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Sent in by:
Ricky of Chugiak, AK

Get flaky with a snowflake for all seasons.

Materials Needed

  • square piece of paper
  • scissors
  • pencil



  1. Fold the paper it in half to form a triangle.
  2. Fold it in half again to form a smaller triangle.
  3. Hold the triangle so the point is at the bottom and the longest side is on top.
  4. Now, starting 1/3 of the way in from the left side of the top of the triangle, draw a line that extends down to the point at the bottom. Do the same thing, starting 1/3 of the way in from the right side of the triangle. Your big triangle should now have 3 smaller triangles drawn inside of it.
  5. Fold the right triangle so it's right edge lines up with the right side of the left triangle.
  6. Now, fold the left triangle in back of the right triangle, so that it's left edge touches the right edge of the right triangle. You now have three triangles on top of each other with two points on the top.
  7. Cut off the points at the top of the paper so that you have a triangle with a flat bottom.
  8. Cut any design you want into the long sides of the triangle.
  9. Open it up and there's your snowflake!

Ricky learned how to make this snowflake when he was studying the patterns that water molecules make when they freeze and become snowflakes. Each water molecule is make of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. When the water molecules freeze, the hydrogens line-up next to each other. When they do that, they create a six-sided pattern. Even though all snowflakes are different, they are all based on the six-sided pattern.

Some of your Results

Hayley, age 7 of Portland wrote:
i made lots of cool desighns and my mom hang my snowflakes up.

Anthony, age 7 of Bellevue, WA wrote:
I got a paper and cut it the shape of a snow flake. Then I put desines in it.

Denisa, age 12 of New York City, NY wrote:
It turned out awsome! I realy enjoyed making it and now I now how. It was great! Thanks for the instructions.

Usman, age 10 of Cambridge, ON wrote:
It was a bit sqare but it still it looks good. It a lot of fun making it.

Billy, age 8 of Portchester, NY wrote:
it turned out to be a square

Brandon, age 6 of Hillsboro, OR wrote:
I got 1 coffee holder and some sissors and folded it into a pizza slice and cut it a little bit and than I unfolded it.

Kylie, age 10 of Twin Falls, ID wrote:
it was vary prity

Hannah, age 12 of Kadena wrote:
it turned out awwwwsome!!! I love making snowflakes now... thanks to you! thank you for making my christmas a better one!

Shannon, age 8 of Springfield, IL wrote:
Well, When I did this it was so fun! I made one then another and another... and before I knew it I had twenty! I decorated my whole house with them and before I knew it my house looked like a winterwonderland!

Kyle, age 7 of Vallejo, CA wrote:
I made snow flakes in 1st and 2nd grade. I didn't use the instructions. The shapes I use is circles and triangles. I cut out the corners. I always like to make snowflake in my house. It is like the Papelpacado. I think my brother can do it because he's still small

Anneliese wrote:
It worked really good on first try. I didn't think that it would work so good on first try because it was kind of complicated. My mom said that it looked like a real snow flake.

Alex, age 10 of Miramar, FL wrote:
I messed up a couple times because I cut in the wrong places but after a short period of time I got it. I cut out more than 50 snowflakes, designed patterns, and decorated my room with them.

Maya wrote:
When we made a snowflake we cut all the sides, opened it up and saw a cool design in the middle of the page. You should try it, its fun!

Amanda, age 11 of Fairfield, OH wrote:
This snowflake experiment is lots of fun. When I first did it, I made the holes in my snowflake to close and it fell apart! Now I make lots and put them all over the walls of my room.

Samantha, age 11 of Fostoria, OH wrote:
It turned out to be square snowflake, but I like it, it was fun!!!

Amy, age 9 of Victoria, BC wrote:
I've done this many times. Sometimes I use a circle instead of a square, and my snowflakes look like masks. Last winter our school had a Christmas concert and on the curtains there were really complicated-looking snowflakes.

Laura, age 13 of Perth, Australia wrote:
I was on the internet for hours looking for the perfict thing to make my room look nice and full of spirit. I LOVED ALL THE DESIGNES and I even made some of my own. I figured this was a real little kids craft project, but it turned out to be fun for all ages, when my family came over from England, all the kids where sitting on the kitchen floor making them in 40 degree weather.

Saemmul, age 11 of Bayside, NY wrote:
It came out like a square, but the designs were wonderful and although it didn't come out looking like a snowflake, I loved it!

Noorah, age 8 of Salt Lake City, UT wrote:
I made a snowflake that was cut in the middle and I like it!

Sydney, age 12 of Comins, MI wrote:
It was so neat because I showed it to my class aand we hung them up all over our celing. The worst part was getting the sissors to cut through the paper. I loved it!

Ashley, age 14 of Dayton, OH wrote:
I thought it was so cool! I made some out of cloth and used them as dollies at my grandma's wedding reception!

Irene, age 8 of Buena Park, CA wrote:
I made a snowflake that had beatiful patterns.

Corrine, age 11 of Middletown, OH wrote:
It was so cool! I made all kinds of different desighns, and it turned out really well!

Ivonne, age 16 of New York wrote:
It was great I won 1 place in the science project I was amazed it was wonderful thank u very much.

Nicole, age 7 of Clever, MO wrote:
Well, I made a snowflake out of popsicle sticks and I put glitter on it. We put it on our tree.

Tiffany, age 10 of Highgate, VT wrote:
It came out really cool.

Lindsey, age 7 of Rochester, NY wrote:
I got some snow and put it in a bucket. Then my family guessed if when it melts it was going to be least or the same or more.

Michelle, age 12 of Louisa, KY wrote:
It turned out so cool. It was awesome. I hung it up on my window and people say it looks great, so I would like to thank the person who told me how to do it. I tye dyed mine it looks so in the 60's. It looks good tye dyed too. I tried some other designs on my snowflake like hearts and stars.

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