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Pet Can


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Sent in by:
Tristan of Jacksonville, AR

Here Coffee-Can. Here, boy. Sit! Roll over! Good Coffee-Can.

Materials Needed

  • an empty coffee can with the top and bottom cut off
  • 2 coffee can tops
  • 20 pennies
  • 2 rubber bands
  • scissors
  • a vivid imagination



  1. Check with a grown-up before you get started. You'll need a grown-up to help you get your coffee can ready.
  2. Poke 2 holes in the middle of each of the coffee can tops.
  3. Cut each rubber band.
  4. Slip the rubber bands through the holes in each of the lids so the ends dangle inside.
  5. Put one lid on the can.
  6. Tie the ends of two rubber bands together by making a square knot.
  7. Stack 20 pennies and tape them together.
  8. Tape the stack of pennies between the two rubber bands.
  9. Put the second lid on the can and roll the can away from you. The rubber bands twist up. When you let go of the can, the rubber bands untwist and the can should come back like a pet.

Some of your Results

Iris, age 8 of Atlanta, GA wrote:
It was really awesome! I had some trouble when I wrapped it in paper, but over all it was fun. I think it was a good idea. Thanks!

Brianna, age 13 of Lindenhurst, NY wrote:
It was fun, but there was a lot to do. but it worked and I got extra credit from it, my techer was so funny when he showed us the example!!

Kaitlyn, age 13 of Lindenhurst, NY wrote:
The directions were hard to understand because it didnt say where to tape the pennies and the direction to tape them in. After many times of retrying it worked but the directions werent clear at all and I needed help.

Jemmilee, age 9 of Chicago, IL wrote:
it was so fun because I imagen a real pet

Amanda, age 13 of Lindenhurst, NY wrote:
I made one with an ovaltine can. The instructions were a little confusing, but It worked! My tech teacher had us make this as an extra credit! I'm so glad I decided to do it.

Ivan, age 13 of El Paso, TX wrote:
When I did it I put like little sticks so it could look like the feet of the dog. After that I put a 5 feet threat.

Lauren, age 7 of Frederick, MD wrote:
It worked really well. I followed the instructions and added some of my own: put black spots on a piece of white paper and wrap the can in it; put a circle of white paper on each end of the can and add a face with whiskers and a tail out of pipe cleaners. Name your pet! Mine was Rolly (Watch out! He/She can sometimes be stubborn)! Thabanks!

Amanda C., age 10 of Barling, AR wrote:
The project worked for me! It was really fun.

Katie B., age 13 wrote:
I did this. It was so neat. I think my weight was a little too heavy, becuase it came back a little slower than it did on the show.

Miranda G., age 6 of Syracuse, NY wrote:
I wouldn't work at first, but when I got some help, it did work!

Robyn P., age 10 of Huntsville, AL wrote:
Mine was really stinky. It did not work good. I thought it was a weird idea.

Tiffany S., age 12 of Fort Worth, TX wrote:
It started to roll back and forth and to me!

Nicole & Natalie A. of La Cresecenta wrote:
It didn't work because the pennies were too heavy.

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