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Sent in by:
Christian of Winchester, MA


Materials Needed

  • plastic shopping bags
  • yarn
  • a paper cup
  • scissors
  • eggs



  1. Make a parachute out of a plastic shopping bag, yarn, a paper cup and scissors.
  2. You can test your parachutes by dropping it with eggs.
  3. (Or, if you are inside you may want to test it using something else, like pennies!)

You can also send us your pictures or video of this ZOOMsci:
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Some of your Results

Marcie & Stephanie of Stanhope wrote:
When we did this the egg didn't break.

Andrea, age 12 of Farmington Hills wrote:
We tossed it off the belcony and ran down to catch them. It was a lot of fun!! I used marbles instead of pennies.

Jason O., age 12 of Brockway, PA wrote:
I found out if you add to much weight the parachute will not work.

Kayla wrote:
My parachute fell apart!

Steven K., age 10 wrote:
My parachute went all over like crazy. The strings were tangled a lot. My dad had to help me untangle it for me. Instead of pennies I used five marbles and one bouncy ball. I also used an egg and it survived the tradgedy.

Tommy D., age 5 of Sweeny, TX wrote:
Our parachute worked really well, we enjoy tossing into the air and running to catch it as it floats down.

Alyssa F., age 7 of Valley, WA wrote:
I had to make it twice. The first time it came down too fast so I cut open the bag more and used longer rubber bands on the cup. The egg did not break!!

Chrissy M/Brittney K of Phoenix, AZ wrote:
Our parashute just went straight down.

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