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Newspaper Chair


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Sent in by:
Caneen of Cambridge, MA

Hold the front page! Fold the front page!

Materials Needed

  • newspaper
  • tape
  • a sitting person



  1. Build a chair out of newspaper that can hold the weight of a person. You can use as much newspaper and tape as you like.

You can also send us your pictures or video of this ZOOMsci:
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Some of your Results

Alanna, age 14 of Fall River, WI wrote:
You need a lot of tape for starters. My sister sat on it and it held up, but I had to use practicly a whole roll of packaging tape. I had fun doing it, it took a lot of concentration!

Elizabeth D., age 11 of Calgary, AB wrote:
I tried this experiment in grade four with my class, except it was sort of a stool then a chair. We made short, thick columns, then taped them all together to make one giant column and put a newspaper cover on top of the columns, it worked really well!

Emily C., age 10 wrote:
I rolled up a lot of pieces of newspaper to make the legs of the chair. Then I folded a lot of newspaper in half to make the part where you sit. Then I taped the legs to the part were you sit. Then I did the same thing again. I folded a lot of newspaper together to make the part were you could lie your back on. My chair could only hold 105 pounds. I think it holded a lot of weight because I used a lot of newspaper.

Jessie of Yeadon, PA wrote:
I did this in science class and our chair held my group up. Ours was harder though because we had to keep track of how much tape, newspaper and labor we had and calculate it all at the end. Then we tested all our chairs to see which was the most durable strong and cost the least and which was the best looking. Ours didn't win!

Missy D., age 10 of Ely, MN wrote:
It fell and I landed on my butt! HA HA!!!

Amanda B., age 11 of Greensburg, PA wrote:
I tried this ZOOMsci with my friend. It was so neat. It could hold her, then me, and both of us at the same time! It even held my Mom and Dad!

Inji R., age 11 of New York, NY wrote:
This is what happen when I built my chair. One day I was in class doing science, when my teacher told my class she saw Zoom. She told my class about the chair. We had to work in groups. We made our chair and it came out great. I sat on it and some people from my group. It didn't fall. It was a great chair even though it was a little tilted. Some people came over to see our fabulous work-- well, thats what they called it. Thanks, and would love to do some more of your projects.

Josh L., age 9 of Oakmont, PA wrote:
I tryed to make a newspaper chair but it did not hold me or my friends. I think it wasn't strong enough.

Savannah, age 11 of Mt. Stewart, PE wrote:
My friend Kristy and I made a paper chair and it took us two days, but then we sat on it and it worked. But we did't know who would take it home so we made another one and taped it together and made it a couch. Why don't you try it.

Luke W., age 8 of Vancover, WA wrote:
The Newspaper chair was so cool. I can't believe it actually held up Kaiko.

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