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Naked Egg Drop


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Sent in by:
ZOOM Fan of Colorado Springs, CO

We're so eggs-cited!

Materials Needed

  • eggs
  • boxes
  • padding



  1. We got an e-mail from Colorado Springs, Colorado with another Egg Drop Challenge called, "Make the Egg Live." To meet this challenge, we have to build a structure on the ground that pads an egg when dropped into it.
  2. Build a structure on the ground that pads an egg when dropped into it. You can use a tall thin box, or a short wide box, and whatever materials you'd like to use for padding - but no water. When you do this, make sure you do it outside.

You can also send us your pictures or video of this ZOOMsci:
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Some of your Results

Jessica, age 11 of Louisville, KY wrote:
I put a egg in some tollet paper. And wraped it in other stuff wrape it in anything soft. Then put in somrthing like a small basket and put the egg in the basket. Then get somewhere high and drop it and if it bust you did not put anouth softness on it so keep on trying and you will get it very soon.

Kevin, age 10 of Wider, ID wrote:
I covered the egg with feathers, and toothpicks I dropped it of my house and it didn't crack.

Larissa, age 12 of Hudsonville, MI wrote:
My experiment went well. My crate stayed in tack and my egg did not break. What I did was make a crate using the popcicle sticks. Then I put a paper parachut on top to slow the fall. I found that the others that had thick crates did well also. We also found that parachutes are usualy the best way to go.

Amanda, age 13 of Castaic, CA wrote:
When I did this experiment I wasted about 5 eggs. I had to do an illustration of this project along with resources. The resources were Impact forces, elastic collisions and accleration due to gravity. I had trouble finding info on these.

Cameron C., age 11 of Mesa, AZ wrote:
At our school we would put the egg in something then drop it. I made a box and put a parachute on it and dropped the egg in. It worked perfectly.

Jigglypufftogepikachu Y., age 14 wrote:
Keiko challenged us to use only newspaper and rice only, It worked out perfectly. I just cut out a lot of pieces of paper and made a little pillow out of it. Then I put more paper on top, then I sealed the top a little bit loosley with tape. Then I put rice on top and I tried from 4 ft. high, and it worked.

Julie H., age 7 of Mount Clemmens wrote:
My egg did not break beacuse I had a lot of news papper!

Andrea D. of Farmington Hills, MI wrote:
Our school was able to drop our egg from a hight of 7 stair landings on the science olympiad team! We got first in that event and 3rd over all! When I tryed it at home it broke and got me splattered with eggs, but it was fun anyways!!

Anne/Sam, age 10 of Minnetonka, MN wrote:
The hole forth grade did an egg drop. 100 eggs were droped, 86% servived, 14% broke. Our princepal droped the eggs off the roof. Both of our eggs survived! IT WAS FUN!

Jonny Z., age 7 of Denver, CO wrote:
When I did the egg drop I used newspaper crumpled up into balls and I sprinkled rice on top. I dropped the egg and it didn't brake! The crumpled up newspaper gave it a lot of cushion because it broke it's fall better than if it was just flat. I think the rice didn't do anything because most of it sunk to the bottom in between the cracks of the newspaper.

Aly P., age 10 of Lafayette, CO wrote:
It cracked open because I only had a few cottonballs and papertowels and then elastics around it. My Mom said "Please don't use the straws... I just bought new ones."

Anthony P., age 9 of Conifer, CO wrote:
Cool and fun!

not yet implemented