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Moldy Soup


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Bart of Kearns, UT

What On Earth Is All This Living In My Kitchen?

Materials Needed

  • food
  • disposable container with lid or sealable plastic bag
  • water



  1. Mold is a living thing that spends a lot of time floating around in the air and sitting on most of the surfaces of our homes.
  2. If it has something to eat, like bread and some water, the mold starts to grow and reproduce. Different types of mold eat different things and grow in different colors.
  3. To grow moldy soup all you need to do is put some food in a covered disposable container or a plastic bag.
  4. Add some water - just enough to keep it moist - and keep it sealed so it doesn't dry out.

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Some of your Results

Laura, age 12 of Freddy Beach, NB wrote:
I did this for a scince fair project-and it worked great!!! I used a whole bunch of different of foods! I got a prize at the fair and all my friends thought it was AWESOME! I did not open the bags at the end though because some molds are deadly when you inhale there stench so I didn't open them.

Amanda D. of Staten Island, NY wrote:
Well, my friends and I did it in school in a milk carton and I put it in the bathroom. It got moldy after 1 and a half weeks. Then bugs started growing out!

Karla D., age 9 of Black Creek, WI wrote:
It took two weeks for my soup to sprout. My mom thought it was gross though. Now I've had it for several months and it has turned into a liquid because it ran out of food and died. It had green, yelllow, black, brown, and white sprouts.

Harini B., age 10 of Glastonbury, CT wrote:
I put no water on my bagel to keep it moist and I put it in a large container. I put it in the container for more than two weeks. I think that because it stayed in longer and had no water on it, it grew lots of mold, and started to turn white a little bit.

Anjelica, age 12 of Birmingham, AL wrote:
I did this experiment for school, and I got an 'A'! I left it sitting around the kitchen for a while and forgot about it. Then my mom showed me what happened, not a very pretty sight! It looked like blue and white striped toothpaste! I used bread, tomatoes, and cheese. It also smelled REALLY bad.

Jessica C., age 10 of Liverpool, NY wrote:
Well, it was really an accident that it grew. I looked in the cabinet one day and saw this blue-aqua colored stuff all over the hamburger buns. There wasn't any moisture or light in the area. I also saw that the cream cheese in the fridge, which had lots of moisture, had the same kind. I've seen it on several different foods and things like that, with all different situations.

Ivy W., age 10 of Monterey Park, CA wrote:
Mold may look ugly but some medicine is made out of mold.

Josh, age 5 of Chisholm, MN wrote:
It worked! I put jam on a slice of bread and placed it in a ziplock bag. A couple of weeks later I checked it and it had mold on it. There are little spots of green mold all over the bread. On one edge there is a larger spot of green mold with white also. In one whole corner there is some black mold. In near the middle is a round spot that has different rings of mold, white, yellow, dark green, and light green. There is also green mold on the other side of the bread.

Natalie B., age 12 of IL wrote:
I first put in bread, carrots, and cheese. After 1 week the bread got really black and had white spots then it started getting fuzzy. The carrots got black and then started spreading around. The cheese had little blue and white spots on them and then the last day they started getting bigger.

Roque R., age 11 of Bronx, NY wrote:
I put bread sprinkled with some water and the put a plastic bag. I put it near my window and kept it there for a week. PEEEEEE-YOOOOOO! It was stinky!

Sharon L., age 10 of Park Forest, IL wrote:
I didn't exacly plan to make moldy soup, but it kinda just happened. My mother puts leftovers in container even though my family never eats it. She to me to clean out all of the containers and I found up to 17 bowls of mold and boy did they smell.

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