it.
  11. In a week or so, the seeds should begin to sprout.
  12. This is really fun to do with your friends in different environments because you get something different every time.

What kind of plants did your sock grow? Write and tell us about it at ZOOM!

Some of your Results

Sarah, age 9 of Chappaqua, NY wrote:
I grew TickleMe Plants in my socks and now I tickle the leaves and they close and the branches fold down. This was sooooooooooo cooooool!

Alyssa of Fremont, CA wrote:
the sock grew beatiful wildflowers and petunias it was a beaty!!

Sara, age 11 of Cincinnati, OH wrote:
At first I did not know if they would grow. Then about a week later, it was a miracle! They grew! Mine grew Liatras, a tall purple plant, and Black Eyed Susans, a beautiful daisy like flower with red in the center. I loved it, it was AMAZING!

Ana, age 8 of Culver City wrote:
When I did the expirenent the seeds started to grow. It was really coool!

Shawna, age 16 of Denison, TX wrote:
Plants grew!!! I thought it was just a joke! But it happened.

Samantha, age 8 of Tucson, AZ wrote:
My sock seed didn't grow at first, but then I watered it. The next day it was growing.

Autumn, age 8 of Hings, PA wrote:
I put the seeds in the sock. Planted it. It was a few day's untell it grew. But it grew. It was so big.

Valinceeni, age 16 of Seymour, MO wrote:
The seeds really did grow it was very coo but dont just take my word 4 it take yours. Try it!!!

Allendale Girl Scouts, age 9 of MI wrote:
Our Girl Scout troop did this! Very fun!!! Every girl took her shoebox home then reported back with what grow - we had a lot of very interesting things grow out of our socks. Thanks Zoom!!

Jacob, age 12 of Brownsburg, IN wrote:
I just planted my sock seed but here's the thing-- There is snow on the ground and I don't know if they are going to grow... well, I'll see soon!

Gabby, age 11 of New York, NY wrote:
When I did it buestiful flowers came up thanks its awsome. I grew dandilions.

Kimberly, age 12 of Somerset, KY wrote:
The seeds turned out to be dandolines, daisies, and grass.

Jenny, age 5 of Belleville, PA wrote:
They grew and I was impressed. We planted some cucumber seeds too, with the other seed. Right now the cucumbers are in bloom.

Holly, age 12 of Detroit, MI wrote:
I planted a Sock Seed and it grew really well. The seed that were collected in the sock were from a field by my house.

Zach, age 10 of Orlando, FL wrote:
My sock grew a palm tree. My mom and I planted it uotside. It got really big.

Kayla, age 10 of Laurel, MD wrote:
I grew so pettry flowers.

Jessie, age 13 of Campton, KY wrote:
When I first started watching ZOOM, I seen the Sock Seeds on the show. So I got some socks and went to work. When I did the Experiment, I was shocked because I never really knew how fast the seeds would grow.

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