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Shower Estimation


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Calculate and conserve for this experiment.
How much water do you think you use when you take a shower? We need your help to find out how much water our ZOOM viewers use.


  1. First, you need to find out how long your shower is. The next time you take a shower, time it. You can use a timer or just look at the clock.
  2. Next, find out how much water you used. You can do that by holding a bucket under your showerhead for 30 seconds while you run the water just like you do when you shower.
  3. Then, measure how many cups of water are in the bucket.

Now you're ready to enter your data into our international experiment.
I am a: boy girl
I'm this old:
I used cups of water in 30 seconds.
My shower was minutes long.
On average, I shower times per week.

Some of your Results

Mohammad, age 11 of Mississauga, ON wrote:
I multiplyed 7 cups by 2, then I divided 14 number of cups in 1 minute x 30 min per shower = 420 cups per shower / 16 = 26. 25 gallons per shower.

Macarthur, age 10 of Pendleton, KY wrote:
Dear ZOOM, I thought I used 10 gallons in my shower. First I took my bucket and I used 4 cups in 30 seconds. I used 8 cups in a minute. I used 5 minutes in my shower so I did 5x8 which equals 40 and I divide 40 by 16 and I used 2. 5 gallons in my shower.

Katherine, age 16 of Orlando, FL wrote:
I used 20 gallons of water per week

Regina, age 13 of Boston, MA wrote:
I took a shower for 7 minutes and 2 gallons of water.

Jaqui, age 10 of Las Vegas, NV wrote:
well I saw that if I take a shower and in 30 second I use 4 cups 4x2=8 cups per minute. 8x5=40/16 =2. 5 gallons of water in only one shower. But a shower takes me 10-15 minutes because it doesn't matter how long your bath is it matters how much you fill it up so I fill it up 5 inches right after it goes past my feet I measured when it covers my feet it is 4. 5 inches +5 inches= 9. 5 inches of water in my bath tub. it takes 14 cups of water to fill an inch of water in my bath tub 14x9 inches=126 cups of water in my bath tub + half of an inch is 7 cups 126+7=133 cups of water in my bath tup 133 cups= 8. 3125 gallons of water per shower.

Sumayah, age 9 of Columbus wrote:
when I did it I had a bucket to count how many buckets of water I used then I had to estimate whether my info was right then I had fun.

Madelyn, age 10 of Garnet Valley, PA wrote:
When I turned off the water at certain points in my shower I saved a lot of water. I saved about 1/3 of the amount of water I usually use in my shower.

Naksha, age 16 of Alaska wrote:
I waste a lot of water 30 minutes to a shower. 27 cups. I shower an average of 14 times per week and use 101. 25 gallons of water per shower. That's 73, 710 gallons of water per year, which is enough to fill 24. 8 average-sized home swimming pools.

Robert, age 9 of Balm, FL wrote:
When I washed my hair and turned off the water while I scrubed my hair, I saved two gallons of water. My big brother said I should stop taking a shower eveyday and I would save aot of of water. but I don't think I would have very many friends.

Cam, age 7 of Saint Johns, MI wrote:
I made a bath insted of a shower, Qurts were used most and I used 200 gallons my bath!

Clifford, age 6 of Goshen, OH wrote:
My mommy says that I use 136 gallons per shower.

Adrianna, age 15 of Iona, NJ wrote:
um... hey when I found this web site I was actually looking for a way to find out how much water I used for a science project... and I use 2275 gallons a year... just showering!!! I am deffiatly going to conserve more

Jasbin, age 11 of Los Angeles, CA wrote:
When I did the experiment, I was shocked at how much gallons of water I use! This will definetly help me conserve water!

Chelsea, age 8 of Melboune wrote:
When I have showers I have them for about 20 mins and it is bad I know but I cant help it...

Kaley, age 8 of Tampa, FL wrote:
Kaley (me) got 6 min. in shower and used 12 gallons of water. Dad got 5 min. in shower and used 10 gallons of water. Kaley (me) got 4 min. in shower and used 8 gallons of water. Mom got 10 min. in shower and used 20 gallons of water. Kaley (me) got 3min. 3 sec. and used 5. 0625 gallons of water.

Aly, age 11 of Saumico, WI wrote:
It was really weird I use 16 gallons of water when I shower.

Marshall, age 8 of Meridian, ID wrote:
I just got done taking a shower and I used 45 cups in seven min.

Anna, age 9 of Spring Hill, KS wrote:
When I tried to do it I went ahead and guessed 10 gallons. Instead of using what you showed, I used an already measured bucket for 20 seconds. My result for a minute was 19 1/2 cups. I took a 5 minute shower and my result was 97. 5 cups. (That's 6 gallons and 1 1/2 cups.)

Alex, age 9 of Davis, CA wrote:
It turned out that I usually use 11 gallons of water in the shower.

Meghan, age 13 of Wasilla, AK wrote:
I learned that I used a lot less water in my showers than I thought I really did, that's a relief. But it is really sad how much water everyone uses combined and there is only one way that soapy and dirty water can go, back to the ocean.

Yesenia, age 15 of Van Nuys, CA wrote:
Well I found that I use alot of water and that I take about 30 minutes to shower but no more than 40 minutes.

Marlon, age 11 of Los Angeles, CA wrote:
Remember when you did that shower estimation, well I measured at home and guese what. My shower was 23 minuts and used 47. 89 gallons of water. That was more gallons than Shing Ying measured and a shoter shower. That was very strange.

Lilly, age 9 of Lexington, MA wrote:
This is the first ZOOMsci I've ever done and it was soooo cool! My shower took 15 minutes and I used 30 gallons of water! When I filled up my bucket, my clothes got wet! Other wise, it was fun.

Edgar, age 12 of Los Angeles, CA wrote:
This is my first time sending you an e-mail and I wanted to tell you that I waste 30 and 1/2 gallons of water when I take a five minute shower.

Karen, age 10 of Los Angeles, CA wrote:
I know that I used 22. 5 gallons of water per shower. But if the cups were 6 1/2 would it be the same?

Ellie, age 12 of Bellevue, WA wrote:
I estimated that I would use 25 gallons of water in my 7 min shower. I found out that I used around 24. 5 gallons of water in a 7 min shower and therefore my estimate was pretty close. I was surprised that I used so much water in just one shower! If I took a shower that was 7 min long every day, I would use around 171. 5 gallons a week!!! And if both of my parents took a shower that long, we would use about 514. 5 gallons a week!!! I cant believe that!!! That's a whole lot of water!!! I understand why Lopez Island (one of the San Juan Islands) is under a water restricition!!!

Roberta, age 10 of Los Angeles, CA wrote:
I fond out that in 30secons is 6 cup of water when I take my shower. So each shower I take is 22. 5. That's cool.

Jennifer, age 5 of Bolton, MA wrote:
Our 5 minute shower used 110 cups. 6. 875 gallons were used.

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