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Sent in by:
Reba and Lee Anne of Medfield, MA

Blow out!

Materials Needed

  • 3 straws
  • 4 Lifesavers
  • 1 piece of paper
  • 2 paper clips
  • 50 centimeters of tape



  1. Make a car out of 3 straws, 4 Lifesavers, 1 piece of paper, 2 paper clips and 50 centimeters of tape.
  2. Race them.
  3. Here's the catch: you can only blow on them to make them move!

Some of your Results

Debbie, age 9 of Paramus, NJ wrote:
It was great!!! It went fast and far with the sail above the wheels.

Reagan, age 12 of Fort Wayne, IN wrote:
I had a group of 3 for my puff mobile project. For 1 blow I got 1 yard. For 6 ft. I got 3 blows.

Matthew, age 14 of Lynn, MA wrote:
Our science teacher made this a lab experiment in our classroom. Ours did not work well, though. I think it needed to be more level and a bigger sail.

Kayla, age 10 of Fayetteville wrote:
The puff moblie didnt win because the straws was in the way of the wheel and the tape was covering it. Also one thing I would change is to change the straws aroud.

Montoya, age 10 of Fayetteville, NC wrote:
My partner and I had to redo our's 3 time's it took a long time but then when we went to race the other team won. But if I could change one variable it would be to make my car bigger so when the other car's are smaller our's would be longer.

Samuel, age 10 of Fayetteville, NC wrote:
It went a little right. For my Puff Moblie to go right, I need to add another wheel, because one of the wheels broke. But I think the Puff Moblie project was fun when you blow on your car and race them.

Yasheem, age 11 of Fayetteville, NC wrote:
I blew on it then it went far but the next day we got our wheels wet then. We raced it we lost because tape got on our wheels but it was really fun next time. I will come in first and I will make it a smaller and not let Brandon come up with the idea by his self. I learnd a lesson you have to do team work to win!

Samuel, age 11 of Fayetteville, NC wrote:
Me and my friend justin was up next for the competion of the puff mobile. I thought we wouldn't win because the puff mobile always kept failing and not failing when we were practiceing it. But then it was our turn to go. Justin took a super deep breath and then it flew the farthest than the others puff mobile. And then we won the championship.

Marvin, age 10 of Fayetteville, NC wrote:
It went slow because off the sail. But I would change the sail because it was falling off. I want to make it stand up to catch more air.

Jesus, age 10 of Fayetteville, NC wrote:
I am in fifth grade and When I did blow it went far and I won the race. Thank you for such a great idea. At first the wheels broke. Then we had to make a motorcycle.

Jordun, age 10 of Fayetteville wrote:
It zoomed and then the wheel fell off and broke. If I could change a variable it would be body kit to keep the bottom up.

Teresa, age 12 of Fayetteville, NC wrote:
The car did not win but it moved. Because the straw was in the way of the wheel. Then 2 wheels broke. The tape was in the way of the wheels.

Kiersten, age 11 of Fayetteville, NC wrote:
We were the first ones to go and we lost but I think I Iknow why because my puff mobile had too much weight and to much tape. I could change one thing I would make it smaller so it would have less weight.

Kemari, age 9 of Fayetteville, NC wrote:
It went fast at first but it slowed down and me and my partner lost. If I only made it smaller and if I only put one weel on it we could have won

Joshua, age 10 of Fayetteville, NC wrote:
I messed around and talked so I wan't able to finish my work. So don't talk and mess around and you'll do better than me.

Hailie, age 10 of Fayetteville, NC wrote:
It could have went at least 6 ft but it only went 1 foot so I was disapointed. When we were building it we (me and my partner Samuel) we're still trying to get it to roll and when we raced it didn't roll much... and if I could change 1 variable I would have added a sail so it would have maybe went farther or faster.

Raeshaun, age 11 of Fayetteville, NC wrote:
My puff mobile was horrible. And the first time I blew it went prety far but the second time the wheels got stuck. And I only had just two wheels. One variable I would like to change is to have more wheels so it could go father.

Chauncey, age 10 of Fayetteville, MD wrote:
Our puff mobile barely moved. I knew we should have taped the sail up. But we had no time. Our sail wasn`t big. But I think it would have made a difference. The air would have hit the sail and made it go farther.

Olivia, age 10 of Marion, NC wrote:
When we built our puff mobile we split into pairs at our science class tables of four. We got the materials and started building. It turned out the one that my partner and I made didn't work well but some boys just took a straw, the life savors and made a huge wheel that went the distance it was supposed to go. I thought this was an awesome activity and experience!

Leah, age 9 of Marietta, GA wrote:
I thought it was amazing!! When my group did it for the science fair, and I thought it was awesome! Thanks for thinking of the idea!

Mrs. H of Danville, AL wrote:
I am a 1st grade teacher at an Elementary School in Trinity, AL. We did this experiment to go along with a wind energy project. The students made the puff mobiles and we raced them. They loved it! It really helped them see how wind has energy. I am going to continue this experiment every year. Thanks so much!

Nicole, age 10 of Quincy, MA wrote:
when I used my puff mobile in 5 puffs it was about 6ft long we used string life savers paper straws and a little person to drive it worked great!!

Lilly, age 13 of Chicago, IL wrote:
It worked out great.

Emily, age 12 of Billings, MT wrote:
My family and I did that once, and we did not use the life savers, we used straws for runners, then we made a ships sai, then made it into a sled with a sail, really cool, keep up on the good experiments!!!

ZOOM Fan, age 11 of King, NC wrote:
We are a class of 12 students. We each chose a different variable to change such as adding another sail, making the sail shorter or bigger, lowering the sail, or removing the sail. We found that the size of the sail needs to be appropriate for the size of the car. The car must weigh more than the sail. If you have two sails, it will catch more wind and go faster. We found that lifesavers make sticky wheels.

Ben, age 14 of TX wrote:
I made a Puff Mobile in Science class. We used all the materials and built a sail and a series of funnels. In one blow ours went 10 ft.

Tyler, age 11 of Omaha, NE wrote:
On the second time we did it we took off the wheels and it went faster.

Rachel, age 11 of Omaha, NE wrote:
Our puff mobile went really fast at first but then the wheels melted! Big mistake to not put it in the frezeer.

Josh, age 12 of Omaha, NE wrote:
We didn't use wheels and ours went the farthest.

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